Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dog teaching about God...

I'm sure there is a book somewhere that talks about how much they learn about God through their dogs...

but I haven't read it :)

I just know having a puppy, I see things in him that have taught me & showed me things about the Master/obeying relationship...

Or lack thereof... because let's face it... puppies WANT to obey their master... but they just can't... too much to do...

I'll get to that in a second...

Let's just look at some things I've noticed

Presence of the Master..... Harvey just wants to be with us... when we confine him to a certain area of the house & go to another room for a few minutes, he just cries & cries... why?  Because he wants us to be with him. We don't have to sit & hold him all the time - he just wants to know we're there.  He just wants to be in our presence.  I think it makes him feel safer to know we're right there close by....
I know there is a peace when I can feel God's presence near me as well.  A sense of comfort that nothing else can duplicate.

* Don't hurt the Master....Harvey wants to rough house, but if you whine out like he's hurt you - he stops immediately.  He knows he's not supposed to hurt us.  I think the instinct is strong in dogs to "not bite the hand that feeds you". ....
I have to stop sometimes & think of the things I do or say in a day & think,  does that hurt God?  There is a song by Ray Boltz from years ago that says, "Do you still feel the  nails, every time I fail?" ... when you think about how your actions hurt Him, it makes you stop & rethink things.  Its just taking that time to think about it.

* Hard to stay focused on commands.....Harvey is learning his commands so well already.  Sit, stay, lay, shake... getting them down pretty darn good for a puppy... but its so hard some days.  So much to see, so much to do with other dogs walking around... its hard to focus completely on what we're asking him to do... distracting.
I know some days, I get distracted by things going on... not paying attention to the things God tells me to do.

* Telling Him where to go? .... Harvey is an Aussie - which is a herding dog.  Its their instinct.  He will walk in front of us trying to show us where he wants us to go.  When we tell him to "move" & we take control & show him where we're going, he fights it for a little bit, but then he sees we're not leading him anywhere bad.  His instinct is strong though... he wants to be the leader...
Yeah - this one is obvious... don't we all have that instinct?  I want to be the one who leads the way because I know what's best!  Right?... so wrong... Then we see that where God leads us, he'll lead us through it... so scary to give up control, even when our instincts tells us not to.

* Just Rest... Harvey is a puppy... full of energy.. full of pep & always ready to go go go... but if he sees you sitting down on the floor, or even better, if you LAY down on the ground, he'll leave all the toys behind & come running to just sit in your lap, or snuggle next to you & will even just bury his face into a part of your body & just rest... you can feel his body totally relaxing... just in time to JUMP UP FOR MORE PLAY!!!
I need that more often now that I'm older & life comes with more problems & aches & pains & issues.. I need to just sit & relax with my Master... rejuvenate, get that energy back to tackle what life has in store...

* Rescued!!!!.... the last one that I just remembered that is the MOST IMPORTANT... We rescued Harvey... I don't even want to think what would have happened if we didn't rescue his sweet little face.  I always say that animals KNOW when they've been rescued & respond differently to owners.  They have a gratitude.  If you have a rescue animal, you understand.  .... I know I've been rescued & I have an attitude of gratitude... more then anything else in my life, I have that appreciation.

I'm sure as Harvey grows, he's going to continue to show us more about a Master/Obeying relationship... & I pray God just teaches me with every lick of the face


Just because... I always love this video...


  1. What a beautiful post. So very true. We hope to get a new puppy around Christmas. Hopefully it will be a reminder of God's love for me as yours has been for you.

  2. So does this mean you are keeping him? He's awfully cute.

  3. Good lesson indeed!
    (and oh my he ever adorable!!)

  4. How do you always seem to post exactly what my heart needs to hear? Thank you so much! Your sweet puppy is simply the cutest ever!

  5. first....he is SO stinkin' cute!!!

    you know I have a heart for Aussie's!

    and thanks for posting that song...loved that too!


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