Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... first full week of June.
How is that possible?
I know we're going to blink & its going to be the Holidays..
(did you all cringe like I just did?)

Let's not worry about Christmas trees yet
let's frag!!!


Yes, we're still on the car-hunt
& I have said more then once that I truly believe
that car salesmen are sucking my will to live.

I had my heart set on a Ford Escape, but the more I test drive them,
the more I'm not sure that's the car for me...
EVERY ONE of them has had something weird wrong with it on the test drive
Except one... that I LOVED!!!!
But they wouldnt even deal on the price.
Hello?  Do you NOT want to sell the vehicle?

But I ended up driving a sporty car
... & kinda liked it...
so now, my eyes are open to ANYTHING
SUV, car, truck, motorcycle
Bring it on

But that just means even more car lots to visit
Lord, give us strength


I've got to find some answers
... that means to Pinterest I head today...

I got some little cucumbers in my Co-Op basket yesterday

Arent they the cutest little boogers?

When they handed them to me, I said,

The lady just kinda laughed & said, "No... cucumbers"
I played it off ... laughing... saying, "I KNOW..."
I felt like a dork... but what's new?

She said, "they'll be pickles if you know how to pickle"
I kinda gave a "That's what I meant" look

But now - I want to know how to turn these into real pickles...
And as I go to the Bible for answers on life
I will go to Pinterest for answers on how to be crafty & domesticate

Anyone have any thoughts? Tips?


Summer time
Which means LIFETIME TV is on at my house

Anyone else watch it?
Its fantastic
except that they have Kim Kardashian on it
Now wait - I'm a Kim fan
Think she's beautiful & am fascinated by her life
But an actress?.... NO!!!
She's a better actress on her reality show

and DANCE MOMS!!!!!
They need some new batches in though
Still love to watch the routines at the end... amazing kids...


Know what WONT be on my TV?
Fox TV!!!

Stupid cable company is fighting with Time Warner
& innocent people like me get the slap in the face

Dont they know 'So you think you can dance' is on tv now?
& that me, being the dance pro that I am (not really)
that I HAVE to watch - to critique & yell my opinion at the screen?

If the world ends soon - its because of this reason alone
Nothing to do with the Mayans

We can only get it on one old tv that uses Rabbit Ears for an anetenna
Its the TV in front of my treadmill in the basement
I may have to pull up a bean bag & adjust the rabbit ears
... feel like I'm a teenager again....


You know I had to put another up this week...

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

Kinda true, huh?
I'm not sure I did know how to spell 'ridiculously' before...
or 'photogenic'


Want to see something disturbing?

There's an app out that makes people AGE?
Are you kidding me?
I'm seeing the app 'live & in person'
I dont need to envision what I'm going to look like in another 30 years

Here's my 7 yr old nieces



I think it bothers me because that picture of Sophia?
That's exactly what I look like in the morning NOW!!!!


So as you've been seeing, the Hubs has been pounding the pavement with me
Great to have his company with me
... but he's new to the road...
& what a road we live on too

Its a country road
which is HILLY
& it just means people drive like its an Indy Race Course

The speed limit is 35... people easily hit 55 on it
(I'm not speaking from experience or anything... cough...cough...)

But you have to be careful on these roads
& having run them for 4 years now - I kinda got it down
I stay on the left side of the road on flat even ground
then you can see the cars coming at you & if they dont see you,
then you know you can get out of the way
.... better then you not seeing them come up behind you & them also not seeing you
that's a bad thing waiting to happen

BUT... if you go UP a hill, I get on the right side
because these cars are like DUKES OF HAZZARD
coming over the hills... jumping them...
I think I even hear a YEEHHHAAWWWW sometimes
... & see a Boss Hogg white hat in the window

Ricky is constantly jumping from side to side when a car comes
Not even looking behind him when he runs from the left to the right

He keeps telling me I need to move
I keep telling him he needs to quit trying to be a ninja running arcross the street

Then we're on both sides of the streets & he's now
made the cars have to fit in between us
when the roads are like a foot wide anyways

In the end, the winner will be the one who doesnt get hit by a car
Want to take bets on who that will be?
& no - to win this bet,
neither one of us are allowed to shove the other in front of a car


Hope everyone has a fantastically fabulous FRIDAY!!!!


  1. I hate car shopping too. It is such a pain in the kiestert. Also, that aging app is just ummmmm, frightening.

  2. I am not interested in seeing how I age. I can see that everyday in the mirror!

  3. It's probably time to trade in my van for a new one, but I hate car shopping so much that I think we'll just keep my van for a little longer. ha!

  4. I'm so sorry you are missing SYTYCD. The dancers have been so good in the auditions and they have hardly shown any bad dancers. In fact this week they only had a 15 second montage of them and everyone else was good. That's why I love this show. Next week is Salt Lake City and it is looking fantastic.

  5. I hope to frag later, but until then I'll comment here. Hm, what to comment on?

    Fox TV, I thought for a moment you meant the Fox news channel, and I had some concerns!

    Off to walk on my treadmill, only for 30 minutes and then I need to organize all the school stuff I brought home for my summer "off."


  6. My husband does car shopping online, but we buy cars very seldom and drive them forever. Our two Camrys have 178,000, and 163,000 miles respectively and are going strong. The new one is a 2004 model.

    And the aging app! Horrifying! I look more and more like my mom as I age. If I want to see what I'll look like I'll just look at her picture.

  7. Hahahaha about the aging photos! Good plan to age your young nieces instead of self!

    One year our cable company was fighting with abc and dropped THEM from the line-up! Our fave shows and even WORSE for ME - - - many of the college FB and NFL football games are shown on that network. They did the dropping right at the beginning of football season!

    I dropped them faster than snot on a doorknob - - - went to Dish - - - and have never looked back.

  8. I've seen those 'aging' things but have been too scared to see what I'd look like lol.

    You are too funny - the spat was awesome! lol

  9. Eww, those aging pics are weird. I agree w/ you, we don't see to see than before it happens naturally!

  10. For what it's worth, I love the digital speedometer in my Honda Civic. I'm sure it's saved me a couple of speeding tickets, at least.

    I ride my bike on the left side, too; I'm way to afraid of being hit by some idiot who is texting and driving. Yesterday, Kendall came upon a car that had driven over (and stayed there) a mailbox on the side of the road. Clearly (given that it was early afternoon), someone was not keeping his/her eyes on the road. Anyway, a lady driving towards me on my bike (I had moved to the shoulder) shook her finger at me. I shook one back. LOL, just kidding on that last part.haha


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