Friday, August 22, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Ironman Louisville

It's Iron Weekend here & I get so excited.  I will probably never in my life do an Ironman (notice how I say 'probably'? - you never know what could lay ahead...) but I can help out at Ironman & that is exactly what I'm doing Sunday.... in 98 degree heat.  Oh sweet Lord.  If these amazing people can do 140.6 miles in that temperature, I can help them out!  I'm going to be working in the women's tent & CANT.WAIT!  I get to actually talk to the athletes & encourage them one on one this year instead of screaming from the side lines..... & the one reason why I do most things... I get an Ironman Volunteer T-shirt! I'm going to wear it like a medal myself!

PS... pray for these athletes.  No joke. The temps are going to be ridiculous. The hottest day we've had here all year... I get nervous for these strangers.

2. Jersey Belle

Anyone else watching this on Bravo?  I am loving it.  I think its funny how this "Jersey girl" is adapting to the South, but what I find so funny is while I guess I can be considered a Southern Girl (is Kentucky considered South?... we're kinda middle, but people consider us the country bumpkin's of the US... anyhoo....) & I feel like I relate to her more then anything.  She's loud.  She says what she thinks.  Her friends are constantly saying "you can't say that'... maybe I just relate because it has the word BELLE in it... ya think?  Or should I say, "Y'all think?" :)

& is it me or does that 2nd girl on the end from the right remind you of the girl from 30 rock?  Or a blonder, tanner Lauren Conrad?

See the resemblance?

3. Veggetti


I want one of these babies.
I keep seeing all these recipes on Pinterest & on health food sites that make all these pasta dishes with zucchini .... I want to try it so bad.
I think I saw it at Walgreens the other day. I need to make the splurge & give it a try.
I did see a more 'solid' looking one on Amazon the other day.  It's in my wish list. 
Anyone do this with zucchini?  Is it worth the investment in a good machine?

4.  Microwave Disaster


So.... I messed up....
Wednesday, I went to turn the timer on the microwave.  It's louder then the one on the oven.  I didn't realize I turned the actual microwave on with nothing inside.  It ran for about 7 minutes.
It fried up.
We're lucky it didn't catch on fire.  I'm lucky it didn't catch on fire. I'm already in the dog house for burning up our microwave.
Ricky says I did it on purpose because I've been wanting a new microwave & oven.
I mean, you cant get a new microwave without a matching oven - right?
.... Day 1 & I already needed to use the microwave at least 3 times...
how did people live before these things?

5.  All About That Bass

I am  so in love with this song right now.  It makes me want to get up & dance every time I hear it.  Makes me want to do some sort of mashed potato or twist dance.  Hello 50's.

Side Note: Why does every song have to have curse words in them now. I value the clean radio versions... but no video for it is out yet... so excuse the few bomb-droppers in the video.  Just dance away & ignore the bad words.  Focus on the message.  You're beautiful from the bottom to the top.

Dance into the weekend!!!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I want a new stove ... maybe I should fry my microwave. Of course, the new microwave would match the existing stove, so I guess that won't work. ha!

    That Veggetti sounds like a winner. I love zucchini anyway, and eliminating the carbs and calories of pasta would mean that I could serve it more often! Let us know what you think if you break down and get one.

  2. Love Jersey Belle - so refreshing that those women don't actually fight with one another and they actually are friend IRL!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. As an original Jersey gal with a Bravo obsession, I don't know why I haven't started watching Jersey Belle yet - I need to fix that immediately!

  4. I've never heard that song before, but can we talk about how she looks kinda like Kelly Osbourne?!? Haha! Also, how have I not seen that Veggetti before?? I like to think I've seen every "As Seen on TV" product EVER!!

  5. Yes, love Jersey Belle! And that song too. Couldn't agree more with you though about all of the cussing in songs.

  6. OMG that microwave!! AHAHAHAHAAH i would have laughed SO HARD if my microwave did that because then i can show my daughter and tell her that it's wanting to eat her LOL

  7. We have one of those noodle maker thingies... ours looks more like a potatoe peeler though. I think it was like $12 on Amazon. We love it!

  8. I was just eyeing that Vegetti at Bed Bath and Beyond this week! You'll have to let me know where you get yours from. Everyone is loving Jersey Belle but I still haven't seen an episode. I need to get on that!

  9. Heard a lot about Jersey Belle lately...may have to check it out! And that's been my jam lately! Love it!


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