Thursday, May 02, 2013


I love this week's tag on our Proverb's 31 Ministry that asks us to note a woman who has impacted my faith & influnced me in my life with God's love.

My goodness...

Immediately, I think of so many...

I think of my Pastor that baptized me.  Brother Jerry, or Bro. J, as we that were the cool kids called him.  His wife, Carol, was always so open hearted & just the ideal Pastor's wife.  She invited our Sunday School of young adults to her home for lunches, so welcoming of us.  The Pastor & his wife never had children of their own, & she always took her love & showered it on the whole congregation... she was amazing...

I think of all the women in my church now that I look up to.  I know the Bible talks of the younger women learning from the older ... & having the older teach in ways of life.  I see that so much in my life already.  There are some women at my church that I see every Sunday - & though they may have years in age - they don't act like "older" women... & they SHINE the love of Jesus.  Always with a hug, always with an encouraging word, always showing love & respect to their husbands, always just showing Jesus' face.... I know I tell Ricky every week about one or more of them, "I want to be just like her when I'm that age" ... oh, the impact these women have... (Toni, Jan, Marilyn - I'm talking to you)

I think of the opposite as well & younger women who also influence me.  My friend Chasity is in her early 20's but teaches me every time I'm around her how the kindness of Jesus works in others lives.  She is willing to do whatever is needed of her in order to serve.  Her heart is made to SERVE & to do it with joy.  I see her young heart that just constantly wants to learn & seek out the Lord in everything she does.  She shares her talents with all... she knows no stranger... she will drive to China if it meant it will make you happy... she'd drive to China twice if it meant it would bring you closer to God.  Her eager heart teaches me more then she knows.

Oh friend... we did have Happy Days together!
I think of my friend Stephanie... the very face of faith.  Faced with a terminal illness, she never faultered in her belief & finding strength in Jesus.  She drew closer to Him, taking us all with her.  Her heart that just wanted to take care of others.  She was facing a battle with her life, but yet, went half way around the world to teach the people in the Phillipines of Jesus working on a Mission trip.
I will never forget her laying in a bed, knowing she only had a few weeks, days, to be on this earth ... & all she wanted to do was spend time with family & friends & WORSHIPPING her Heavenly Father all together... singing... hands raised to sky...
to the end, her faith soared...
to this day, it still touches my heart & teaches me...

Definitely, more then any other, I think of my mother.... the person who has influenced me more then anyone.  I was raised in a church watching both of my parents work & give in their congregation.  I got a front row seat on seeing what it means to have the Bible open all the time - in church & at home. 
I can remember always looking at my mom's Bible & thinking it was the most amazing thing.  Pictures in it, verses marked, notes written.  It was like a magical book.  My mom always reminded me to be very careful when I was holding it... which lent even more to the mystery in this book.  Today, I look at my own Bible & see the way I too have marked things, put notes everywhere & put pictures & cards of those who I love in there. 
I think why my mom is my number one legacy in influencing me, is because I've seen her LIVE.  Life is hard... & always, my mom has a way of knowing God is in control.  She approaches God with humor, but reverance. 
She talks of God with easiness, but love. 
She always had Gospel albums playing on our big stereo that took up half of a wall... the Gaither's or Evie playing on Saturdays during house cleaning.
She showed me how to stand on a chair at a Christian Concert & ROCK OUT!
She always had me cleaned up, headed to Sunday School when I was little.
She cheered me in on every church play or performance while I was a little voice on the stage... wait - who I am I kidding? I never was a 'little' voice on the stage :)

When people ask, "When did you come to know Jesus?" - my answer always has been, "I never came to know Jesus - I always knew he was there my whole life"...

I think that says it all about my mom's legacy...

(For the record, that's also having a God-fearing Father as well... but this is a shout out to women... but similar things could be said of my Father as well!  See - I was blessed with amazing parents)

What it comes down too?  I've had amazing women in my life... A-MAZ-ING!!!
What has that done?  It makes me want to become an amazing woman... it makes me want to leave a legacy for other young women to think of something I have done in their life, taught them, showed them... & I want them, when they think of me, to KNOW, "That Rebecca Jo... she loves Jesus"


  1. Oh, this was a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing. What wonderful women you have had in your life. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman.

    Jennifer N
    OBS Teaching/Exec. Team

  2. I too have had a most amazing mom that left me her legacy.... to know God. Thank you for sharing the women in your life with us.

  3. Oh girl, you know that's how I feel about YOU and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) XOXOXO

  4. I don't know you in "real life", but I know without a doubt that knowing you in the "bloggy world", your life radiates Jesus all the time. I have never doubted since I "met" you that you love Jesus with all your heart!

  5. Let's do lunch! Kay? And we can chit-chat about the younger women who (I could say with 100% certainty) are far wiser and kinder than I and have taught me so much! And your mother sounds like an amazing woman. Love that you gave that little shout out to your dad, too.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader)

  7. As I was reading this, I was thinking you are already an amazing woman! I learned about Jesus at the feet of my parents too and what a wonderful thing! To have always known Jesus......I'm not sure I always appreciated that....but I sure do now!

    It's a process going from being a young Christian woman to one of the older ones.....I hope I'm half the influence as those you talked about!

  8. Oh girl,
    I would describe you as "a Jesus Lover!"
    And Feirce!
    And My Firey Red-Headed Friend!
    An Amazing Wife!
    A devoted follower of Truth
    A Faithful Prayer Warrior!
    And A Seeker of all things Heavenly!!

    Yep, I love ya ~~ :)

  9. What a humbling vote of respect and confidence you find in these women who love YOU so much.You are an amazing advocate for the serving and for the love of Jesus that you pour out in so much of your young life.Writing,teaching, and running in the obedience of the written word of God seems to be your driving force.In all you do,you honor God .I am the one blessed and honored to learn with you how our lives can be, living in God's will for us.May He continue to bless us all.Much Love,Toni


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