Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Humpday Confessions: School Edition

Vodka and Soda
The schools in my area have been back in session for 2 weeks, but the big county across the river has started today, so everything is school school school today...
So in honor of that, I'm doing confessions about School

.... I used to pull out a big chalkboard, line up my dolls & play school all the time when I was little. I wish I would have listened to that call on my heart & been a teacher.  Gotta be the best job.  A job with built in Spring Break & Summer Break?  Yes please.

.... I got kicked out of my 1st grade class one time for saying I didn't like Tom T. Hall & a song the teacher was playing.  See where speaking up on how you really feel gets you?

.... That was probably the worst trouble I ever got in my whole school career.

.... I remember milk breaks in first grade.  A carton of milk for 15 cents & then it was heads down on the desk for 15 minutes.  I want to incorporate that in my days now... except instead of a carton of milk, its a $2.50 iced coffee.  #inflation

.... My first grade teacher was the only teacher I ever had that was a Miss instead of a Mrs. ... I always wonder if she married.

.... My 4th grade teacher was the 'dreaded mean teacher' everyone talked about.  Mrs. Voyt - I still remember her name.  She ended up being a pretty cool teacher.  Lesson learned - don't believe rumors.

.... We only had one male teacher in all of our elementary school.  It was so weird in the 70's to see a male teacher.

.... I literally cried till I was sick leaving my 5th grade teacher. She was the best.  I found out a few years ago that she's a pastor of a church now.  I need to find her church. I'd probably cry like a baby seeing her again.  I know she'd have no clue who I was.

.... I always loved getting new lunchboxes.  The old school ones with the matching thermos were the best.  My grandmother always insisted I carry the sturdy reliable Tupperware lunchboxes though. 

Anyone remember these?

.... Tupperware plastic would get a weird smell in it by the end of the year.

.... Middle School is where I met my best friend.  Everyone should always have at least one amazing best friend in life.

.... My 6th Grade picture is still my favorite school picture I ever took.

.... Let's never talk about any of my high school pictures.  Oh mercy....

... I had a Smurf's Mead Trapper Keeper that was DA'BOMB ...

... All the cool people in school had a LL Bean Back Pack... We never could afford a $60.00 backpack.  I survived.  Your kids will too if you they don't get what everyone else has.

.... I always hated school lunches because they would plop food on a tray & it would all touch or run together.  Thanks mom for all the sandwiches made over the year so I didn't have to go through the lunch line.   GAG

.... I never really had school spirit.  Didn't care about games, dances, or really anything that happened in school. Never was part of any teams or clubs.  I had to be at work after school.  I guess that's why I never went back for any reunions.

.... Our school was in a 100 year old building that didn't have air condition.  Talk about a torture chamber in the Summer/Spring.

....I always loved math & algebra was my favorite.  But Geometry?  I still don't understand how that stuff works.

... I always loved having to do essays for our English tests.  Like I say here, give me a topic & I can write for days.  My big move was to always end my essay with a question.  ... "& isn't that what it's all about?" .... BAM!  In my mind, I see the teacher shaking her head in agreement with the wonderful essay she just read.

... I had a 102.5 fever on my graduation night.  My doctor loaded me up on antibiotics so I could make to walk & get my diploma on graduation night.  I was miserable.  Come to find out - years late - my appendix had ruptured ..... didn't even know it.  Thank the LORD that my doctor had given me all those antibiotics.  So its true when I say I barely made it out of school alive :)

What is a confession you have about school?


  1. I was the same way about playing "teacher" - so much fun!! And believe it or not - my 4th grade teachers was definitely the evil teacher too!

  2. Got kicked out over that? Tough crowd!

  3. oh my gosh i love your 6th grade photo! perfect :)
    i used to play school as well, but i always played the student lol.
    you'd be surprised, i'm sure your teacher remembers you! i remember my P.E. teacher and i always thought she didnt like me and I saw her when we went back home in June, and she was like Kristen! Kristen! You! I was like oh my gosh. It made me cry that she remembered me, though maybe it was because I was horrid at sports, lol.

  4. Love the throwback school pics!! My 5th grade teacher was my absolute favorite, too... Mrs. Bosma, I'll never forget her!

  5. I had a big chalk board that flipped and was green on one side and black on the other. I would line up all my stuffed animals and "teach" them. I was convinced I was going to be a teacher. Until I hit high school and started disliking school so greatly I never wanted to return. And yet I loved going back to college 15 years later. Weird. I'm with ya on HS reunions though. Not interested.

  6. I used to play school all the time, too! And, I still like getting new lunch boxes lol. I'm currently in the market for one.

  7. Hahaha love your old school pics, I'll never share mine ;)

  8. I loved your photos....beautiful long hair!!

    I love the social part of school, English and lunch......


  9. i was a master ninja when it came to folding notes into awesome shapes!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  10. I played teacher all the time! Now I bet most teachers are single for quite some time at least at first. No rush now!

  11. The backpack thing is too funny! I always wanted a Jansport as a kid but we didn't have the money for one of those, either... the day I got a Tommy Hilfiger one as a gift was the happiest day of my school-hood! hahah

  12. I do remember those Tupperware lunchboxes, though I never had one. I had an oh-so-cool (not) Donny Osmond one.

    School lunches? Ugh. I never packed in high school, that would get you ridiculed. Thank goodness my school made these absolutely amazing dinner rolls and sticky buns. I pretty much lived on them through high school.

    I played sports (lettered) and belonged to clubs, including the pep club, but I have zero desire to attend a class reunion. My class celebrated its 30th two years ago. A lot of us had reconnected on Facebook so I let some of them nag me into going to the casual beer and pizza night of the reunion weekend. Out of 365 classmates about 20 of us were there. For the dinner on Saturday night they had maybe 25 or 30 show up. The one who organized it all said a majority of those contacted told her to take their names off the list and never call them again, that didn't want to hear from anyone.

  13. My "mean" teacher was in 6th grade. Her name was Mrs. Finkbone (I kid you not). However, I really liked her.

  14. This was a fun read. It brought back memories of me lining up my own dolls and dogs and teaching them their ABC's. Is it any wonder that I am a 'real life teacher' today?! :)

  15. I played school with a chalk board and all my stuffed animals, too. I even made lesson plans and was focused on it all day.

    But I was an actual English teacher for one semester... it turns out, I make a better insurance claims adjuster. :)


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