Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Woke up this morning with my head spinning like a top
.... I HATE THAT...
This was my first tweet of the day

It's just that feeling of you can't make it stop.  I just try to keep my head from moving.  Which makes for fun driving into work.  I know I look like I have whip lash or something the way I keep my neck from turning.


 I have turned into Linus

My mom bought us a blanket one year for Christmas
Its a king size blanket

But I've taken it as my own
Its what I HAVE to sleep with every night

& yes, I know its king size - but I'll dare Ricky to touch my blanket
He can have every other blanket on the bed
Just don't touch mine

...hey, the blanket is blue too...
I really am like Linus

(yep... this is about what it's like with me & Bruno)


So this may REALLY be the weekend I pull out my summer clothes

I usually do it at the beginning of May but it's not really been necessary
Today, its just in the 60's

But I know summer is creeping

Goodwill - get ready... I'm sure I'll have 2 or 3 bags full of clothes for you


I'm so weird with necklaces

I love them on people - those big chunky beautiful big ones
& I have a few

But I just can't make myself ever take off my cross
I feel naked without it


Funny of the Day:


TV Time:  Finale Time

Dancing with the Stars:  YES YES YES!!!!!
 That right there makes me have faith in the TV voting population

Nashville:  That finale was probably one of the saddest shows I've ever sat through. Sobriety down the tubes, Paternity revealed, mothers funeral, a CAR CRASH... geez...
where's my Prozac?

Revenge:  FINALLY got to see the finale - It's about time Jack knew the truth.  He has nothing else left to hang onto but Emily... or Amanda... however you want to look at it.  But why did they do that to Declan?  I was mad mad mad.  Mad that they made poor Nolin have to cry like that.

Once Upon a Time:  So Peter Pan is evil... nice!  I love the idea that all these people, Mr. Gold, Regina, with Snow & Charming & Emma - all working together!  Can't wait for next year.

Vampire Diaries:  Can vampires survive a drowning?  They don't breath - right?  But that'll be some awful puckered skin

Scandal:  That's HER DAD????  ... & I held out hope for David Rosen.  Now, can him & Abby finally get together? .... & has Baby Quinn turned into a crazed killer?  Not so sweet anymore, huh?

Arrow: Still have to watch the last 5 episodes... but my dad called & asked, "Where is the show this week?" ... "It was the finale last week dad"... "Oh, that's why it didn't end the way I wanted it to".... now I can't wait to watch it

Elementary:  We have all 25 episodes on our DVR for the summer.  Cant wait to watch it


Hope everyone has a Great Memorial Weekend!


  1. You will like Elementary. Very good.

  2. Have great weekend too! Fridays rock - especially since this is my 4th day substituting this week - looking forwarded to less chaos over the weekend :-) Love that Achilles cartoon..Hope your head stops spinning :-(

  3. We LOVE Once Upon a Time in my house too! And I love that comic - very appropriate. Have the most fabulous weekend!

  4. I wasn't a Declan fan but he sort of was ending up as the voice of sanity. I really don't want to wait all summer to find out what they do to poor Nolan. My boy just cannot survive an inquisition.

  5. I love Nashville! The ending was a doozy! Hope your head stops spinning...that's miserable. Have a great weekend!

  6. Vampire Diaries has me on pins and needles. Didn't see that coming!
    Did you hear there is a new show in the fall called "The Originals"? It is about the Originals from VD. I'm excited about that!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I woke up with my ears ringing this morning - if I'd gotten up right then, wonder if I'd have been dizzy, too? Hope your head leveled out. ;)

    Too funny about the blanket! I have a green one that a friend of mine knit me - it's huge, but it's mine, all mine...Princess Nagger has tried to snag it a few times, but I'm possessive of it. Besides, she has her own - it's smaller, so that's probably why she likes mine better. ;)

    I better get busy on the purging - I'm going to have a TON of clothes to donate before our move - no sense in moving them when I'll never wear them! :)

    That cartoon is hilarious!!

    I was so happy to see that Kellie Pickler won DWTS, even though I don't watch it! :)

    The Nashville finale is on my queue next - can't wait to see what you're talking about...heh! ;)

    I was mad about Declan, too - and glad that Jack FINALLY knows the truth - can't wait until it's back in the fall to see what happens next!

    Wild that Peter Pan is evil, isn't it? I love Once, all the various pieces and Fairy Tales sure work magic. I'm also looking forward to the spin-off as well as Once's return in the fall!

    I was shocked that one dude is Olivia Pope's DAD - so many crazy twists, can't wait until next season!

    Based on your dad's comment, I can't wait to watch the finale of Arrow (also on my queue). :) LOVE that show!

    And ooooh! You are going to LOVE Elementary - I still have to watch the 2 hr season finale (can you tell I'm behind??) :)

    Have an awesome weekend! :)

    Country Stars Shine Bright: Friday Fragments

  8. I have bouts of vertigo at times and I don't know how you can drive! I have to lay face down with my head hanging off the bed! Hope it's gone by now.

    I couldn't believe that was her dad! And Quinn? Shocked!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. The comic strip cracked me up... thanks.


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