Thursday, August 14, 2014


 Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.
~Todd Stocker
08.07.14 Running again...

I am attempting to do some slow runs again.  I am talking SLOOWWWW... but I'm wanting to get moving.  I started off just walking 4 minutes, running 1.  My knee.   Lord, help me.  I know I'm going to have to go to the doctor about it. Dang it.  But I am thankful that I can keep moving....

08.08.14 Skateboarder Chic

We had The Backyard on Friday where I get to dance to some fun songs... & the theme was like a skateboarder thing.  I'm 42 years old people. How do I look like a skateboarder?  Ricky could pull it off - he has cool clothes.  Me?  Does a maxi skirt work for a skateboarder?  I ended up pulling together this look - complete with jean shorts & neon shoes (you can't see here) & the hat backwards totally pulls the look together. Ha!
Side Note - I actually felt more like a skateboarder when we went out the next day with my yellow knitted beanie & a shirt that said in neon yellow, "Life is Wonderful" ... maybe the skateboard look is really my style after all :)

08.09.14 Aviators

I have been looking for a good pair of Aviators all summer long... & now, they're on clearance! YAHOO!!!!  Ricky laughed when I got yet another pair of sunglasses, but I kept saying, 'But these are aviators' - to which he just looked at me like I was stupid.
He doesn't get it :)

08.10.14 Rain held off

The rain held off for this family session.... good thing.
This young man leaves Saturday for college so it wasn't going to be easy to reschedule.  But God held that umbrella over us... even when it was down pouring & thundering all around us...
Thank you Lord

08.11.14 Every day with her....

She's sleeping deeper... she's not wanting to eat as much... she lays in places more then following us now...
but she's still fighting & enjoys life
... & we are thankful for every day we have with her...

08.12.14 Veggie Heaven / Amazing Neighbors

So I get a text from my neighbors asking if I want some veggies from the garden...
& look at this stash!  I think I actually jumped up & down excited when I saw fresh kale in there... & all those green beans?  They have so blessed us with their extra food. 
They probably hate bringing the stuff over to me because I end up talking their ears off... I'll understand if they end up just doing a drop by in the middle of the night :)
... Look at all those beautiful bright colors...
How God creates food from seeds out of the ground - amazing... simply amazing...

08.13.14 Let's All Be Brave

 Finishing up this book.  I really loved it. It started off kinda slow & not what I expected, but glad I kept reading because about a quarter in, I felt so inspired...
... now I'm praying about the areas I need to be BRAVE in...
A good quick read!
.... I especially love our bravest girl in the background of this picture....

What are you Thankful for this week?


  1. Still praying for your girl ... and thankful for all this extra time you've had with her.

  2. Those fresh veggies look delicious!! Good neighbors are definitely something to be thankful for :)

  3. It is so very important to start each day off with a grateful heart. I may just have to follow your lead and start creating my own 'Thankful' posts. :)

  4. Love the new shades and fresh veggies!!


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