Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Ten Tidbits

1.  Gearing up for a wedding this weekend.  Its almost like gearing up for a marathon.  No joke!  I have to check my equipment, get everything together, make a plan on how the day is going to go.... even have to get nutritious snacks to make it through the day.  I'll be on my feet from 9:00am until about 10:00pm ... this could be even WORSE then a marathon

2.  If Kellie Pickler doesn't win Dancing with the Stars, something is wrong. If Jacoby wins, I'm throwing my fringe pants in the garbage.

3. I have to lay on that decompression table for 25 minutes, 3 times a week.  They always tell me, this is 25 minutes to relax & have time to myself.... except for the part where time for myself is pulling my spine with 60 lbs. of weight.  The doctor asked me yesterday, "Do you have a hard time relaxing?" ... I didn't even notice, but my leg was tapping & shaking while they were setting me up.  I don't have 25 minutes to lay down on my back... I have a wedding to gear up for!  I lay on that table with my arms in the air, holding my phone, catching up on emails & texts... & an occasional Ruzzle game. 

4. Our yellow lab, Buffy, didn't eat last night... or this morning.  I always get nervous when the dogs don't eat.  She'll be 11 years old in August... that's getting up there for Labs ... it always makes me sick to my stomach to think of something happening to my dogs :(  She didn't even want a treat this morning... or even run at the word "ball" ... something's not right with my baby.  I want to throw up.

5.  Finished reading "The Great Gatsby"... authors in the past knew how to take one sentence & tell a story all in itself.  Thank goodness for my Kindle where I could just tap a word & get the definition.  I's must bees stupid.

6.  I actually have 4 hours of the Royal wedding coverage of Prince William & Kate on my DVR.  I can't bring myself to delete it.  If DVR was around when Princess Di was getting married, I'd still have that one too...

7.  Its in the middle of May & I have yet to change my closet over.  Yesterday morning, there was still frost warnings.  But it's gonna slam down this week I think.  High's in the 80's... maybe it'll be time to pull out my shorts.

8. Still haven't watched the season finale of "Once Upon a Time" & "Revenge" ... ugh!  I need my DVR set up in the chiropractor's office while I'm on that table.

9.  Got my latest "Vegetarian Times" magazine in the mail yesterday... my only downfall with that magazine?  Half of the ingredients?  I've never even HEARD of, nor know how to pronounce, must less know where to GET the ingredients.  I may not be renewing this one.

10.  We took Sydney to my parents yesterday.  We always thought she would bark & go crazy seeing the horses.  She's a 'herder' & I thought for sure she'd want to get in that fence & tell them where to go.  She went up to the gate though & put her front paws on it & lifted herself up, while one of the horses leaned his head over & they touched noses... I can't believe no one had a camera around... it was the cutest thing ever. 

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  1. HA! You're so right - getting ready for a wedding is definitely worse than getting ready for a marathon. ;)

    I would go crazy having to lay on a decompression table for any extended length of time. :)

    So sorry about Buffy - I hope she ends up OK. It's so hard when they age since they are a part of the family.

    I need to read The Great Gatsby again - it's been years since I did. :)

    You sound like me - my DVR has stuff saved on it from Christmas. Princess Nagger has figured out how it works and has a bunch of her own stuff saved, too - and won't let me delete any of them. ;)

    We're in the 'in between' stage, too - I thought I was done with the winter wear until it decided to be freezing this morning. :)

    I won't spill the beans on the finales of Once and Revenge - just one word 'awesome'. And I can't wait until they come back next season! :)

    Awwww! The horse touching your doggy's nose had to be adorable! They'll be fast friends. ;)


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