Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Roundup... in an instant

With the convenience of Instagram - I love taking pictures of my weekend so I can give a little glimpse into my weekend as well as the words... so I may have to retitle my weekend recap posts...


* Stopped at the grocery on the way home... & love when I get home & still have nothing for dinner.  Thank goodness my hubby is wonderful & picked up some Chick Fil-A on his way home.

* The Hubs got home & we were both exhausted & ended up taking an hour nap before we ate... now THATS how you start a weekend.

* We started watching "Hatfields & McCoys" ... & I was lost in the first 15 minutes...


* Woke up to my arm being scratched to high heaven when Bruno got on the bed.  Better then an alarm clock

* Running Time... & I felt like poo.  The Hubs went with me again & again, he was striding right along like it was a casual stroll.  Me?  It just wasnt a good run - couldnt ever get my breathing down right & felt like my body weighed an extra 500 lbs.. on each leg... maybe it was the humidity?  maybe it was because my intervals increased & I didnt get to run much last week?  Maybe its just a bad run?  it happens... still feels BLAH


Remember this picture I took awhile back?

Well, here is the little man now...

Another family session...

My awesome friend Chasity went with me & helped along... it was a warm day, but wasnt horribly miserable & the momma timed it perfectly.  When she got there, the baby just woke up so we got lots of smiles & we were done in an hour... not one baby cry the whole time!  YES!

* The Hubs & I headed back out to look for cars... this is just getting frustrating.  He said, "I just need to go out & pick out a car for you & just bring it home & say, here it is" ... I like the idea of not having to worry about looking... but does he think "pretty" like me?

* Ate at Chuey's ... I was excited to see vegetarian tacos... they had guacomole on them... sounded good... taste?  um... not so good... there was TOO much guac on them... & Ricky even said, "I'd never thought I'd hear you say there was too much guacomole on something" ... me either...

* Stopped at the local ice cream shop on the way home...they make sherbert everyday... we had to wait in line for 15 minutes.  I took this picture & literally, before I put my phone down, the WHOLE THING dropped in my lap... are you kidding me?  Luckily, we just laughed.  Dumped off the ice cream (that was in my hands) in the dumpster.  The Hubs took part of his ice cream & scooped it on my cone for me... we werent waiting in line for another 15 minutes.  But it was just the right size in the end.


* I ended up not going to church because we had plans to volunteer at a local Triathalon... the guy who was in charge never gave us the details on which water station we needed to be at... so that was a bust... I dont think this event was well organized at all... sad...

* Feeders Supply... Dog food refill trip...

* Stopped at Target & got ready to go to the movies... 5 boxes of candy for $5?  A lot better then $3.75 for one box at the theater.  We even got a bag of pretzels & some sandwich bags & made snack bags to take in with us... I know its technically 'wrong' - but I think $25.00 for 2 bottles of water, & a pretzel for me & candy for Ricky is REALLY WRONG!!!

* We headed to see "Snow White & the Huntsman" ... Charlize Theron?  AMAZING & beautiful.... Kristen Stewart?  I just kept thinking she was Bella ... we really enjoyed it.  It got a little long during the "dwarves scenes" but otherwise, thumbs up.

*  Previews of Les Miserables ... with HUGE JACKMAN??? & Anne Hathaway?  Christmas time!!! ... I cried during the previews...

* Sam's Club... how do you not go there just to get a bundle of bananas for $1.48... especially when they're 58 cents a pound at the grocery?

* TONY AWARDS... I love Neil Patrick Harris... & am starting to love Jesse Tyler Ferguson as much..

Here's to a great week for us all...


  1. I love the new pictures of you and your son. And that ice cream cone - YUM!

  2. Now that is an adorable little boy and mama! Cracked me up about the sherbert (sorry I know it's not nice to laugh, but couldn't resist). Hope you can get a car soon!

  3. Your photography skills are something else, my friend!!! That little guy's blue eyes are going to break a few hearts one day!!

  4. I love that baby's blues!

    I've been sneaking candy into the movie for decades. That's right, decades!

    Big purses come in handy...

    What do you eat from Chik-Fil-A?

    Taco Bell, you either love it or hate it, will make veggie tacos with rice instead of meat...perhaps an extra .50 will get you a taste of guac?

  5. The sherbet story sounds totally like something I would do! We take sodas/water into the theater sometimes. We got these mega-buckets that are re-usable so we only have to pay $2.99 (or maybe $3.99) for popcorn.
    The picture of the little boy made me chuckle...what a cutie!

  6. wow sounds like one hell of weekend love! love the pictures way cute. and i totally agree about the movie theater. cute guy and i went to see a movie on sunday and i have to have a drink when i watch a movie. $5 bones for a large drink! i almost died. they rob us.

  7. beautiful baby boy! :)) and i agree movie prices for snacks are outrageous. where i live for 2 drinks and a large popcorn is 22.00 dollars

  8. LOL... sorry about the sherbet =P
    And car shopping is definitely not easy. Best of luck!

  9. Hi Rebecca Jo. I noticed that you linked up on my blog to my Weekend Wrap-Up meme. It sounds like you have had a full weekend and you have some excellent photography here. Have a terrific week!

  10. what did we do before the awesomeness of instagram? so excited for les mis to come out. i think it's a perfect cast choice.


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