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Confessions: Being in your 40's

I was thinking how much life has changed for me after turning 40 & I thought, what a perfect time to share these thoughts in a confession style way so I'm linking up with the ladies all linking up that are spilling it all today....

Vodka and Soda
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Now, let me say, I'm only 2 years into this mess of being 40 - I hit 43 in 4 months, & I'm already feeling it...

So here we go... my confessions about being 40

.... my perfectly perfect eye sights has made me blind as a bat now.  How does that even happen. It literally started a week before I turned 40.  Someone showed me something & brought it to my face. I was like, WHOOOO - back it up there... & now, I can't even read labels on packages.  I am the woman who now has reading glasses in every room of the house, & even have them usually on my head or the end of my nose.  Last night, I even noticed I can't see my food unless I have on reading glasses.  This bites.
Me trying to read anything now... & its only getting worse... SIGH

... now, when I have to pee, I HAVE TO PEE.  I guess my bladder has shrunk up & withered away as I've aged because now, when I need to go, get me to a bathroom now!  I used to be able to hold off going to the bathroom all day long. I have left work before & thought, Oh wow, I haven't peed all day long.  Now?  I think I go to the bathroom at least 20 times.  It doesn't help I've been upping my water intake.  & let's not even talk about jumping up & down or running with this bladder.  No, let's not go there.... & let's not talk about how many times I have to get up in the middle of the night now.

... 2 words... Metabolism SHOT! ... I literally work out harder then I ever have, I eat healthier then I ever have, & I gain weight quicker then I ever have.  How is this even fair?  I just envision metabolism as an evil of this world.  One that needs to be destroyed.  I don't even have any answers for this problem.   I keep fighting it... & by fighting it, I mean I cry every time I step on the scale...
my same reaction every 'weigh day'

.... skin issues... wow... the changes in my skin.  From spots popping up everywhere, trying to blend in with my freckles, to wrinkles all around my eyes, to skin sagging everywhere.... its like the one organ that covers my whole body turns against you.   I see little babies with that beautiful fresh skin & I want to lather them all up in SPF 1000 & keep them out of the sun.  I tell Ricky all the time we need to start setting a fund aside for my face lift.  He thinks I'm joking.

... My body makes noses whenever I move.  Seriously. I can't walk down steps without my knees singing along.  I can't lift my arms without my shoulders popping.  My back, my hands, my ankles.  They all sing the song of age whenever I move....

... Side note to that... aches & pains... all over... any time... for any reason...

But not everything is bad... as Oprah keeps getting older, she keeps saying that age is the new '30' ... & whatever Oprah says has got to be true - right?  wrong ... but there's always a good side....

.... You can be friends with everyone.  I love that I can appreciate older women & their wisdom.  I love talking & learning from women with more experience in life then me.  I also love that I can talk to younger women & still not feel out of place.  40 still holds a 'cool factor'.  I mean, some of the coolest women out there are in their 40's

You can totally find people in their 40's that are grandmothers, some that are new mom's, some who are still trying to start a family... its an age for everyone!

.... You learn what priorities matter.  You start to appreciate the things of life & find out what's important.

.... You learn to not care what others think.  When you're young, you think so much about others opinions, but in my 40's, I've learned that if you don't like me, I'm OK with that. Odds are, I probably don't like you either.  And that's OK.  Before, when I was younger, I would have lost sleep over it.  Now, I just move on.  That's a nice feeling.

Anyone else around here in their 40's?
What have you learned?
Anyone over 40?  Give me your best advice about getting older :)


  1. Are you trying to make me feel bad about leaving my 40s behind 9 days from now? lol

    Actually, the 40s were kind of all about adjusting to the changes in my body and some major mental shifting, too. I'm actually looking forward to my 50s. It's a new phase and I've got more experience and maturity behind me and more freedom to do the things I want to do now than I've ever had.

  2. I think the 40's have been my best decade. Yes I need reading glasses now but the self-confidence I have in myself more than makes up for that. It probably helps that people don't think I'm as old as I am mainly because my skin hasn't aged too bad. Although acne at 40 really sucks.

  3. I've got a while until I reach 40 but the things you were saying makes sense to me because I watched how things changed with my mom and I don' think we realized it had to do with her new decade (although she's now 51)

  4. As someone with already terrible eyesight (since elementary school), this makes me not look forward to becoming...basically blind, it sounds like.

  5. Well, you've scared me a little haha, not going to lie. BUT, I already do a few of these ;)

  6. I'm out of luck with the body noises because I already do that! Give me a few more years and there's non telling what it will sound like!

  7. I'm still a wee infant at the tender age of 35, but am definitely already experiencing some of these. So annoying...after all we've in our life you would think we could be repaid with some sort of super power instead of this sort of suffering!

  8. Well I'm not near there yet - but I definitely have some of these haha!

  9. i'm close to 40 and i agree with all of this! now my knees ache whenever i run when before, nothing. metabolism is a slow whore and i hate the fact that i have to work quadruple hard to lose weight :(

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  10. Oh no, I'm screwed -- I already have the worlds smallest bladder! I consider it a good nights sleep when I don't get up once to pee!

  11. Oh my, the 40's. The 40's are God's way of preparing you for your 50's! (Thankfully by the time you reach your 60's, you've used to all of your body's changes and it's no big deal.)

  12. i'm entering my 40s in a few years and while i hate the physical aspect of it, i appreciate the wisdom!

  13. I'm not yet 40 but it's coming fast! (I just turned 35.) But I can still relate to a lot of this. I love your last point. My older sister always says that the older you get the less you care about what other people think of you. Definitely true :)

  14. Thank you for the positive spin on being 40! I tend to lean toward the negative and needed to read this...because I too am feeling it :)

  15. I am 40, but I firmly believe that you're only as old as you feel! I also think that having young children makes me more youthful. I have a kindergartner, so I must be the same age as the other 20-something moms, right?


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