Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life


* We gave some furniture to our church for a yard sale & had to clean out some drawers.  We found some old pictures & man oh man... it was crazy looking back & seeing how long we've been together.  Here's a picture I found - we were the Matron of Honor & Best Man at our friends wedding...

I found tons of pictures too where I forgot how skinny I was... that's depressing...

* Uploading pictures onto an online site so I can delete off my computer & make some room... took ALL stinking night... good time to catch up on my Housewives of Orange County... (Still love Heather as my fav)


A hectic day - where I needed to be at few places at once... Where's the Harry Potter gadget Hermoine used when you need it?

* Parents still moving...

* I found the most AMAZING veggie burger at a local restaurant... I expected one of those small frozen patty things ... no way.  This thing was HUGE & was made out of black beans with different ground up veggies. I think I'm in heaven.  Just found my new favorite place to eat.

* On the way home, Ricky had to stop for his new addiction... Chick Fil-A chocolate chip cookies.  He buys them in a half dozen bag.  Have you had them?  They are like an inch thick.... & served WARM.

* To balance the chocolate - how about some healthy juice...

TRY THIS... its the most amazing summer drink you can have

Serving for 2:
4 golden delicious apples
1 lemon

Throw it all in a juicer & no joke, it tastes just like a fresh squeezed sweet lemonade!
Served over ice chips - this is going to be perfect on hot summer days

* After all the food of the day, it was late & I hadnt got a run in... it was dark so I hit the treadmill for my own late night 5K


*My turn to teach at Jr. High... on Doubt...this was the improvise lesson because by the time I got up to teach, I had 8 minutes... & my lesson was 25 minutes... talk about some cutting out, but getting the point across.  I think it still turned out OK

* Headed to see my dad for Father's Day... they're still moving.  Its crazy to see some of my old toys... remember this game?  Cat's Eye?  It was so loud with all those marbles churning in that funnel..

* Back to church - I got to teach Sr. High too... this time, I had time to do my whole lesson... ahh - made me feel better

* Ricky came & heard me teach.. I've taught for 8 years in youth ministry & this was the FIRST TIME EVER he heard me... made me feel good to know he was out in the crowd.

* These funny faces are just one of the many reasons I love what I do... these kids are fantastic

* More uploading pictures... an exciting end to the busy weekend

Here's hoping its a wonderful week for us all!!!


  1. Looks like a great week-end to me!

  2. I'm sooo gonna try that recipe! It looks super delish yet healthy. So my thing! haha :)

    Love the pic of you and your hubby... interesting hair on him, though, rofl. You're super pretty =D

  3. Thanks again for sharing in your unique way. Love it!! Would it be okay to share where you had that veggie burger? Have a great big blessed week my friend.P.S. I think it is soooo great that hubby came to class.And that he is now running and planning future runs with you and the daughter, Way to go Ricky!! Woot Woot.

  4. First off, you look just like you did in that "old" picture! I'm serious!

    Now you've got me thinking about buying a juicer JUST to make that drink!! :)

  5. I'm not wanting to eat the cookies but you totally got me hungry for a Chick-fil-A sandwich. They are the best!
    Your parents are moving? I feel their pain. Well, I feel pain in general so some of it's probably theirs too.
    And remind me who that hot chick is you're posing with in that first photo?

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend!!

    I nominated you for the "one lovely blog award"!

  7. you throw the whole piece of fruit into the juicer, or cut it up and take off the skin first? Your apple/lemonade drink sounds great!

    I'm exhausted just reading about your full weekend! Hope you have a good week, surviving the heat wave!

  8. Thanks for joining Weekend Wrap-Up again this week! Lots of goodness in this post. The chocolate chip cookies sound great except that I don't eat refined sugar anymore. I remember when I was in college we used to go through the Hardees drive through and ask for the frozen chocolate chip cookies. It was basically the raw cookie dough that was formed into the shape of a cookie, but hadn't been cooked up yet. They wouldn't serve raw cookie dough today! - I'm going to have to try this juice recipe. Since I don't eat sugar it kinda makes it difficult to create a good sweet lemonade!

  9. Chili's has a delicious black bean burger. I discovered it a few months ago.

    The juice looks DELICIOUS!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    So glad that Ricky watched you teach. If I'm not mistaken, y'all seem to be drawing even closer together lately. So sweet!!

  10. The hair on your hubby - amazing! Is he chuckling about that now?!


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