Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Bicep Tendonitis feels like....

Oh man... I'm in pain again...

It never really stopped, but it eases up & now, its flared up again.

Its my Bicep Tendonitis... on top of other aches & pains (Hello Runners Knee & Herniated Disc)

I will Justin Timberlake... I'll do just that...

But someone asked me how it feels...

Here's a good way to explain it.

Unless you're a professional ballerina, ice skater or performer in Cirque du Soleil - or Jean Claude Van Damme -  then you'll understand.

Lean over until you feel that pull in the back of your leg?  That tightness in the back of your leg?  That pain that then runs up & down your leg?  Yeah... that's about how my arm feels all the time.  From the shoulder all the way down past the bend in my elbow... the whole Bicep area...

Add in the fact that it feels like someone has matches burning inside that area too...

Now imagine every time you use that arm, to lift it, to write, to type, to grab something, to lift an item, to even swing your arm while walking, then you can multiply the pain by 100...

So Mad I Could
This move right here would have me in tears with pain...
cans everywhere just got lucky

Sounds like good times - right?

Now you understand why my knitting has gone from 5 projects a month to maybe 1 a year :(

The only answer to the pain is to CUT THE TENDON...


 That's my only solution that I'm given.

The effects of that?  Horrible painful spasms that can take years to heal or subside... & loss of strength ... obviously.  I mean, they'd be cutting part of your arm that you probably need...

So yeah... this isn't fun...

& you don't hear of many people that have it...

Just wanted to share an idea of what it is.... my moan & groan post of the week.

I promise - no post on the pain in my back or my knee... I'm falling apart

Amy Poehler

I think a personal concert with Steven Curtis Chapman will be the only true cure :)


  1. Have you talked to a physical therapist about the graston technique? It uses special tools and really helped my tricep tendonitis and tennis elbow.

  2. And Chocolate..... SCC And Chocolate Just saying' =)

    I'm so sorry friend!! That stinks.
    Chronic pain is awful.

    I love you dear girl ~~ dawns

    PS my Thanksgiving post will be up soon featuring..... YOU!!! =)

  3. OUCH! You poor thing! So sorry that you're in pain...I hate to hear that so much! Might want to consult a physical therapist...I know they can often work wonders. I'll be praying for you! Be sure to pop over today and enter the giveaway I'm having! Free stuff always makes me feel better! Hugs!

  4. Oh, so sorry! Doesn't sound like a good answer!

  5. Yikes! That sounds PAINFUL. I cringed just reading the words "cut the tendon." *dry heave* Sounds like a horror movie!

  6. Oh my goodness. Cut the tendon?! That sounds terrifying.

    I'm sorry you are in so much pain.

    I bet that GIF of the Monkees makes it feel a little bit better. Maybe. Or at least that it helps you laugh through the pain.

  7. Oh no :( I hope you figure out something that will help!!


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