Friday, August 01, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Comic-Con

I never really thought I was a comic-con nerd, but if I were close by, I think I'd have to go & just sit with my camera.  I have looked through some of the pictures of the costumes that people have dressed up in & they are amazing. 

I've watched all sorts of videos too showing costumes... I am now a confessed nerd.

Check out the Walking Dead people... they even have a Lizzy...

& if you want more nerdlishness ... this one is longer, but man, there's some good costumes.  I love Rogue & Gambit & a shout out to a lot of the older comic book characters.

2. The Walking Dead

Anyone else see the preview that they posted at Comic-Con for the next season?  We saw where people are saying they gave too much away so Ricky said he didn't want to see it.  I couldn't resist. I had to watch it.  & now, I'm freaked out. I'm not seeing a lot of Darryl.  What is happening!?!?!?!  Now I'm nervous for the next season.  Though it does look good.  Its video day apparently.  If you want to check out the next season preview, take a look.  Know that it does give a lot away for the whole next season.

At least its coming back in October. I thought it wasn't coming back until December.

3. The Bachelorette / Bachelor in Paradise

No joke... THE most DRAMATIC  After the Final Rose ever!

I hadn't had the chance to talk about this yet. I know its old news since it happened on Monday, but did anyone else watch that crazy After the Final Rose where Nick totally called out Andi?  I actually sat with my jaw dropped when he revealed what happened in the Fantasy Suite.  Ouch. I honestly didn't care who 'won' this year. My favorite was Farmer Chris but I think he's too kind for Andi.  Is it me or does she seem extremely difficult?    She wasn't my favorite Bachelorette at all.  .... & I didn't really even care about the new show starting "Bachelor in Paradise" until they showed the preview with fights & police being called & ambulances picking people up.  I'm totally in now.  Guilty TV - I'm all about it.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

Ricky has been so excited about this movie for the longest time.  I see the previews & I'm like, "Really?" ... I didn't get to see "The Fault in our Stars" in theaters & you want to see this?   Now, go back to #1 & see I'm a comic book nerd, all thanks to my hubby.  He's the one who has turned me that way & I have never even heard of this before.  Ricky goes on to explain everything to me, but I can't get over how dumb the movie looks. .... but everywhere I'm turning, everyone is saying the movie is fantastic.  They even just said on the radio that its probably the BEST MARVEL MOVIE EVER!  WHAT?!?!?!?  .... Even better then my awesome Wolverine or X-men movies?  Come on!!!  Get real.  But I'm curious now. 

5.  30 for 30

A friend of mine issued a challenge for August.  Move at least 30 minutes every day for August - 30 days... Seems easy enough.  Watch, I'll probably sit in front of the computer all night & do no moving at all.  But it's a good challenge to strive for.  Anyone want to join in?  Just hop onto Instagram & document it.  Use #aug30for30 & cheer each other on.

Side Note - isn't Instagram awesome for challenges like this?  I love when you can use hashtags & see others doing it with you & meeting new people that way.  I'm also doing the #100SummerMiles & have 'met' some new cool people in that.  Challenges need support.  If you haven't ever tried an Instagram challenge - do it! or should I say #DoIt :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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  1. This is the movie I want to see.

  2. OH HELL YES FOR GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!! we're so stoked to watch it!!

    happy friday :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Comic con....hundreds of thousands of costumes but lordy the traffic of people...

    I am a big walking dead fan and I too can hardly wait. The trailer looked brutal...and yes, where is Darryl?


  4. We'll probably end up watching that movie too haha! Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. When my mom told me that she was sooo excited to watch Bachelor in Paradise, I was sooo confused because isn't every season in paradise?? But now that you mentioned the fights and cops, I might just have to watch it ;)

  6. Loved ATFR on monday night - and yes I was just in as much shock as you!! I actually really liked Andi minus her weird frown and saying "STAHHHP ITTTT" all the time lol!

  7. I could NOT believe Nick said that!! And I keep seeing interviews pop up of him bashing Josh and Andi together.. someone just make him stop. I will also be watching Bachelor in Paradise on Monday -- it looks like a train wreck :)

  8. I didn't care much for Andi, either. I totally missed the "After the Rose" show with Nick giving her a piece of his mind. Just my luck! Sounds like it was quite a doozy!

  9. I don't know if I will be able to continue watching Walking Dead if they get rid of Darryl....


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