Monday, October 01, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Before I get started about my weekend, this blog needs to take a weekend wrapup break to give a big SHOUT OUT to my Momma...
its her birthday today!!!
Whooo hooo!!! 

Here's to another year of living!!! :)  Always a fun thing to celebrate!  Go mom!
October is full of birthdays of my family members, so none better to kick off the month then the most awesome lady I know... love you Mom!

Ok... back to what the weekend held... we'll celebrate the birthday later... with icing...


* Got to go visit my friend Erica & Joe & get their little beauty in front of my camera for her 3 yr old pictures.  I knew she was growing up & getting bigger, but when I look through a camera, I REALLY see things... & it blew my mind how big she's getting.  She's such a cutie!!!  Just breaks my heart though that even in the midst of taking her picture, she'd have seizures.  Not fair that this little beauty has to deal with this condition.  But she's such a little fighter. If you want to keep up with Emily & the latest news on her - check out the Facebook page that her mommy keeps full of updates & pictures... For the Love of Emily

* Worked on wedding pictures until after midnight... Finally got a preview up.  Its so hard to pick under 30 pictures when you have over 250 to choose from.

The new Mr & Mrs... ahhh

They wanted a "Bridesmaids" pose... I love the way it turned out


* So much for sleeping... Ricky had to work, which one again meant the dogs were up & barky & ready to start the morning at 6:30... UGH!  I didnt get into bed until 12:45 so I was grumpy...

* Had to leave the house early anyways - Groom day for Zoe & Sydney... which was OK with Buffy - it meant she got the couch to herself while they were gone.

* Ricky got home with the doggies & I was mad... the cost of the dogs went up over $20 & they didnt even do a great job... I had to get out the scissors & trim down Zoe's face because it didnt even look like they cut her face at all... I just need to learn to groom myself.  Seriously.

* Ricky & I headed out to Lazer Tag with our Youth Minister & the other Youth Leaders...we had so much fun!  I was sweating like a crazed woman too.  The 2nd round - I was learning how it worked & was getting into it.

(Ricky was taking the picture)

* Some little kid kept coming around the corner & shooting me - letting my light come on- shooting me again - repeat - repeat -repeat.  Finally, I put my gun down, pointed my finger & gave my best "adult voice" & said, "OK - you need to go somewhere else, right now!" - He said, "OK - but one more!" shot me one more time & then ran off! Kids!  Ruining my game playing! ;)

* Ricky didnt get enough shooting IN the Lazer Tag - he & our Youth Minister got into another shooting game...

* We headed out & I found a Whole Foods!!!!!!!!!!!  Never been in there before & I walked in & thought I heard angels singing.  I could have spent all day in there... & a few hundred dollars.  We did good, only walking out with 2 bags... & a vegan cookie for me & a berry dessert for Ricky... I'm glad to know where this place is at now.  I timed it coming home.  40 minutes!

* Found a new burger place that we decided to try... I was giddy excited because they had VEGGIE BURGERS!! & ONION RINGS!! I'm so obsessed with onion rings right now, I cant even tell you. 

* I was exhuasted - so was Ricky from working earlier - so we were old folks & were in bed by 9:30... falling asleep to watching "Cars" - so still kids at heart :)


* Had bought tickets to take my momma to see Wicked today, but she wasnt feeling well (boo!) ... but she wanted Ricky to take her ticket.  He had never seen it - so we started getting ready & off we went to Defy Gravity!!!

* While others were standing in line in front of this poster... I was the only one to get my picture with THIS poster... dont know why everyone else wasnt lined up here??

* The play was A-MAZ-ING... as good this time as the first...& our seats were the BOMB-DIGGITY.  I get claustrophobic stuck in the middle of these long aisles, so we had the first 2 seats... so when it went to intermission, we jetted out & ended up being the FIRST PERSON in the bathroom!  I've never had that happen before.  Felt like I accomplished something in life.

(I just started reading the Original Wizard of Oz book & loved that this map is exactly what the story described it as... )

* We headed out to a Japanese restaurant to end the show with a great dinner... it was horrible... hate that.  Edamame saved the visit for me though. 

* Home to work on more pictures... I got over 60 edited in a few hours... while waiting for the big premiers!  ONCE UPON A TIME!!! REVENGE!!!!  Great way to end a evening!!!

* & then had to continue to the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion... & thought I was going to throw my shoe at the TV anytime Teresa spoke.  I love how she swears on her children about things she 'never said' when they have it on video of her saying the exact thing.  The woman has GOTSTA be crazy!!!!!  I was rooting Rosie on when she was threatening to go cut her tongue out.  I wouldnt mess with Rosie! ... next week, bring out the husbands - let the crazy continue!

Hope everyone had a great weekend & has a Magnificent Monday!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, but exhausting weekend. I want to see Wicked so bad. One of these days.

    Have a great day!

  2. I think you were even busier than me this weekend and I'm lugging around 4 kids! But I swear, it wasn't one of mine shooting you on Saturday. Promise!
    Love the Bridesmaids with Attitude. Looks like the cover of a reality t.v. program. Good job!
    And the Happiest of Birthdays to your Momma!!! Here's a present!

    Your Friend, m.

  3. I LOVE the bridesmaid's photo!!
    CH saw Beauty & the Beast in NYC, and he said it was INCREDIBLE. Now that I've finished "Wicked", I want to see the play!
    I'm right with you with Teresa, but Caroline actually got on my nerves a tad bit last night. She couldn't be quiet and let people talk, either. She wasn't nearly as obnoxious as Teresa, though! At first I thought Richie was a bit creepy, but I'm likin' the guy now. Not digging that Kathie had "stuff" done, though.
    Can't wait 'til next week!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! :)

    I loooove veggie burgers and onion rings - so super jealous! lol

  5. Yay for peeing first! Yay for me writing that!

    Um, the reunion? What purpose does it serve? Everyone was yelling at each other and picking at scabs, and the cussing! Shame on all of them.

    Theresa is a liar, but I feel bad for her. The front she's putting up is because her family is really hurting. Caroline could have taken the higher road, but she never did. I did like it when Lauren asked Theresa to define "napalm"!

  6. Happy, happy birthday to your mom!

    Wow, what a busy, busy weekend you had ... busy, but good.


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