Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Tuesday - & yes, weekend wrap up...

& I'm off for the week...

So I'm going to be ALL confused what day it is...

But this weekend, we headed down to Nashville to see Julie, Steve & the boys...

Some highlights

* A car low to the ground = car sickness

* Its always nice to be the only people in a restaurant

* Having chickens is more fun then I thought (Julie has 6 & they are just fun to chase, pet & watch)

* Smores always makes the best desert ... Steve wins the award for Best Marshmellow Melter ever...

* Campfires always relax me

* Its not a visit to see Luke unless he's got blood coming out of some part of his body from a fall

* You have to be careful what you spell around Isaac now - he can figure out some of the words

* East Nashville is the coolest area ever...

* When someone says, "do you want double guacamole?" - I actually will lift my arms & cheer out loud

* Seeing Julie in her scientist environment freaks me out... she's just "Julie" - not a "Scientist" - right?  Wrong... her name is right there... she's important.  So cool!  So proud!

* Playing with Lab Equipment can be fun... felt like I was in Mr. Wizards World

* Its always fun to break into a church & turn on the lights & wander around

* I need to learn to make drop biscuits

* Making up stories about an elf that lives in a tree is always good for the mind to stay sharp

* Came across a military cemetery that was having all kinds of exhibits & ceremonies for Memorial Day... amazing

* I got to see the place where Juliette filmed the video on "Nashville" AND the vet's office where Decon's girlfriend was working & he brought his dog too... little things star struck me! :)

* 3 out of 5 girls wear cowgirl boots for the nightlife in Nashville

* As always, I was on the look out for Steven Curtis Chapman

* Watching the sunset on the way home is always so pretty....

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend...

Being off - I'm going to be busy... what is vacation & relaxing?  HAAAHAHAAA!!!

So I'll be on & off this week - so don't think I forgot you bloggy friends!  I'll be trying to make my rounds on weird times :)


  1. Don't feel bad about posting your weekend wrap up on Tuesday ... I'm going to post mine on Thursday! (Posted my trip update today, Wednesday hodgepodge tomorrow so that leaves a weekend update on Thursday. ha!)

    I heard a SCC song on our way home last week and immediately thought of you. ;-) It got me to thinking that I haven't heard a new song from him in a while and was wondering what he was up to these days.

    Enjoy your time off!

  2. I LOVE Nashville!! I went to grad school at Murray State and we would make frequent trips to Nashville!

  3. I would love to go to Nashville again someday. I'd say you have some really terrific reasons to go!!

    I hope you have a really great week off work!


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