Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Friday Evening

* Got caught up in my Housewives of Orange County... Its nice to DVR & watch 4 episodes at once... Something about Vicky constantly shaking her head "No" whenever anyone says anything, it just gets me so irritated.  I couldnt fall asleep until late.


* Got to sleep in till 7 am ... which yes, that's sleeping in for me. Remember, my alarm goes off at 4:30 am ... so 7 am felt like heaven.

* It was warming up QUICK & we needed to take a car to the shop for new tires, but Ricky was so kind & let me get my run in first so I didnt have to do it later... in 90 degree temps

* .. the humidity was still crazy at 8 am & I was a sweaty mess

* A Quick wash up & we're off to drop off a car... & while we waited, we stopped by T-Mobile since it was next door to the tire place.  We've been with T-Mobile since they were GTE South (anyone else remember that?) ...over 10 years... but we made the step.  We are in the world of Smart Phones!  We got the Samsung Galaxy Blaze with 4G ...I just want to check out the apps now!!!

* Even better?  I found a running skirt at Target on clearance for $12.00 ... you'd think I'd won the lottery when I found that in the store!

* We stopped at the local ice cream shop on the way home... I got a Reese's Yogurt... & was ready to hurt at the end ...

* FINALLY got to upload some pictures I took 2 weeks ago... they were a surprise for a family member so they were kept on the downlow... but now, I can share this beautiful family...

I just love the way they're looking at each other
... you can swoon now...


* Got to teach the Jr. High gang about dating... it was fun because I got to remind them that I was once a Jr. High kiddo myself... & it just felt like yesterday I was in their shoes.  Time really does fly by...

* Came home with intentions to clean the house - or work on that closet I was wanting to get at ... nope, I didnt... I just wanted to sleep & take a nap. I just ended up playing with my phone & getting some new ringtones.  Yes - when my phone rings now, it plays "Party Anthem" ... Everyday I'm shuffling...

* Ricky made me put his ringtone as the "Superman Theme" :)

* Back to church to hear my buddy Ryan give the dating lesson to the Senior High... it was his BEST LESSON EVER... so powerful & real... I told him, it makes me so proud to see him becoming this wonderful speaker to these teenagers... I remember him IN high school & now, he leads them... makes me teary eyed

* Home & just sad that there is no more "Once Upon a Time"

Let's hope the week is wonderful!!!


  1. Superman? Someone thinks highly of himself, huh?
    Anyway, I can't get over how beautiful those photos of that Family are. The one of them on the dock is my absolute favorite!
    And look how cute you were back in the day. Tell me, what were you listening to on your Walkman between classes?

  2. LOVE the pictures.

    Sad about Once Upon a Time, too.

    Smartphone, hmm? Joe just got one; I'm resisting for now. Keep me posted on your fave apps!

    Here's to a great week!

  3. busy, busy!!

    I was mourning the fact that there was no more Once Upon a Time too!!!

  4. LOVE the family photos. You are one talented lady!

    I got a smart phone last fall and LOVE IT. Not so much for the internet or anything, but because of the apps I will actually use! I LOVE instagram. I LOVE Google Maps--it has GPS! Share what cool apps you find.... :)

  5. hahaha superman theme! =D

    Glad you got to sleep in :)

    You take such awesome pictures!

  6. I love that you got a Smartphone. A friend at work just switched too. Alas, I'm still in the old world....but dreaming someday to catch up with the rest of you. haha

  7. I find that Vicki gets a little more annoying as the years pass.

    Your pictures are gorgeous!!!

    I'm missing Once Upon A Time, too. Very sad.

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful family! You are a great photographer who captured the feelings of the group for each other so well. Love it!

    You will love your smartphone. Please share your favorite apps when you decide which ones they are!


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