Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Fragments - not really

Apparently, no Friday Fragments today...

I did good to just get my computer up today.


Momma said there'd be days like this.

So instead of frags, I'll just give some quick updates on what's going on

1. I've officially been inducted to the world of chiropractors.  Went 4 times last week & am scheduled for 40 visits on a decompression table.  It is like a traction table where weight pulls my spine down for brief periods of time hoping to have the discs slide back into place...

See that machine at the end?  That's what programs the weight to pull on me
See that belt around my waist?  Yep - that pressure always makes me want to pee
(HEY - that rhymed)

2. It's Oak's Day around here... which means no one is working around town it seems.  Luckily for me, I get off work at 1:00 today!  YAHOOOOO!!  The poor Hubs?  Not so lucky.

3.  I went for my first walk with my back yesterday.  Hills are a doozy & what causes me to want to throw something.  I need flat land, which is funny if you knew where I lived.

4.  I'm still in a tizzy over Scandal last night.... I love that show.  I don't look at Scott Foley & not think of him on Felicity or as Jennifer Garner's first husband.

5.  I'm teaching the youth Sunday about dating relationships.. thanks for all the advice you have shared with me.  I'm still sorta lost.  I have the beginning of the lesson & I have the end - I just don't have the middle to tie them together.  This is when I'm vastly aware that it'll be God working if this all comes together well.

6.  This is my last weekend with no plans until the end of July - so I'm hoping to enjoy it - trying to get my house a tad organized... & plan on making some homemade corn chips.  Exciting times.

7.  Does anyone else dread going to the grocery like I do?

8.  Upside of grocery shopping today?  Half price Frappachino's at Starbucks!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I hope the medieval torture devise works for you!

    I hate going to the grocery store too. Mike used to do all our grocery shopping & then he went & finished school & got a full time job. I miss my house husband!

  2. I actually enjoy grocery shopping and looking at all the food. Well except when I shop at Walmart. Then I'm follow the list and do not deviate.

  3. I hate grocery shopping. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

    Hope all this will help your back.

  4. Sure hope that machine does the trick! You've suffered far too long! I don't mind grocery shopping, it's the putting everything away that I don't care for. Wears me out! Plus, it makes me realize that I forgot SOMETHING! Ugh! Hey...have yourself a great weekend, too! Take it easy!

  5. I hope you see improvement in your back. My hubs has back issues (bulging disc) and certain kinds of exercise really help, others make it worse so he has to be careful.

    I didn't add my .02 about dating, but here's a penny's worth : ) Don't date someone you wouldn't consider marrying. My girls would sometimes roll their eyes at that when they were young, but they get it now.

    In the early stages you think it won't matter, by the time you realize it does you're in too deep to want to get out. I'm talking about issues that divide like beliefs, wanting or not wanting children, those sorts of things.

    Mostly I remind my daughters they are worth far more than rubies, and don't let a boy treat them as anything less.

    One more thing-something that feels like no big deal at 20, will be viewed differently by your 35 year old self.

    Okay-more than a penny's worth : )

  6. Praying that this treatment will bring relief for your back.

    What is Oak Day???

    I don't mind grocery shopping too much ... but I hate checking out, carrying the groceries out to the car, carrying them into the house and then putting them away. ;-)

  7. Back pain is the worst! Saying a prayer for you right now.
    When I had spinal decompression, I had to go super early in the morning. So I would just nap while I lay there... ha!


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