Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Ally McBeal

I was listening to the radio this morning driving in & my all time favorite Christmas Song, O Holy Night came on... & by the best singer of the song... Josh Groban.

I love Josh Groban... always have... & I remembered when I first saw him.  Anyone else remember when he made his appearance as a high school guy on the show Ally McBeal?  He wanted to sing... & no one knew how good he could sing until he went on the stage... & everyone in America instantly fell in love with him... & they even brought him back for ANOTHER show. 

Dang YouTube won't allow for any of the footage of those scenes... I guess because Josh became too famous...

(the song that started it all)

Oh my gosh... I loved that show... Ally McBeal was my TV-Crack years ago.

It had funny but moving story lines...

It had love triangles

It had MUSIC!!!! ... I remember going out at lunch the DAY the soundtrack of the show came out.  All the songs by Vonda Shepard!  Her voice was amazing... how did she not get more famous?

Side note:  We still need more music shows.  ... by the way, I'm still in depression that Pushing Daisies was canceled... yet another incredible whimsy show with musical breakout moments...

Ally McBeal had Lucy Liu as a scary lawyer/judge before her Charlie Angel's days....

It had Portia de Rossi before she was Mrs. DeGeneres ...

It brought the term "Lollipop" as a body shape when Portia & Calista lost so much weight, their bodies didn't look like it would hold their heads up....

It had Peter MacNicol with the most awesome toilet flusher ever....

Let's stop & take note of the 3 most awesome guys EVER... dancing... in a bathroom

It has all things Barry White & Al Green...

It had Jane Krakowski in all her musical ability. Another talent that is amazing.  Loved she used it on 30 Rock all the years later.

It had Robert Downey Jr. as a love interest?  Come on.. it don't get better then that...
He even sang on there.... (My heart melted again)

Excuse the subtitles... & keep an eye out for PEE WEE HERMAN!!!!

If you look at the cast list, it had BIG stars on it...
Hayden Panettiere,  Jon Bon Jovi, Taye Diggs, James Marsden, Christina Ricci, Anne Heche ... when she was Mrs. DeGeneres....

& how can I not say it, it had a dancing naked baby... tell me what other show ever had that?

Best lines from the show I still remember:

"Repugnant!" - The Biscuit
"Bygones" - Richard Fish
"I need to take a moment" - The Biscuit
"Fishism" - Richard Fish
"I'm troubled" - The Biscuit

I'm still waiting for a dance moment with my coworkers in the bathroom all these years later

Man, I miss that show...

Anyone else an Ally McBeal fan? 


  1. Here you go:

    LOVED this show!!

  2. I loved Ally McBeal! I want to start the series over!

  3. I miss this show much. I didn't even fully realize how much until I read this post. Now I want to go out and find every season on dvd so I can binge watch it over and over again.

    We do need more quirky, musical shows. And I liked Pushing Daisies, too.

  4. I used to watch it sometimes - never really got into it that much. But I listened to an audio book that Peter MacNichol narrated once (Beach Music)& it was the best - he was so good! I need to see if he's narrated any more - it might not even matter what the book is about. Ha!


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