Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

this week has royally bit the big apple
(whatever that means... it just rolled off my tongue for some reason)

Its a big moving weekend for people I love...
Julie is packing up & headed to Nashville tomorrow!!!
Yep - my grandbabies will be 3 hours away from us.
MUCH better then 18 hours...
& no more airplane rides
She got an amazing job opportunity & is heading into a new adventure
so if you could pray for her on this big move

& then my parents are moving!!!!!!
They've been in the same house since I was born...
& now, they're going to live 4.7 miles away from us!!!!
When we lived in Louisville, my parents were about the same distance away from us there... & now, they're that close again

This move?  Its got some highs & lows
Highs all for my dad
Lows all for my mom
So pray for this too if you dont mind...


Another big decision to make this weekend?
Which movie to go see????


Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

A red haired tough gal (YEESSSSS!!!)
Or 80's rock?


Sad day...
in my co-op basket this week?
No more strawberries...

All done for the season...
I may have teared up a bit

I should have known too
These were the strawberries I got last week
Cute to look at (SOOO tiny)
but not much to eat...

Until next year Strawberry Goodness


I went to Hobby Lobby & looky what I saw...

Are you kidding me?
Christmas stuff?
I know you need to get started on crafts early
but WOW...
I broke out in a sweat seeing the Christmas stuff...


I hate sleeveless shirts on me...


If you're a child of the 80's & know that Gloria Estafan RULED...
then you'll appreciate this...
Did anyone else watch BUNHEADS?
Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

You know I'm always up for anything that involves dancing...
but the end...
I gasped...
I wont give it away,
but REALLY?!?!?!
On the first episode, you're gonna make me say,

Still on the car hunt
Yesterday, my car dashboard decided to go all "LOOK AT ME"
by flickering every light on the dash
Check Engine... Brakes.... Seatbelt... Battery

Someone wants some attention


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Kitchen Light
(this is a fresh one... just happened this morning...but I was RIGHT
so you KNOW I'm gonna use this one for the week)

So our light in part of our kitchen is fluorescent
so when you turn it off, you cant turn it right back on
it has to warm up

This morning, it was already on, but habit, I walked in & hit it, turning it off

So the Hubs comes in & says he'll take care of it by hitting the switch again
(turning it on)
then walks to the other side of the kitchen by our door & hits that switch
(turning it off)

But he thought he was turning it on

For some reason - he thought that both of the light switches had to be in a certain position for the light to come on

I told him that he just turned it off...
to which he didnt believe me...

so he strutted with that manly, "Oh wait, I'm going to prove you wrong" look
over to the light switch again & hit it
... thinking it wouldnt come on...

guess what?  it came on
YES!!! I was right!!!!

So I told him, "you gotta say it... you gotta!!!"
"You were right... I was wrong"
YES!!! The best way to start a day

Oh... dont worry - this was at 5:25 am...
I'm sure there will be PLENTY more today where I'm wrong & he's right
But its my blog... so this is the winning spat of the week :)
(Love you Hubby)

Hope everyone has a fantastically fabulous Friday


  1. The strawberry farm down the road just opened for the season! If I could figure out how to send them to you where it wouldn't turn into strawberry mush, I would! :)

    Sent up a little prayer for your folks. :)

  2. Can I vote for both movies? And what is this Bunhead show? I must research this further. Hope your parents move goes well. *Smiles

  3. Your spats make me smile!

    Yay for family living closer...I know how excited you are about the grandbabies (and no more plane rides to visit them!).

  4. Best wishes for all the moves!

    And I have heard that both movies are fantastic, so you are going to have to see both. I know I am going to :)

  5. Lots of change around your families. Three hours is the perfect distance. Close enough to visit often but far enough to not have spur of the moment babysitting duties.

  6. Praying that all the moves will go well for everyone. Happy for you that family will be closer to you.

    I think I would chose "Brave", but that's just me.

    Yes, the ending to Bunhead surprised me a lot too! Who knew we'd pick the same picture for this post...too funny!

    Have a great day!

  7. You two are so funny. I wish I could post spats, but that would just cause further spatting about the spats - ha!

    I never comment on your posts because I can't see the pics at work (pinterest is a banned substance). Now if I could just remember to read your blog when I get home...

  8. Wow, those are big moves, and they sound like good ones! Such blessings!

    See Brave, the 80s movie is getting panned...

  9. 3 hours IS much better than having to fly, but 3 hours would be just too far away to suit me. ha! Seriously though, I'm glad they're going to be so close ... and your parents, too. Everyone you love seems to be moving!

    Lead time for crafts or no, it's just way too early for Christmas stuff out, if you ask me. ;-)

  10. I'm so glad that your family is moving closer to you!! YAY!!!

  11. hahaha! I love winning too! lol - twas a funny spat!

    So happy your fam's coming closer - hope things work out for good for all of them!

  12. What is Bun Head??? I haven't heard of it.
    Will be praying for your family and all the moving going on!

  13. I have a hard time with Rock of Ages - especially since I love musicals. And the 80s had some good music. It's all grand that they're doing a tribute to that time, and sure, sex and drugs were a part of that history and culture, but that doesn't make it right that the film blatantly implies, shows, etc sex, drugs, alcohol and in a positive light. As a Christian, I just can't support that. Especially when there's a character in the film that makes fun of hypocritical Christians.


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