Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Wrapup... is it Spring?


* Started on my load of laundry that is about the size of a small mountain.  You are officially old when you have memories of going out on Friday nights but now huff & puff carrying laundry up & down the stairs for entertainment instead.

* DVR Catch up... I really love "The Goldberg's" & "Trophy Wife" ... I always fear liking new comedies because they very rarely last anymore.

* Fell asleep on the couch watching TV & woke up to find Harvey snuggled up on the couch next to me.  I had to take him out to potty before I put him in his kennel.  He was so tired, I literally carried him in the yard & he just collapsed & wouldn't move.  I want someone to carry me to the bathroom when I'm that tired...

Look at those white eyelashes


* No sleeping in on weekends for awhile. Harvey is used to getting up & out of his kennel at 4:30 thanks to Ricky's early bird ways & early work schedule.  So Saturday is no different for him.  There goes the weekend Saturday sleep.

* Headed to do a family photo session... it was a perfectly overcast day... always my favorite.

* Headed to the pet store to try & find a bowl to slow Harvey down.  He is a MANIAC on the dance floor while eating... This is how we've had to feed him to slow him down.  It's bitter sweet because this is also how we had to feed Buffy. 

I ended up getting a bowl that has slots in it... still doesn't slow him down all that well.  Back to throwing the food on the floor.

* Ricky ordered pizza for me to pick up while I was out... but called me & said, "The lady that took our order sounded like death"... no way... nuh-uh... not touching my pizza.  I told him to call & cancel & I'd pick up something else.  I know people have germs making my food all the time, but I don't want to know about it.

* Ricky & I had a movie night - we used to do that every weekend but with pictures keeping me busy every Saturday since August 1 (wow) we haven't had time.  But finally snuck in a movie... Grown Ups 2 ... We determined that Adam Sandler has movements & actions that is just like my brother.

Grown Ups 2 (2013) Poster

* Having a movie night while trying to watch a puppy isn't easy.  Ended up with lots of bones around me & switching them out to keep him entertained & in the room with us.

* Started editing pictures & noticed that the puppy was awful quiet... ahh, good puppy.  Nope. Wrong.  I look at see him chewing on something & notice a string going around the kitchen into the living room... I follow it & then see PILES of yarn... & then another pile & then ANOTHER pile...So much for that project...


* Ricky can sleep through anything... or he just blocks me out... screaming while holding a pile of yarn


* Woke up in the middle of the night to STORMS.. .like Spring storms.  Thunder, lightning, hard winds, heavy rain... what month is this again?

* Headed to church on bumpy roads.  When it rains around us, on country roads, everyone's gravel driveways wash into the streets causing our road to look like an old fashion rocky road.

* I met up with a couple interested in wedding info... I love it because I just got in the mail Friday my Wedding Promo book to show my examples of weddings.  I can look at my own pictures over & over... not because my pictures are awesome (which they are (wink) )... but because I love all things weddings!!!

* I hadn't had but one Cliff-Mojo bar since 8am &  didn't get out of church & the wedding consult until after 2... I thought my stomach was gnawing on itself... we finally stopped to eat.  I was MISERABLE full when we left.  No happy medium for my belly this day...

* Storms everywhere... we got lucky, the bad stuff avoided us, but it was storm central all over the news & my phone constantly going off with alarms & alerts... Yep, again, its November, not May.  What the heck Mother Nature?

* Once Upon a Time... I gasped... best plot twist EVER!!!

So here we are again at Monday... one step closer to CATCHING FIRE... & putting up my Christmas tree... good stuff happening!


  1. We had to feed Lily like that for a while when we were trying to get her to lose weight.

    Once upon a time....oh my word! yes, best plot twist EVER!

  2. Once Upon a Time... I also gasped!!! I even said, out loud to NO ONE in the room... "I sure didn't see that coming"!!!! And too more weeks until the next once is on... SO not fair!

  3. Please say you watched Revenge. Another one comes back from the dead!

  4. Wow that pink scarf with the brown in that family photo is gorgeous! What beautiful colors for a picture. I'm going to remember that.

    My dog used to eat like someone was going to steal it out from under her. Our vet suggested we put a tennis ball in the bowl with her food. It definitely slowed her down, she had to work a little to get the food.

  5. I feel like I'll NEVER catch up on our laundry. :/ Your photography looks beautiful!


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