Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday ... vlogging like I'm Oprah...

Today for my Five on Friday, I went Oprah style... naming some of my favorite things...

You'll have to tell me if you like any of these... & what am I missing out on, what I MUST KNOW!  Give me a new favorite!

1. FitBit ....

2. Camera Bag from Amazon ... I need to take pictures to show you all the room inside!  Its fantastic!  Even has a place to carry a tripod on the side!!!

They've actually DROPPED the price!!! $29.99 ... SCORE!! Snag up people!

3. Steven Curtis Chapman CD ... CD comes with no Kermit the Frog voices... :)

One of my pictures ... from the FURTHEST PLACE from the stage!  That's what we get for being late...

One of my pictures from the FURTHEST PLACE EVER from the stage from the concert last week

4. Happy Herbivore Meal Plans - Click "Get Meal Plans"

5.  Fingerless Gloves... if you can get home made ones... ones out of Alpaca... you will never want to take them off...

Linking up with Ashten & other awesome Vloggers today!!

Always Ashten


  1. I just got to see Steve Curtis Chapman last night...from the THIRD row!! What a wonderful concert!! And I was just as excited to hear Jason Grey and Laura Story!!! I didn't want it to end!!!

  2. These are some awesome favorite things! I've been eying a fit but for awhile!

    Mister Harvey is not enjoying the fact that your attention is not on him! :)

    Thank you for linking up with us! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have put the Fit Bit on my Christmas list!! :)

  4. I think it is the talking to thin air that drives puppies AND small children NUTS! Ha ha. Love the new vlog. Love you too! Guess what? Jesus loves us both! Have a delightful day and cheers for the weekend!!

  5. I've actually thought about getting a fitbit. I need to start tracking myself so I hold myself accountable. A lot of people I know have them and love them (they had a program at our work to help people get "healthy" and whatnot). This was fun! Good idea! :)


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