Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

* Stopped into Target Friday to pick up a baby shower gift & saw my best friend from childhood, through High school, through young adult... So incredible seeing her.  When I run into her, I forget how much I miss her.  She knows me like no other.. I'm determined to not loose touch with her again. 

* Almost got in a fight with a Wal-Mart employee... that's always fun.  No joke, this lady was chasing me & Ricky down for loading up a yard swing on our own - because NO HELP WAS ANYWHERE.  She literally ran after us, YELLED at us in front of everyone that we are "NOT TO TOUCH THE CART"... how are we supposed to move it?  With our minds? ... the cashier apologized to us & said this lady has been written up many times for her attitude with customers.  When she pushed me out of the way of touching the cart, I told her, "The manager will be coming to talk to you in about 5 minutes, because that's how long its going to take for me to make a phone call" - the manager said, "I know exactly who you're talking about & I apologize - she's not the best in customer service"... I normally don't call on people.  I get people have bad days.. but really?  Some people just don't need to work in public service places.

* Ricky had to work Saturday morning - know what that means?  No, not that I get to sleep in - I always wake up when he leaves.  It means I get my house cleaned up.  I can always clean it so much better when he's not around.  There has to be a scientific reason why that happens.

* Went for a run & it was in the 50's & chilly... Spring is just fighting to get warmth in it

* Went to a baby shower... the cutest little touches in this shower.  Chocolate moustaches - moustaches on the straws - even little blue earrings for gifts for the attendees.  Not to mention chocolate covered kiwi & chocolate covered bananas.  AND they even had Vegan food... it was the most amazing baby shower ever

* Headed out to take pictures of some prom kiddos... beautiful... the dresses these girls wear now?  Simply amazing

* Then headed down to ANOTHER photo session.  Engagement.... of a young lady that was in my youth group while she was heading into the 'grown up years' of college... now she's engaged.  & I just love her fiancĂ©.  They are really a perfect pair together.  I will say too, Logan has became my #1 photo guy... he was just comfortable with Brittany & it made for the best pictures. 

* Being on my feet all day, I got a big ole blister on my big toe.. never fun...

* Talk on Dating & relationships in small group for middle school... Its so cute when I ask if they've ever had a crush on someone, all those hands go up... but when you ask them more details about the opposite sex, it's just a giggle fest.  It was a real eye opening conversation for me really.

* Mother's Day!  Yipee... got to spend time with my momma for awhile.  Ricky went & visited his momma... being over 30 minutes away from her, he went on his own so I could spend more time with my mom.  Always love when I can just take time to spend with my family.

My parents on my mom's new yard swing...

Found this video in a store & knew I had to get it for my Wizard of Oz loving mom

* I was so blessed with surprises on Mother's Day... balloons, flowers & a card & gift card from Ricky from the doggies :) ... a surprise gift from Julie, Steve & the boys... & even got a card & candy from Ryan & Chasity.  The card made me ugly cry.  You know those are good cards :) ... Thankful for all the amazing people God put in my life.

* It was COLD on Mother's Day... brrr...

* Big night for Finales on Sunday... Once Upon a Time... Revenge... I had to DVR those - I'm all about Survivor!!!  What a season it's been.

Hope everyone had a great weekend... & didn't get in any fights with Wal-Mart employees :)


  1. I stayed up extra late to watch Revenge. Hurry and watch it so I don't spoil anything.

  2. That Walmart employee needs a good firing. There are many unemployed folks with nice personalities who could easily take over! You scored some nice mother's day stuff from the dogs!! I got a "Happy Mother's Day" - but the fact that my 17 year old remembered on his own made it sweet :)

  3. Well you certainly had a busy weekend! Sounds like fun. I can't wait to watch the Season Finale of Revenge!


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