Thursday, June 21, 2012

The story of So-n-So

I taught on Sunday about doubt...

who doesnt have it .. on many things...

& I could talk for DAYS on this topic - but there's one main point that I shared with the kids & want to share with you


Yep - I said it... I think God is totally OK with doubt... even when you doubt if He's there - even when you doubt His word - even when you doubt everything you've been taught...

but what are you going to do with the doubt?  That's where the hard part comes.

Because if you doubt something, you can find answers... that means you question something & want to know the truth... but do you look for it?

The example I gave the kids - which I think is a perfect illustration for us all:

Ever have someone tell you So-n-so is talking about you or saying something that hurts your feelings?  Then, when you see So-n-so, you feel funny about them.  Most of the time, we dont like conflict & we just look at them & think, "Why did So-n-So say that about me" & we just go on having these bad feeling about So-n-so ...

After awhile - we dont even want to have anything to do with So-n-so - we cut them out of our lives... why would we want someone in our lives like that?

But what if So-n-so never said a thing... what if it was all a lie... or what if something was heard wrong & understood in the wrong way? what if someone planted doubt in your mind... & it took root... & you didnt find out the truth?

Doubt in God is the same way

We get doubts planted in our mind by people everyday - questions in our lives - situations that are thrown at us.. & we doubt...

but are we going to find out the truth - question God?
... or walk away from God & think, "I dont want him in my life"...

its up to us...

doubt can drive us to finding out more then we ever wanted to know
... more then we knew before
... but we have to want to find the truth

because its easy to just avoid conflict - avoid trying to find answers - its just easier for us sometimes to cut things out of our lives

There is a perfect example - & the reason why Lee Stroebel wrote "A Case for Faith" ... this man, who served alongside Billy Graham - who worked in "Youth for Christ" events for most of his life - he had questions that drove him to just walk away instead of trying to find answers....

that blows my mind...
but I think it happens everyday

We may have questions that will never get answered... but that doesnt mean you shouldnt stop trying to find some sort of truth... & I guarantee, you'll still learn something else that God wants you to know...

Never stop questioning God...
its only going to bring you closer to him


  1. What a great lesson, not only for our youth, but for everyone. I think if you never have doubt, your faith won't be able to grow to its full potential.

  2. Good thoughts Rebecca! Hopefully our doubts will always drive us to dig deeper in Christ and not pull away from him.

    Thank you for this lesson.

  3. Such a great lesson. Your blog always inspires me!

  4. This is such a great lesson. Whenever I doubt or question I always think, "God can handle my doubts & questions" and they do bring me closer to Him....Thanks for sharing!


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