Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God sucker punched me....

This past Sunday at church, the message was on the "Unlovable"

... I instantly had 3 people pop in my mind when I heard the topic & when our Pastor started talking about the people we have in our lives that just make things difficult.

you know the ones... the ones that make you cringe when you have to talk to, or interact with...we all have 'em in our lives

But what makes someone 'unlovable'?

Our pastor had us turn to 1 Corinthians 13 - the "LOVE" chapter... love is patient, love is kind... you know the one.

So if these things are love - then the opposite could almost define "unlovable"

So let's look at it... because this hit me in the gut... or the heart, as God likes to sucker-punch us sometimes

Love is patient .... how often have I lost my patience
Love is kind ... how many times have I been less then kind
Love does not envy .... how many times am I jealous of people for the things they have - or the life they have
Love is not proud ... how many times have I been proud of what I've accomplished
Love is not rude ... dont even ask the guy that cut me off in the road about this one
Love is not self seeking ... how many times have I put my own selfish needs above others needs
Love is not easily angered.... My hair aint red for no reason.. my hot head may have something to do with it
Love keeps no records of wrong ... Why do you think I keep the "Spat of the weeks" ... so I can remind the Hubs of all the time I'm RIGHT!!! ... I cant help it I'm rights so much! ... (see? that's so wrong)
Love does not delight in evil ... I'm gonna admit something - I usually am glad when the thing called 'karma' happens.  When its something I think people deserve...
Love always trusts & hopes ...how many times do I not trust what people say ... &how many times do I give up hope - even in the simpliest things?

Get the point?

With that scripture, I saw in the mirror not the people that I think are unlovable...

I saw that I'm the one who is unlovable...

I am probably that unlovable person to someone in this world....

& that's hard to swallow... isnt it?  Because we like to be liked.  We dont want to be 'THAT' person to someone else.  But according to the Bible's definition - its very possible & easy to see why I could be unlovable...

but our Pastor reminded us... even with every bad thing - with every horrible reflection of that verse in my heart...Jesus still loves me...Jesus still loves you...

It doesnt matter how 'unlovable' you are... you have someone who still overlooks all the bad in us... all the selfishness - all the jealousy - all the pride ... he just loves us...

& that makes me want to be more lovable to others...

How about you... are you lovable?


  1. Oh man...that hurts!

    I'm so glad you reminded us that Jesus loves anyway.

    Thanks Rebecca, I think I probably needed to hear this.

  2. Wow. I never quite looked at it like that... I got sucker-punched!

  3. I'm with Godsgalnj....Now I just got suckerpunched. Ouch.

  4. Oh crap!
    I come here to feel good about myself. Now look!
    But I guess I needed that. So, um, thanks.
    Your Unlovable Friend, m.

  5. Yeah...I know I'm loved. I also know I disappoint God daily. I'm thankful this earthly life is temporary. :-)


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