Thursday, May 09, 2013

Plugged in...

In this week's blog hop, one of the questions posed to us was "What is one way you plug into God?"

First, I love how that's worded...

Plugged in... that's where you get your energy... where you recharge when you are worn out & can't go on... when you are ready to fade out...

So what do I do?

Well of course, I'm doing this online Bible Study... what a cool way to be involved.  If you have never done one with Proverbs 31 Ministries, you really should think about it on the next one. is the site where we've been 'meeting' & every day, you get an email if you prefer with a devotion, or a thought, or an assignment.  There's a Facebook page where there is constant connection.  There is a Pinterest page that takes points of each chapter & turns into a cute little picture that you can use for your blog, or to print & put in your Bible... which I have done.  I have already made some blog friends through this - amazing women who love Jesus...

the world is so small through the internet

But what else do I do to plug in?

I'm also a big Beth Moore Bible study fan.  I just finished the study on "James" & have two more I just purchased & waiting to start.  I love these because they are so deep & easy enough to do on my own... though I have done them with a Bible study group & is equally amazing.  I'm not just saying that because during those meetings, home made food was always involved :)

I also love the ease of phones.  I have 2 different devotional apps.  One is "Our Daily Bread" - which I can remember my parents getting when I was young.  There was always a book for each month laying around the house.  Now, its right there online.  & even more so, in the palm of your hand.

I will also listen to sermons online... Steven Furtick - probably one of my favorites.
You can watch his sermon's on his website:
I want to go to Elevation church so badly one day....

But probably one of the biggest things for me is Christian music.  (I accidentally typed "Christmas" music... that made me laugh)
There really is nothing that speaks to my soul like music.

I always say I can't even run unless music is pumping in my head because it goes straight to my heart... even more so with Christian music.

I've been known to run down the street getting my miles in with my hands in the air, praising Jesus with every step.

So I'm thankful for Christian radio stations that speak to my heart all day long... with devotionals even for commericals. 
Wally is the best Christian DJ around!  So glad his radio show is on in the morning... nothing like a Christian dude with a funny sense of humor!

Its really been mentioned a lot at our church lately how we need to make sure we know how to feed ourselves.  That if we are coming to church to have someone take a spoon & put it in our mouths, then there's a problem.  We have to be able to know how to pick up the spoon ourselves, have food on it & put it down our own throats... take care of our nutrition...

Believe me - one thing this chubby girl knows how to do... is feed myself :)

& I love feeding myself with the things of God...

it never gets old to me.. it makes me smile to open my Bible daily & see what new things I'm going to learn.

Every day, I find something I didn't know was in the Bible...
Every day, I WANT to find something new...
Every day, I NEED to hear God speaking to my heart

.....recharging me

What do you do to get plugged into God?

Any great preachers or sites that I need to know about?

What's the best Bible Study you've ever done?


  1. "I've been known to run down the street getting my miles in with my hands in the air, praising Jesus with every step."

    Me too!! I love to run to praise music!

    Oh and I just loved your positive fun way of explaining how we need to be feeding on the Word! It is a great visual picture for me!

    I am just loving my day off today, studying and blog hopping away.

    Thank you for sharing! -

  2. Thank you so much for this! I read through the Bible with Mom's Toolbox and it helped me so much! Being accountable is a big motivator for me and a group of like minded women will keep me accountable!

    Love that woman stuffing her face. I probably look like that when I'm eating! :)

  3. My favorite so far is Beth Moore's, "Believing God". Changed my life. Made me realize the difference between just believing in God and really believing God.

  4. I am definitely going to check out that Bible study you mentioned. I think I'd really enjoy it! I follow a devotional, which I love, called "Jesus Calling". It's written in such a way where I can really relate. I did a Martha Peace study called "The Excellent Wife" good! Ok...that woman cramming food in her mouth is just hilarious! I could watch her all day long!:)

  5. I loved this post! The picture of you stuffing your mouth added a cute touch. Yes, self-feeding is so imperative for me to grow. I get lazy sometimes and boy, do I ever suffer for that. I enjoy many of the same thing you do - love Elevation network and I gotten Our Daily Bread for many years. The thing that helps me most is prayer and that's another thing that I have to watch not to let slip.
    Love and prayers,
    Barbara (OBS small group leader)

  6. Never caught that "plugged in" remark associating it with getting our energy. Very perseptive of you.

    I also read the Daily Bread and recall my parents doing the same. Did the Beth Moore studies on David and James. LOVED them!!!!!

    I walk my dogs about three miles every day and that gives me a chance to slow down and enjoy the awesome scenery around me and reminds to praise and thank the Lord.

    There are so many ways we can connect with God every day. There's just no excuse for not doing so.

  7. God led my husband and I to a church several years ago. I followed my husbands lead on this one. God was teaching me a lesson to allow my husband to be the spiritual leader in our home (so many of us want it, but don't allow it). It was a small church and I remember thinking "God, I don't see where I'll get fed here." I had a visual of a fat baby sitting in a high chair and heard God tell me, "You've been fed for a very long time, it's time to get out of that chair and feed others." What a wake up call that was. That church was instrumental in teaching me to serve others. Not to mention after an out of state move and many years later, they are still family to us and we visit whenever we get the chance.

    There comes a time where we need to get out of our selfish mode of feed me, take care of me, help me (even if we are still needing those things). We need to look at where we can be a tool of God and help to take care of others, help others and feed others, both physically and spiritually,

    Thanks for the visual and down to earth definitions.

    God's Blessings on you
    Mindy Howell
    The Howell Blessings

  8. i had no idea they had bible studies online...what a great way to get plugged in for those busy times of life when it's hard finding time to commit to a group one.

  9. I agree with Cathy...Believing God is an amazing online study!! I also loved Daniel!

    Blog that also has a book club. They read books (such as Angie Smith!!) and then have little video discussion and blog posts. I just love it for some inspiration!

  10. Girl, I can just picture how enthusiastically you get those miles in with your hands raised high! What a joyous image. And, the three ending sentences just fired me right up!!!


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