Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life

Think I went MIA?

I actually was SWAMPED this weekend... doing what you ask?  I was shooting a wedding on Friday.  It was a crazy long day.  Left my house at 9 am & got in my bed about 2 am Saturday morning....

This old gal doesn't usually make it past 11 pm on ANY weekend so 2 am?  I think my body freaked out a bit... but it was a fun time - TONS of pictures taken & a busy weekend to follow...

here's what it looked like... I'm adding a bit of Friday in since it was the beginning of my weekend


* Here's what I looked like leaving my house... try to keep it simple - I like to blend in the background of pictures in case someone else is snapping around me.

* I dont know what I would have done without my friend Chasity assisting me & even my hubby... he came & did the 'grunt work' - carrying equipment, ladders, jumping on the ball when we would come running screaming, "GIVE ME ANOTHER CARD"... it takes a village

* cant post any wedding pics yet, but here's the church the ceremony took place in


... I literally was more sore from this wedding then I was from running my half marathons.  I'm not even joking in the least either... my arm muscles were sore from the camera, my quads were sore from squatting, my feet have blisters the size of quarters on them & my pedometer said we walked almost 7 miles that day.  Wedding photography aint no joke.

* We had to return 2 lens that I rented... yes, I rent lens for events like this because I cant afford $5000 for 2 lens right now.  There's a goal to build to.  (Can you believe one lens can cost $2800?????)

* We were going to head to Nashville to help Julie get settled in, but I knew I would be NO HELP - so we called Julie & told her we're old & exhausted.  Luckily, she had a friend from Arkansas come up to help her get things moved & unpacked. 

* I needed fuel... I honestly ate one veggie sandwich on Friday around 2:30 pm & that was all I had the whole day... I'm talking even fluid.  I was so dehydrated & run down.  So we stopped at Panera Bread.  Everyone else was getting breakfast... me?  Give me some lunch food.  Mediterrean sandwich - mmmmm.....

* My parents were doing a big move day so we headed over to their new house & Ricky helped my dad & brother load & unload ... & load & unload  I sat on the porch with my mom & sister in law & kept falling asleep.  I'm THAT helpful in moves.  See Julie?  I would have been asleep on your porch if we came to Nashville :)

(The view from one side of my parents porch... see why I kept falling asleep?  RELAXING)

(My moving, camera shy hubby & my daddy... waiting on my brother)

* I went through some pictures at mom & dad's house... old pictures are always fun to look back on... here's one of my favs...

(I still give that look)

* We found a picture of my mom when she was pregnant with me... OH.MY.GOSH!!!
It looked EXACTLY like me... Ricky tells me all the time how much I look like my mom - I never saw it until I saw this picture. AMAZING!  I'll be posting the pictures up later... I'm still amazed by it...

* Its awesome to leave my parents home & be at my house in 5 minutes... nice...

* Let the editing begin... I started on wedding pictures & didnt even know that 3 hours had passed...


* Church ... an awesome message... I'll be talking more about that tomorrow too

* Got to hang out with Chasity & Ryan... lunch & then back to my house so she could see the results of her picture taking...

* Ryan gave up after 500 pictures... he said he couldnt take anymore so he headed to play cards with Ricky... me & Chasity were in picture heaven :)

* Went back to see mom & dad... since 5 minutes is so much better then 35 minutes (that's how long it took to get to their other house)

* More editing... that's going to be the story of my life for the next few weeks :)

Now onto a new week... need to get back in my routine now. I've let my running slack this week & I'm feeling it...I'm just hoping to get some sleep in sometime this week... I think my body is crying out for it.  Or maybe its just that blister leaking... (ewww)


  1. Mmmm, I love Panera Bread Co. Did you know that they originated in St. Louis, so they're known here as St. Louis Bread Co.

  2. haha wow! sounds like quite the weekend! Looking forward to see how much you look like your mom, haha. :)

  3. Gosh, you were busy!
    Did you know that Stephani at A Defined Life is doing a new weekend wrap-up meme? She's just getting it started.

  4. Ewww...

    Thanks for that share!

    You are so blessed to have your parents nearby. How's mom doing with the move?

  5. I cannot wait to see the pics! How exciting for you! I'm sure they were amazing!

  6. can't wait to see the pics either and that pic of you? FREAKING ADORABLE! LOVE the look on your face! So cute. I could pinch those cheeks :)

  7. Such a busy weekend - no wonder you're tired. Looking forward to seeing your do such a good job. I love the view from your mom's porch. I can just imagine relaxing there.

    Hope you get some rest time this week.

  8. I want to be your "Second" in a wedding shoot one day. I would love to see you work. And of course, steal some ideas!
    You know what, I had no idea that one could rent lenses. Seriously, let me know how that's done.
    And I remember when I did a shoot last Fall, just for 7 hours, and how my body felt the next day. I couldn't imagine how you must have felt.

  9. Wow! You had a lot going on. I'd like to see those wedding photos! It's fine to include Friday in fact I think I said in the rules that photos should be taken Friday through Sunday! I include Fridays too! Thanks for joining in. Have a great weekend!

  10. Rebecca Jo,
    I am visiting from A Defined Life. Wow! That is pretty much all I can say about your Wedding work day...that is crazy. My daughters recently got in 4 years ago and one two years ago...our photographer didn't work nearly that hard!!
    I can only imagine how exhausted you were. I also made sure that my photographer and assistant had a plate of food at the reception.
    I'll bet the pictures you took were amazing.

  11. Panera's Mediterranean Veggie is one of my favorite sandwiches!!!


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