Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekend Roundup

What a busy weekend... let's Round 'er up


*Backyard!!!  ... since there were no other singers, I didnt have to sing, but I did get to dance with the Backyard Dancing Gang... Oh yeah!  Me, at my 40 yr old self, spinning & keeping up with kiddos from 8-13... thank you marathon training :)


* Had a family photo session - this was my earliest morning session I've done yet... love to see where the sun & light changes everything... but got great shots
(Cant show pics yet - didnt have time to edit... they'll be coming though)

* As soon as I finished the session, I was heading home to hit the road to go to Nashville.... Julie & Steve were down there to find a house & we wanted to see where our family could be living

* Ricky went to get a rental car... I was surprised when he pulled in the driveway with a big Chevy Silverado... that screams comfort, doesnt it?
That's what happens when a man picks up a rental car.
(I will say, it was pretty comfy though)

* The drive to Nashville was pretty nice... until we hit town - TRAFFIC
Cue the car sickness... I finished the last half hour with a barf bag in my lap

* This could be the SPAT OF THE WEEKEND!!!
I told Ricky before to make a hotel reservation, to which he said,
"NAH - we dont need one."
Change the scene to us driving around Nashville for 2 hours trying to find a hotel,
on GRADUATION week....
... it wasnt pretty...
...more barf bag time...

* While trying to find a hotel, half the roads were closed
A race!!!!
I saw runners everywhere & we saw the start/finish line
I was jealous
Ricky was furious & kept saying

* Luckily, Julie & Steve had been upgraded at their room & had the PENTHOUSE in the Hutton Hotel..
There was plenty of room & though they tried to tell us to stay with them 2 hours earlier (we didnt want to impose) we finally HAD to stay with them
Glad we did...

* I could get use to a Penthouse life...
maids... chocolates...AMAZING showers...

Here's the view from our balcony... the top floor

* The maid told us that Ted Danson had just checked out of that room & that Justin Beiber & Taylor Swift had stayed there... & Lionel Richie had rented the larger Penthouse across the hall & used this Penthouse for his clothes only... nice...

* Found a cute little Italian restaurant, Maggianos - you order a pasta dish & you get to take one home... WHAT?  Yep, they pack up a whole other full order for you to go... whatever you want.  That's crazy

* know what's crazier?  A piece of dessert that is as big as your head!!! ... look at the side compared to the fork... & what you didnt see?  The back side that was as wide as the palm of your hand...

* we Skyped with the grandbabies that were still in Texas with their other grandmother... they're face was so cute when they saw us with their mommy & daddy.
Luke kept puckering up his face & kissing the computer screen when I was blowing him kisses
... my heart melted....

* we sat on the balcony of the Penthouse... did I mention we were in the PENTHOUSE? ... watching the moon... the breeze was perfect, the night was beautiful - I could have slept out there


* Pancake Pantry to start a day off... nothing wrong with that sentence

* Vanderbilt/Nashville area is FULL of runners... & their pace was blowing my mind.  So many people out running the town early

* Found a arts/craft fair... stopped for a minute & I ended up spending $40.00 on jewelry... Dang it! I can spend money anywhere!

* Off to house hunt!

* Off to get car sick...curvy roads

* Do you hear angels singing? 
Here's the house Julie & Steve placed an offer on
Isnt it adorable?????

* Look at this bathroom... we figured at least 5 people could fit in the shower...
& the tub Julie's standing in front of?  A small swimming pool for children

*This closet? 
It alone would sell me on this house...
(& this is only PART of the closet... I couldnt get a full picture)

* So glad they found a house that fits exactly what they need...
now if everyone could pray everything goes smoothly for them to get IN the house

* I think it was the first time I didnt cry leaving Julie... I know I'm going to see her REALLY soon!!!.. I'm gonna like this Nashville thing :)

* Ride home... I slept part of it

* We had some happy dogs when we got home - they wouldnt LEAVE my side
Its good to feel wanted

* Had the WORSE headache EVER!!!
... watched "Once Upon a Time" & off to bed I went

Another great weekend behind me


  1. First, tell Ricky to book a room next time. Why does he have to be such a "man"?
    So, "you just adore a Penthouse view" huh? Maybe you're a city girl afterall!
    Love that bathroom. You should have tested to see if 5 people could actually shower in there. You're all close, right?
    Happy Monday!

  2. That house looks pretty awesome. *LOVE* that closet and bathroom! :)

  3. What a beautiful house!! Yep we are gonna pray them right into that home!!!

    So glad you got to go ~~ love you friend ~~ dawn

  4. A Chevy Silverado is what Chris just got as his company vehicle. Now, keep in mind that I'm 4'11" and it has no running boards. Talk about a challenge for my little legs! I love riding in it...and driving it! Now, I'm totally bothered about you staying in a penthouse where the "Biebs" has stayed. Get out of town, girl! Love the new house! I know you're so excited to have them moving closer! Poor thing with the car sickness you had to deal with. I can't think of anything much worse. Does Dramamine not help?

  5. I'm so happy for you; I'm sure you can't wait for those grandbabies to be so close!

    The penthouse? Awesome!

    Can't wait to see your morning photo shoot! It's too bad that the "perfect light" times don't coincide with most people's ideas of a good time for pictures (too early; too late).

  6. What a cute house! Love the Pancake Pantry. Did you have to stand in line? Penthouse? wow!

  7. What a great weekend! The little perks like the penthouse was icing on the cake, eh? And how wonderful that your babies will be even closer to you!! Yay! Love that house, BTW!!!


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