Thursday, May 17, 2012

why I dont like May 17th...

Today is May 17th

... its a day I dont ever forget...

Its been five years today that my friend, Stephanie, has gone to be with Jesus

(From our Gatlinburg trip - 2004... the funnest trip EVER!!!)

I was thinking of how much has changed in five years.

... I have 2 grandbabies... Steph would have LOVED their blond hair

... her son has gotten married... to a girl that Steph picked out a LONG time ago

... her oldest daughter is getting ready to get married ... Steph longed for her daughters happiness & would have loved to see her find the perfect man

... she has a new grandson that she would have kissed until those adorable lips fell off

... her other grandchildren are growing up into beautiful people

... I hadnt started in photography yet... Steph would have loved to check out new places to use as settings

... I hadnt started cooking like I do now - especially healthy, vegetarian/vegan dinners... Steph is the one who came to my house the night before Thanksgiving & laid EVERYTHING out for me to make my first Thanksgiving dinner at my house

... I hadnt run my first race ... I told Ricky I know Steph would have been at the finish lines of my big races with signs... Ricky said, "I dont think so... she'd be RUNNING it with you".... true... so true...

Its wild to see how life goes on...

But you never forget the people who mean so much to you & make your life a happier place...

& I cant wait until I get to Heaven & see her & hear everything thats happened in the years for her!!!!  The things she's experienced with Jesus & all the people she loves in Heaven...

I bet her list trumps mine...


Today is also the one year anniversary of when my Papaw fell & hit his head - which he passed away 2 weeks later from...

I still think about that & get so upset that this strong man, who lived through World War II & so much 'life' - ended up falling down the steps & hitting his head.  I get so ticked off about it...

No - I really dont like May 17th...

I think I need some chocolate today of some sort...


  1. Chocolate always helps! But it also looks like a day when you remember the wonderful things about both those loved ones! :)

  2. Now, I don't like May 17th either.
    Steph certainly does sound like a wonderful Friend. And wasn't it her son that you danced with at his wedding? I seem to remember that.
    Take care.
    p.s. I thought I was the only one who ever said "I can't wait until I get to Heaven..."

  3. Hope you can find some chocolate and that my sending a great big hug and a prayer will help some as well. So sorry :( Love you friend!

  4. *hugs* hope today passes by quickly and that you do get some chocolate!

  5. Hugs to you. Find some chocolate and enjoy it. I hope this day flies by.

  6. I don't blame you for not liking May 17th. I wouldn't either. But it's so nice to hear the sweet memories you have! Take care my friend and just think on the good things.

  7. Bless your heart. May 17th has new meaning to me today. One of my dear friends passed away today of lung cancer. Hugs to you.

  8. Gosh. I cannot believe that it's been five years! I started reading your blog shortly before Stephanie passed away, and I'll never forget your posts during that time. You guys were so blessed to have that many years of memories. As you have shared some of your favorite memories of her, I have come to understand just why she was drawn to you. You are so caring and funny and everything in between. I know you blessed her as much as she blessed you.

    Hugs to you, sweet friend of mine. One day you will have an incredible reunion with your amazing friend.


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