Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Before a LONG weekend
(Thank you Sweet Jesus!!!)
Let's frag...

So much for Spring
Its going to be over 95 degrees here this weekend
& I've got a Family Session to photograph on Sunday
It was scheduled at 3:00 pm
Right when the sun could offically BAKE you
So we moved it up to 9:30 am
I can photoshop some shine off a face
...dripping sweat?  May be more difficult...

Still in Smart Phone Heaven
I downloaded the apps for some games yesterday
My good ole faithful - Words with Friends
& a Word Search
& Bejeweled (Love to not blink for minutes at a time playing this)
& some sort of basketball shooting game
& Sudoku

Now, I can sit with someone & not listen to a word they're saying

Any games I GOTTA have?


Finales - part 2
Dancing with the Stars:  SO happy Donald won.
I was rooting for Katherine
But just glad William didnt win.
I didnt want him to win because he was just hot
& while I loved Katherine, Mark has gotten a tad cocky
so loved in the end, Donald & Peta took it all

If it wasnt going to be Colton, I'm glad it was PPJr
... & when he teared up at the end?
Forget it... I was blubbering
I know he's 20 yrs old, but when he walked off the stage to go to his parents -
he looked like a little boy
America got this season right!

Revenge: HOLY COW!
Now THAT's a finale
(dont want to give anything away if someone hasnt seen it)
But I totally cried (stupid surprise crazy ex)
& I totally gasped (she's not really dead, right?)
& said WHAT? (she's still alive?)
Confused?  Good... watch it - its a fantastic show!

I cant find summer shirts I like ANYWHERE
t-shirts looks too frumpy
the prints looks too 'tropical' aka: STUPID
things are too low cut
I dont like sleeveless
My drawer is full of Old Navy T-shirts & I need to find something else
Any suggestions?

Got the cutest running skirt the other day at Kohls
We walked out & the buzzer went off
The cashier just said, "you're fine" & sent me on

I went to put on the skirt this week
... the stupid security pin was still on the side of the skirt...

I love this idea... a shower rod on the OTHER SIDE of the shower
to hang baskets... get it off the surface of the tub

Its been 3 months now since NO DIET COKE
... I kinda miss it...
but remember all the junk in it & wont drink it
... just miss the taste of something different


Because we havent seen the Ridicously Photogenic Guy in awhile....


Spat of the week:  Whose the HOTTEST?
... & not hot as in the Ridicously Photogenic Guy
... or Hugh Jackman
... or in my case, Emma Stone ... I know, I look JUST like her... right?
I'm talking about whose the hottest in the sense of dripping sweat.
My AC in my car is broke... my compressor is out... lovely
Ricky's car he drives to work - it works, but it just takes a bit to cool down
So everyday, when I get home from work,
I'm literally nauseated from a 120 degree interior
But Ricky say's his car is hotter..
...something about the interior, the color of the car...
all kinds of scientific stuff
... that he has no background in science...
So its probably going to come down to see who can wring more sweat out of the back of their shirt at the end of the day

I'll wring the sweat out of my shirt...
Anything to win an spat


Hope you all have a wonderful Friday
& a fantastic Memorial Weekend!!!!
Stay cool ... literally & figuratively :)


  1. First, no Thursday post? Good thing you visited me or I would have been worried.
    Second, I love that basket shower idea. With my tribe, it would work out perfectly.
    Third, thanks again for editing my photo. I just now added it to my site under the original. Go check it out! Thanks!

  2. I JUST watched the Revenge finale last night on my DVR, and I was doing the exact same things as you! Tearing up, sighing, smiling when she was going to tell Jack everything, sobbing when that woman was there! And the end?! Oh.My.Word. Can't wait til next season!

    Good luck with the (hot) photo shoot!

  3. Love the idea of the 2nd rod in the shower for baskets!

    Going to be HOT here, too ... upper 90's over the weekend.

  4. I love Revenge too but I hate being left hanging for over three months after season finales!

    Supposed to be really hot this weekend here too. I'm so not ready for 90 yet!

  5. I'm new and I'm happy re: ridiculously Photogenic this superficial...oh I guess...Mark's blog dragged me over...DWTS>>>William :-(..oh well) American Idoll..totally happy with PP Jr winning...started to watch Revenge at the beginning of season and gulp I stopped...should I catch up? Sophie's Dad Ron

  6. Stopped by from Friday Fragments. I don't get the Photogenic Guy thing. I don't see the great appeal, but whatever. I skipped your finale stuff as I watch on Hulu and haven't caught up yet. I love the shower curtain thing. Great idea.

  7. I'm no help with summer shirts. Kohl's is my go-to for that, but lately, there isn't anything worth the cost! *sigh*

  8. I'm so glad to find someone else who watches Revenge. The finale was so awesome and jam packed. I was so happy to have stuff happen and glad Nolan is ok. I can't wait until fall and it starts up again.

  9. Your spats crack me up! Hope you get that air fixed soon.

    Ridicuously Photogenic Guy is so cute and so is that picture of the dog.

    Shower curtain/basket idea is so cool! I may have to do that in the girls bathroom.

    I really probably should give up Diet Coke too, but I'm not quite ready yet. 3 months-that is totally great for you.

  10. So THRILLED that Phillip won! He's so talented...and cute, too! I bought a swimsuit the other day at Macy's. Got home and the security tag is still on it. Now, I have to make a trip all the way back to the Mall of GA. to get it taken off. Not a happy camper. Have a fun, relaxing weekend, Rebecca!

  11. That little shower basket idea is REALLY awesome - - - and you might only need TWO little baskets, one for self and one for hubby, if you are empty nesters like us!

  12. Glad to hear you are still smart phone happy. Try StickGolf it is a great and fun App.

  13. All your TV watching, movie going to, photo taking, game playing, shopping, working, running and reading makes my head spin.

    If you can fit in a juniors size, try their T's, they're usually cute with more of a shape. I like going to Marshall's and/or TJ Maxx to shop for tops, they always have a great selection (Misses and Juniors).

  14. Go Phillip!
    I am with you on the shirts. I don't like sleeveless either, and I get tired of wearing T-shirts even if they are cute ones. Let me know if you find something!

  15. I love having a smart phone. It keeps me entertained. I was locked out of my house for more than an hour this past weekend. While I waited. . . my smartphone kept me entertained.

  16. Ridiculously photogenic guy makes my day :) Love seeing his smiling face and happy to hear you are doing well and busy as ev-ah...

    I've had some nice luck ordering from Eddie Bauer online lately you may want to check it out for some summer shirts

  17. Loving Donald over here, too, of course. I friended him on FB during DWTS and will probably keep him, as his posts are always so positive, and he is a good man.

    I love the shower idea, but I wonder if I'd feel crowed in there.

    I went to JCPenney last week and bought three of the cutest shirts I've bought in years. They cost $17 each and are 100% cotton so nice and cool. JcPenney seems different these days (less Momish). Maybe that's just me justifying my going in there, but anyway--try JCPenney.haha


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