Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hell on earth...

Here's my area temps for the weekend...

I keep seeing pictures of everyone posting pictures of their local temperatures for their area for the weekend...

& some of the areas are INSANE...
112 ...109... 115

I have always heard of "Hell freezing over" -
but do we have a phrase for the opposite? 

Because I'm pretty sure its happening...

& let me be the first to remind you that my car has no AC

That's a warning to everyone - dont hug me if you see me
... my shirt will probably be stuck to my back & I'll probably have the smell of

How hot is it going to get in your area?

Stay safe everyone!!! 


  1. If it's any consolation, our forecast is exactly the same as yours. I heard that St. Louis and other cities/towns have cancelled their fireworks shows ... it's been so dry here that there's a fire hazard (water usage has already been restricted over much of the area).

  2. We're suppose to be right at 100 for the next couple of days. I hate being hot.

  3. That cartoon is hilarious! It has been raining and dreary here for days at a time so I long for hot weather but I am sure by day two of it I would be whining that it was too hot!

  4. Today? I don't know, I'm trapped in an office with frosted windows. Is it Summer or Winter outside, who knows!
    Love that cartoon. Too funny!

  5. We're headed to 97 degrees on Saturday with 100% humidity here in soggy Florida :) that cartoon is hilarious :)

  6. Love your cartoon...but not so much do I love the heat!

    Stay cool if that's possible.

  7. OK...where's winter when we need it? 106 degrees expected here on Saturday...and I dread it like nobody's business! No A/C in your car? Oh, you poor thing!


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