Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend... Catching Fire & then holed up...


* YES YES YES... Catching Fire... it was everything I wanted it to be.   Just reading the book the week before (again) - I had the story & details fresh in my mind.  I was super impressed how well the movie followed the book.  Of course, things are left out & little things changed in some little bit - but it was spot on.  The last few lines?  The exact ones from the book... LOVED IT!!!!  I'm trying to figure out when I can go see it again!... & am dying now for Mockingjay!!!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) Poster

* Ricky, not knowing how it would end, was sitting angry in his seat when the movie was over.  He is not patient in waiting.  We were 2 mixed people. I was literally pumping my fists in the air with excitement over loving it & he was sitting with his arms crossed going, WHAT?  WHAT WAS THAT?

* Since we were gone during the evening, & had to pen Harvey up, I stayed up late to let him run around for awhile before putting him back in his kennel for bed.  I hadn't seen David Letterman in forever.  Pretty funny!  Also caught up on Scandal... oh my word... note to self:  chew my wrists to pieces if I ever need to get out of a holding cell


* Vet appointment... again... Bruno had another shot to get.  I have been at the vet every week since September... & have to go back one more time for Harvey next week ... final shots... thank goodness!

* Went to a local Christmas bizarre our little town has every year with my daddy.  If I knew I would see half of the people I knew in the world there, I would have gone in something other then my 'vet clothes' - the clothes you wear to the vet that you don't care gets dog hair all over it.  Jeans that are baggy & stained.... a sweat shirt that is 4 times too big & makes me look like an 80's rap member... & of course, no make up & horrible hair.  Of COURSE, that's how you look when you see people.

* Time to break out the Christmas tree & all the decorations....

* UGH!! This tree is 1 year old & the bottom row of lights wont come on.  I have a 2 year warranty on this tree... guess this tree is going back to the store when it comes down at the end of the year. 

* I was exhausted at the end of the day... putting up Christmas trees & all the loading & unloading of totes?  Who needs to run a marathon?


* We didn't have youth group because of Thanksgiving & Ricky has hurt his leg & hip so we just stayed home.  The dogs were happy.


* Just lounged all day long... worked on some picture stuff... caught up on some Elementary episodes... a cold lazy day...

* Decided to make the day productive & changed my closet over.  I have never waited this long to pull out my sweaters, but needed to go through my stuff & see how fat I've gotten what doesn't fit anymore.  Its officially sweater weather... (its 22 degrees right now, I'd call that sweater weather)

* While working on my closet, I put on Enchanted... in my top 5 Disney movies.  Ricky had never seen it. I forced him to sit & watch it... success!  He liked it.  No sitting with his arms crossed screaming WHAT? like Catching Fire :)

* Did my nails with these stick on things from Avon... they were super easy to put on.  I'm anxious to see how long they last.  I keep hearing they can last for a week or two.  I'd be happy with that.  If so, I'll buy 10 dozen of them.  I actually just bought something similar from a friend's Jamberry Nail party... I may never actually paint my nails again!

* AMA's ... I'll say a few things. 
Lady Gaga is a weirdo but has an amazing voice. 
One Direction won me over with their song. 
Taylor Swift STILL gets on my nerves. 
Luke Bryan singing live make me think he can't sing at all... was that just a bad song for him? 
I'm obsessed with the song "Say Something" right now
What was with all the Spanish?  I felt so left out...
Miley Cyrus and the cat from Shrek with the sad eyes... ok... better then twerking teddy bears

It was a laid back weekend, which I hadn't had in a LONG time... it felt nice...
Hope everyone had a great weekend... gearing up for Thanksgiving... & the official start of the Holidays! (I can't believe it)


  1. Of course if you run out looking less than your best, you will see tons of people you know. Always happens to me too.

    And laid back weekends are nice breaks once in a while.

  2. We are going to Catching Fire today and we are both looking forward to it! We're hitting an afternoon show so it shouldn't be so crowded!

    And I like your tree! Very pretty! :)

  3. Can NOT wait to see Catching Fire this weekend...had to wait for my kiddos to get home! One of my friends said it was very obvious in the theatre who had read the book and who hadn't!! :)

  4. Your nails look so cute! I want to try those strips but I get scared I'll mess it up and they can be so expensive!!! I'm already ready to see it AGAIN! haha :)

  5. I want to see that movie SO bad! Just not enough hours in the day :) I might read the book again on vacation and then watch it when I come back so it's fresh in my mind!!

  6. I loved the movies. I was in shock when it ended because I was so into it and it has me wanting so much more.........

    I'm working on my trees but the other decorations will go up after Thanksgiving. I love the movie "Enchanted" but haven't seen it in awhile but recently bought it. Time to watch it!!!

  7. I've heard that movie is AMAZING!! I haven't seen the first one or read the books. Yes, I live under the rock.

    I love your nails. I got mine shellac-ed today for the first time. I LOVE THEM!!! My local little tan shop has a nail lady and she was running a special for the three days before Thanksgiving, so I took advantage of that deal. I LOVE THEM!! Have I said that?

    My Christmas decorations are still in the attic. I'm gonna assume my epic whining will start happening soon, as my days of climbing attic latters are long since past.

    I love you friend ~~ hope you have a Blessed, SHORT work week!!

  8. We are planning to see CATCHING FIRE too; glad to hear you weren't disappointed. We loved seeing HUNGER GAMES and I too was impressed with how close it was too the book. We loved it!

  9. I love the Disney decorations! So cute!

    We just saw Catching Fire on Friday... my husband and I both loved it, but we also had read the books. I could see why it would be disappointing for anyone who hadn't read the books yet!


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