Tuesday, June 05, 2012

There's always a 'BUT'...

Just off the title of this post, I'm going to get it out of my system...

"I like big BUT's & I can not lie..."

Yes... I made it a BUT, not BUTT ...

you'll see why later

But anytime I hear the word, "butt" or "but", I gotta break out my inner Sir-Mix-A-Lot

I was even mentioned in it

"Oh my God Becky... look at her butt" ... some family members call me Becky - so it could be me...

...Moving on...

I love how little words make all the difference ...

& one little word was pointed out to me this weekend at church


Most of the times, "but" isnt a good thing

" I really like you, BUT.... "

... that doesnt usually end up well

You ever have those conversations in your life

"You're doing well, BUT...."
"You're outfit looks good, BUT..."
"The car can be fixed, BUT...."

Yeah... sometimes, the 'but' makes you cringe

BUT sometimes it can be a good thing...

"Today is going to be rainy, BUT ... " (tomorrow is going to be sunny, or its going to clear up)
"You've got the flu, BUT .... " (we have medicine that can help you)
"You can't have a day off, BUT...." (you can have 2 DAYS OFF... now I'd REALLY like that one)

I've noticed that "BUT" changes everything

When you start off a sentence positively & add a 'but' in there, it changes it around - maybe balance it with some negative

Same with the negative sentence... add in a 'but' & it can turn it into a positive thing

So when we read the familiar story in John 8 this past Sunday, I had to circle this in my Bible.

The story is the woman caught in the act of adultery...
you know the story .... everyone wants to stone her...everyone quick to point fingers

Dont get me started on why the man wasnt there...another topic at another time...

This woman is standing being accused of this, everyone looking at her with harsh eyes, wanting to condemn her....

ya think that's a negative sentence?

We see though in John 8:8 .... "BUT JESUS"

"But Jesus bent down & started to write on the ground with his finger"

There's the change in the sentence
The change in the story
The change in this woman's life

We know Jesus bends down... tells anyone if they are the one who has no sin, to go ahead & throw that first stone... & watched everyone walk away

& we see Jesus tell this woman that he doesnt condemn her & tells her to go & leave her life of sin...

The story was turned around...

So just wanted to share this because maybe you're life is in a negative place...

Hold on... there's a BUT coming... a BIG OLE BUT!!
(had to do it, you know I did)

Jesus is with you... ready to throw that same sentence in your life story


What is Jesus going to turn around in your life? 
Hang in there
... you're situation?  Know that Jesus can make it a positive...


  1. You're the best! No buts about it!

  2. Laughing at how you can start a post with Sir-Mix-a-lot and end up with Jesus! :D

  3. Thank God for "but Jesus"! I love that thought!

  4. Your lessons about Jesus always are so relatable! Girl...YOU ROCK! :)

  5. Amen sister! Love this and hope tons of people read it and are blessed by it.

  6. oh i think you must have written this with me in mind today...thank you for reminding me of this. today's just one of those days i needed it pounded in my head. also now i'm going to have sir mix a lot stuck in my head...thanks :-)

  7. Everyone I know has a big but. (Pee Wee's Big Adventure.)

    I've always wondered just what Jesus wrote in the sand.

    When my father would catch himself complaining about or criticize others, he'd always stop and say, "BUT we're okay." Meaning it was wrong to throw stones. I need to remember my daddy's "but" too. Giggle.


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