Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Whew... it was a doozy... but fun & hectic & left me with a sore right quad... but it's all good


* Had to leave work early to go wait for delivery of some lenses.  I tried a new place where you could rent camera lenses online & they mail them to you & you mail them back after your assigned time.  Nice....  Now, to debate if its worth doing this, or driving out of my way to pick up & take back lenses from a local camera shop in Louisville.  It's about an hour trip out & back each way... but you have to be there to sign for the lenses if you go the online route, so I'll have to decide which one is better before my next wedding in June.

* Gearing up for the wedding... thank goodness I got a larger car when I bought one in August.  Its like I was going on vacation

* On the hunt for umbrellas in case of rain... do you know how hard it is to find nice, plain, black umbrella's?... you'd be surprised.  (When you see them in the store now, think of me)


* Woke up at 5:30am ... when I wanted to sleep till 7 because I knew the day would be long & hard... but that's how it works out when nerves are cranked on high

* Rain in the forecast... but we can't have that on a wedding... turns out, not one drop fell on the bride & groom :)

* My GPS bites... the directions to take me to a hair salon?  Took me to a subdivision that was like 2 blocks from the actual location... that (Thank you baby Jesus) I stumbled on while trying to find my way out of the neighborhood.  The address was like 315 - the place it took me was like 5891 ... really?

* It's always so much fun hanging with the bridesmaids at the beginning of the day, getting to know them & their personalities. 

* Groomsmen are always the coolest guys on a wedding day ... they don't stress about hair, makeup, heels... they're always just relaxed & ready for a good time.  Makes it easier when doing the groom's pictures

* I still get breathless when I see wedding gowns

* One of the lenses I rented was so heavy, I couldn't even bear it ... I had to switch out with my second shooter.  She's 18 years younger then me... she's not phased.

* No one has any idea how hard wedding photography is... we are on our feet from 9am until 10pm... & I had one bottle water, a banana & a fruit roll up - the entire day.... & I think I peed once.  It's honestly harder on a body then I think racing a marathon.

* Walked in the door at the end of the night & honestly collapsed in the Hubs arms... another wedding completed


* OH MY GOSH... I'm so freaking old.  My right quad was so stiff from all the bending in pictures the day before.  Told you that its harder then racing :)

* Church time...

* Didn't feel so bad when my second shooter told me her legs were sore too...

* Youth Lunch... some of the youth leaders went out to lunch together.  We went to a Mexican restaurant that has been in the area for about 10 years... we've never ate there.  Talk about branching out! 

* Off to Kohl's to take advantage of my 30% off coupon... except couldn't find diddly squat.  What is the deal with summer shirts this year?  They all have these weird tropical prints that look like a 90 yr old woman's night gown.  I'm in trouble if that's the style this year.  Big ugly prints don't look good on me.... I just walked out with new bathroom rugs. 

* Traditional Target Trip ... gotta happen at least once a weekend (It was actually my 3rd trip for the weekend after the search for Umbrella's at 2 other Target's on Friday)

* Headed back to the Natural Food store so I could get some protein powder.  I'm in desperate need of protein, I think.  I struggle every day to get HALF of the required amount of protein. Found a vegan kind that I just saw reviewed on Friday... & it was on sale.  So at the health food store, that discount still means it was expensive as heck.

* Holy Summer Batman! ... the heat & humidity came out of no where... it was close to 90 degrees- will be today as well.  Wasn't expecting Summer to hit so fast.

* ... & the work is ON... time to upload pictures & start editing.  That will be my world for the next few weeks....

* Celebrity Apprentice finale... I was bummed.  I wanted Penn to win, but knew they couldn't bring Trace to the finale again & not let him win.  I think both big guys were awesome finalist though.  & Donald Trump will freaks me out... & Ivanka Trump always puts me in a trance when she talks.  Her face doesn't hardly move at all when she speaks - notice that?

* Did I mention how tough weddings are? :)

I survived the weekend - sore & tired.... but got to spend an important day with 2 people.  That's always such an honor & blessing I don't take for granted.

(Don't you love I talked about photography through this whole thing & don't post any pictures?)

Here's to a good week!

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  1. I agree with you on the summer clothes! I was at Kohl's last week and had no luck!


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