Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

How did it get to be after 10am already?
... because its been a rough morning... that's why!
But that means its only 5 hrs till my weekends starts
so why not fill it with fragging


What would yesterday's decision on health care reform been like without social media?
You got to see instantly what people thought...
& get mad at all those that didnt agree with you

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest
This is what my week has been like every evening...
editing, editing, editing.

But I'm getting some great pictures.
& I know the poor hubby has to be so tired of me saying
Which one out of these two look the best?
(when the color is so slight he cant tell the difference)


So my NutriBullet has already gone Ka-poot!!!
Its probably my fault - I filled it up & it exploded in my motor
... there's a "MAX" line & I went over it...
but its covered under a warranty so they're sending me a new one out
I'll try not to blow this one up
But for the record.... I love my juicer more

My coworker refuses to use a debit card, get a DVR, use any sort of social media, even knows how to barely use a computer
& uses the PHONE BOOK to find phone numbers.
Why does this bother me like it does?
It's just not right....


Did anyone else expect a big blow out on The Bachelor
with the story of Arie & the producer?
Only to have them say, "They talked it out off camera"
... & then have them kissy-faced in the next scene.
...let down..
For the record, Jef is my favorite


Everytime they show that video of Ann Curry saying goodbye,
it chokes me up
... not cool Today Show... not cool...


For the record, I know that everyone is wearing arm bands for Robin Roberts
(who I think is awesome by the way)
but if you see me sporting one on my right arm?
Its because I've been wearing one for a year for my bicep tendonitis...
the pressure holds my tendon together & gives me a bit of relief.
So I'm not trying to be cool or jump on the bandwagon
... its what keeps me from crying all day long in pain...


Spat of the Week:  NONE... well, kinda

I'm going to be generous to my hubby
... for those of you that didnt hear...
he had his foot ran over with a FORK LIFT this week
Yes... a ForkLift!!!!!

They say that 7 out of 10 people that a forklift accident happens to?
They loose their foot - or part of it....

not my hubby
He said his foot FLATTENED ...  & then when they moved the fork lift
he could feel it sort of raise back up.
What the heck?
is he Stretch Armstrong?
(I just dated myself)

But honestly, he said he kept praying
& it must have worked

Oh, its swollen & purple & blue
But NOTHING like it could have been!!!!
Thank you Jesus!

But a spat can be noted because now,
he thinks he's really a SuperHero that cant be hurt.
Like that Bruce Willis Movie, Unbreakable...

I told him to see if his nose breaks if I punch him in it
& we'll see how SuperHero he really is :)


I'm gonna leave with this video
Know this - its TOTALLY not policially correct
But its Belle...
I had to throw it in...

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. I don't have a DVR or a debit card, but you know I do social media!

    I love Unbreakable.

    Glad your husband is okay even if he is now delusional.

    I saw part of that BatB parody on the news and thought of you! The Shakespeare theater in Chicago is doing a version of the show, and they did a story on that too.

  2. I don't even know what to say about that video...I couldn't understand half of what they said, but it made me laugh. I think my favorite part was the last lady in the car telling her to get out of the street...don't make me take my shoe off. :)

    Glad your hubby is okay.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Your coworker is in denial...or is too lazy to use technology. Grief.

    Ann Curry - I'm glad she's out as the host. I never connected with her. It's too bad how it happened, though. I hope Savannah Guthrie doesn't get it. She has a little bit of a speech thing (not sure it's a lisp), and it drives me nuts. Rooting for Natalie Morales!

    You hubby - Thank goodness he's okay!!

  4. I didn't know they still made phone books.

  5. My dad refuses to get e-mail, and I hate the phone. He complains that I don't call enough, I complain that he won't e-mail. It all irritates me irrationally too.

    So, I "hear" ya.

  6. Ouch! My foot hurts just to read about your hubby's. Glad he is ok.

  7. You're so funny. Loved the nose-punching idea. Very glad his foot is okay!

    If you want to be entertained even more by The Bachelorette, read after every episode. There are spoilers, but he's really funny.

    I like Jeff, too, but he seems so young.

    I don't mind sticks in the mud, but I can't stand people who complain about being left out of the loop when they can barely be bothered to read email.

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.


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