Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Amazoning ... July Edition

Yep... another month of shopping at my favorite place ... one stop shop... without ever having to leave my home...

Let's look at what I got at Amazon for July.

Mokeskine Classic Notebook, Large, Squared

OK ... I promise, I'm going to vlog on my Bullet Journal because it really is better then sliced bread.  & these journals are a MUST if you are going to Bullet Journal.  Plus, they have pretty colors. 

Uni-ball Retractable Gel Pens
With a new journal, you totally need new pens.  I love gel pens too. I'm so picky when it comes to how things write.  If its smooth, if it glides, the colors.
Yes, I am an office supple nerd.  Totally admit it.

Cupture Classic Insulated Double Wall Tumblers
OK - remember I had some cups I bought in Amazoning ... June edition?  Don't get them.  They are nice, but I discovered that if you don't have double wall tumblers, then you get lots of sweat dripping off the glass.  Double insulation takes care of that.  It can be as hot or cold as you want & the moisture stays inside the cup.  These are fantastic.  I don't know what the point of the 'hello' tag is, but you don't have to use it.  They are big too - 24 oz & $13.99 for two of them... with free shipping over $35.  I'll always add these to my cart if I need to get to $35

Twinings Tea KCups - 24 count

It's kinda hard to find Green Tea k-cups - or ones that are just plain tea, not with extra 'junk' in them. So I ended up finding these on Amazon & love its a larger box.  $11.69 for 24.  In the stores, its usually like $7.99 or $8.99 for a 12 cup box.  Here's to health!  Green tea is fantastic for you.  Brew it, put it in the fridge & add some flavoring to it (I've been adding lemonade) or drink it straight with ice.  Yummy!

Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter

We went to Home Depot the first time we needed a water filter for our new fridge & I was shocked how much it was.  $50.00 ... every few months?  Oh dang.  I pulled up Amazon on my phone right there & found the same one for $28.00 ... The awesome thing about that too?   You can put it on "Subscribe & Save" & have it automatically shipped to you however you need it.  3 months?  6 months?  Just click to have it shipped to you when you need it... & you get a discount for that too.

Iams Weight Control Adult Biscuits

I love the shape of the Iams bones.  They fit well in our toys we have for Harvey & Sydney & Target all of a sudden stopped carrying it.  WHAT?  Off to Amazon I go.   The dogs were excited to sniff this box when it came.

Suddora Multi Colored Zipper Sweatband Wristband

You might think I got this to work out.  No, actually to sleep in. For my FitBit.  If you have a FitBit & you put it in the cheesy little thing they send with it, get this.  You can slide your FitBit in it at night & its secure & comfy.  and you get to pick any color you want to go with your PJ's :) ... only $8.99.... a bargain.

I may get another one for actually working out.  They are super nice.

Memorex CD Labels Refills

Nerd alert again.  Told you I love my office supplies.  But I did need these for my disks I send to my clients with their pictures on them.  This may bore some people?  This makes me happy.

If I Stay - Kindle Edition

I keep seeing the commercials for this movie coming out & when I saw it was a book, I had to download immediately.  Now to wait for the next 10 books I have ahead of it to read.

Amazon sends me things to review every month too... not that I shop there a lot of anything, but they're like, Hey, let's give her free stuff since she spends her life savings with us.  I'll take it.  Here are a few things I got for review this month.

InterDesign Horizontal Scarf Holder, Chrome

InterDesign Horizontal Scarf Holder

Loved this.  I have one that has hooks on it, which snags my scarves.  Plus, it takes up so much room in my closet. Stupid.  This one was perfect.  I need a few of them to get all my scarves on neatly, but I'd buy one now.

Ziplock Twist N Loc Containers

Yep - they send me free Ziploc goodies.  I'm all about these containers.  Easy to clean, if you want.  Guilt free if you want to just toss.  I love these have a turn twist sort of lock thing on it besides the normal just 'push down' method. 

Let's All Be Brave

I am beyond excited to get this book to review. I keep seeing it everywhere & people talking about it. I loved even more I posted it on Instagram & the author left me a comment.  #coolness

Did you buy anything at Amazon this month?
Which one of these products would you want to try?


  1. I love the color of the journal, but I'm happy with my $2 notebook from Walmart. I can cover it with cloth or paper or something if I want a different look. I guess I'm just cheap...won't spend that much on it when I have such a "wonderful" track record with planners. I'm doing pretty good with this one, though, so maybe next year I'll think about splurging.

  2. I'm always a sucker for double insulated cups...I think I just might have to check those out! I did purchase a book from Amazon for Abby to read for her Lang. Arts class, but that's it for the month.

  3. How nice that they send you free stuff to review. I'm always looking for a good scarf holder.

  4. I LOVE amazon!!! And as a prime member, I shop there all. the. time! I haven't purchased anything there in August, but I purchased quite a lot of stuff there in July ... and I expect by the end of August, I will have purchased plenty! ;-) My question is: is there anything that amazon doesn't sell? ha!

    I love double-walled tumblers ... I purchased a couple of them a couple of years ago to give as gifts.

    I need to start ordering our refrigerator's filter from amazon ... my hubby thinks that we don't need one since we have a water softener/conditioner. I still like the assurance of a purifier/filter on the fridge. Not to mention that little red replace light bugs me. ha! I just need to see if I can find what filter I need for our fridge.

  5. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on that book :) I love your new journal and pens!

  6. I love Amazon! And I buy so much from there, you would think they'd send me stuff to review, too! ;)

  7. I'm a total freak about what pens I use, too. There are some at work I won't even touch because I know they'll drive me crazy! Need that scarf holder.. that is genius!

  8. I have a moleskin journal and love it!! I'm a sucker for new pens - will need to try those out!!

  9. I want to see that movie. I probably won't read the book. I have the book Wild to read which I hope to do before the movie comes out! Love your picks. I love shopping on Amazon. I recently bought a few DVD's and CD's. I'm going to go put that "Let's All Be Brave" in my Amazon cart.

  10. I mean isn't Amazon the best? Especially with prime and that deadly one click shopping!

  11. I love these types of posts! Also, going to check out those double insulated water bottles for sure! And I love moleskin notebooks-- the yellow is so pretty!

  12. Love the great yellow color on your journal. I need to hear more about this Bullet Journalling. Love the new pens, too. (Us office supply nerds have to stick together.)

    I didn't know amazon sent review items out. I would love to do that!!

    Very cool scarf holder. That is a brilliant idea.

    Love it when authors interact on review!

  13. Wow, girlfriend!! You're all over Amazon! I've heard wonderful things about Let's All Be Brave - I will be interested to hear your take!

  14. Uhm. I want Amazon to send me things to review! I love that place and would spend all my money there...if I had more money. ha! I check my wishlist daily to see if any prices have gone down and it is the first place I go to when looking for something.

    I've heard great things about Let's All Be Brave as well! That book, as well as some of her others are on my wish list! :)

  15. I always forget that Amazon sells other things besides kindle books-- and I even have prime! I need to shop there more often!


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