Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend wrapup


* we had a bonfire/hayride for the Youth Kiddos... BRRRR!!! It got down in the 40's that night.  The hot dog buns had frost on them.  Good thing I don't eat hot dogs

* Frost on chocolate gets warmed up quick with toasty smores... yum!

* I WOULD HAVE FREAKED OUT!!!!!... the kids went on the hayride.  They came back - some screaming - some laughing.  They found on the path, a cow that had given birth & the it didn't go well.  The calf was stuck & had died... the mom was suffering.  They had to obviously cut the hayride short so the owners could get back to help the mom.  If I was on the hayride, I would be in some sort of fetal position STILL having nightmares.

* I bought a wool jacket at the rodeo about 20 years ago... hardly ever wear it.  I had it on that cold night & was comfortably warm.  Its hideously ugly... but good to know now how warm it keeps me!


*Ricky had to work ... so I was greeted with this... 4 faces letting me know it was time to get up & give some treats...

* We have one snuggle baby that just likes to be held when he's sleepy... I don't mind one bit...
This is going to be fun when he's 40 lbs
* Worked on a Photoshop experiment.  The groom wanted an "Avenger" look to a picture.  I made the orchard the wedding was on look like an Nuclear bomb hit it :)  Hope it likes it.  It was my first attempt at something totally different... kinda proud of it...

* It was a beautiful fall day... perfect for a Senior Photo session... I am loving this girl's pictures because she has the most beautiful red hair... the same kind of red hair I pay good money for :)

* Got home just in time to get cleaned up & head right back out... Les Miserables at the local high school.  Not just any high school (I mentioned this in my vlog Friday) - they won the Best High School Theater in the Midwest!! That's impressive.  They really are top notch.  The play didn't disappoint either.

* One oops moment though... Jean Valjean missed a whole SCENE ... where Fantine DIES!! AWKWARD!!!  ... poor Fantine.  She kept singing her part.  What to do?  But when he came out at the part she just died, he was limping - BAD!! The scene before, he had run off the set - I wonder if he tripped & twisted his ankle or something?  Someone said, "He literally broke a leg"... kudos for a Broadway wish reference!

* I saw this in the lobby... almost fainted... already plotting how to just sneak in & wear the dress whenever I want...


* Youth Time... these kids always make a day better

* Only time I had all weekend to run out & do some errands... & by errands, I mean buy more dog food & dog toys for Harvey

* I had to run by Old Navy to take a pair of jeans I bought on line back... the whole store was 30% off... I wanted to go buck wild shopping... but know Christmas is around the corner...Christmas involves needing money (sadly)

* No more Peach Green Tea Lemonade at Starbucks... I don't get it. They still have Green Tea Lemonade.  They have different flavors like Raspberry & Peppermint.  They can't keep Peach in?  ... I'm depressed...

* Home to edit pictures... & by the time we got home, the sun was already set & it was dark.  I hate Daylight Savings Time.

* End my night trying to wear Harvey out so he'll sleep through the night in his kennel... its a job someone has to do...



  1. That's so sad on the cow ... hope she's ok.

    Awww, I wouldn't mind snuggling with Harvey either ... although not so much when he's fully grown. ;-)

  2. I always love reading about your weekend's non-stop activity! Love what you did for the groom...well done, my friend! The senior picture you took is nothing short of brilliant! I just love your creativity! Aww...your sweet little fur baby. Makes me long for another puppy!

  3. Awww... so sad about the cow :'( Sound like YOU had a good weekend though! :)

  4. Poor mama cow, hope she's ok! Your pups are so adorable and I just love the look when they're waiting for a treat!

    That photo is great!


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