Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Lion...

I'm sort of going on my own this week for our Bible Study...

something really struck me in Chapter 6...

all the talk of battles with Satan, having too much pride to say "I need help" - the thinking we can do it all on our own... it was pretty powerful chapter.

But something really struck me with new eyes.

The image of a lion

When you think of a lion, I immediately think of something majestic, the KING of the forest, the one who is in charge...

I know my mom immediately thinks of Wizard of Oz... but that's another story :)

There's even a popular Christian picture of a Lion with his paws bleeding & a crown of thorns sitting atop of his head....

I even think of Aslan from The Narnia series... though I wouldn't know from the movie... I refuse to watch it.  I've mentioned it before here - but that 70's horrible graphic cartoon that I saw when I was 8 years old totally terrified me & ruined me.  It may be why I'm such an animal activist now too.  The idea of them cutting off that mane & that horrible ugly witch & her little demons all stabbing at Aslan & him DYING... what kind of cartoon is that madness? 

needless to say, I never watched the new movies... & yeah, I know... they're really good...

childhood trauma has nothing on a good movie

Anyways - I know that the Christ figure in that story line is a lion...

But wait... what does 1 Peter 5:8 say?

Stay alert!  Watch out for your great enemy, the devil.  He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

I'll just insert the part of the book that my jaw was hitting the ground.

"Just like a lion looking for something or someone to devour in order to satisfy its selfish hunger for destruction, the devil's influence on our hearts can be relentless & deadly.  The funny thing about lions is that they are actually beautiful & majestic creatures to look at, unlike the mental pictures we have of Satan.  Lions gives off the appearance of royalty, calmness & strength, so, as we peer at them behind the safety of glass, we often forget that lions are not only physically strong & powerful, but they are very patient predators.  They make their living out of quietly waiting in the shadows until just the right moment, when their victim is unaware of the danger & therefore most vulnerable to attack"

It really blew my mind reading this... because I've read the verse in 1 Peter before but never really tied the two images of a lion together...

I realized reading this how easy it is to be fooled in this world

Sometimes when we think we're doing the right thing, when we feel like we're really following God - are we really following that lion that is waiting to devour us?

I think so many people in this world do exactly that...

I mean, there are people who stand in front of people's grave side service & hold signs that say, "You're going to hell"...

& there are people who call others horrible names of hatred because they don't agree with things they do with their lives...

There are people who act like they are doing things for God... when God would only do things out of love - not hatred & cruelty...

But they think they're doing the right thing... don't they?  Following God in their opinion?

Which 'lion' are they following?

I'm walking away from this week with my eyes open
... even more aware then before that Satan is a sneaky little pain our sides, trying to confuse us
... waiting to devour.

Be aware...


  1. I couldn't be gladder to be following you Rebecca Jo! First of all, I feel about The Wizard of Oz the way you feel about Narnia. Childhood trauma, indeed! ;) But, your observations about the way a Lion is spoken of in God's Word and the way a lion is depicted in a popular Christian movie are food for much thought. As always, I so appreciate your perspective, friend.

  2. Good thought. Thank you for sharing. What you said is so true, but aren't you glad we serve the one who is greater than he that is in the world? I know I am.

  3. Great blog. I completely agree. God sees everything differently than most of us do.

  4. I love your thoughts on this and which of the two lions are we following! You've brought a perspective to it I've never followed before. Thanks for sharing!

    Kris (OBS Small Group Leader)

  5. I loved this post. This section of the chapter really stood out to me as well. Your words about paying close attention to which lion we follow really made me think about some of the choices I make.


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