Wednesday, January 13, 2016

... a day in a SICK life...

I always saw where people would do pictures on one day in their life... & I always wanted to do it, but I'm a slacker.

I want to set a day each month... the 10th... a good number for me to remember - & just take pictures of the day... My goal is to shoot for 10 pictures.  10 on 10.

& Luckily, the first 10 of the month was on a weekend...

so here's a little glimpse of my day for January:

January 10th - Sunday

7:30 am - Woke up but didn't want to get out of bed.  Still felt bad with this sinus infection.

8:14 am - Finally got up to turn on the Keurig & saw the snow that fell for the first time. Our first snow of the year.

Ten one:

9:00 am - Ricky made some cinnamon rolls.  & I swear, I clean my kitchen. I think every picture I take, my counter tops are chaos.  But confession ----> every time I clean my kitchen counters, it does only take like 5 minutes before everything is covering them all over again.  #reallifeproblems

Ten two:

10:48 am - I still had a fever so we didn't go to church.  Instead, I took time to get up off the couch & bed & check my email & of course, I can't sit at the kitchen counter & NOT color for a bit while watching ABC Family.

Ten three:

11:30 am - Back on the couch.  & I'm not alone.  Harvey was the first to get in my lap & the other 2 are sitting at my feet waiting their turn.  If you're going to be sick, its good to be sick with doggie snuggles waiting in line.

Ten four again:

1:15 pm - I didn't want to leave the house but the temps were dropping & my gas tank was on empty.  I didn't want to have to stop on the way to work when the temps were 13 degrees so I went ahead & put on shoes & a coat over my PJ's & threw on a hat & rode down to get gas in my car.  The roads were HORRIBLE.  I took Bruno with me to give him some excitement in his day too.  

Five of 10:

3:00 pm - Back on the couch & watching The Red Tent.  It was Bruno's turn to get up on the couch with me.  He was more interested in watching the snow fall.

3:58 pm - We have made a goal this year to take a picture every Sunday together.  What a fun photo album that will make at the end of the year for us.  Even on bad days, we'll take the picture - document life, right?  But we wanted the first snow to be in the picture so we went out on the front porch to snap our #VincentsRockSunday
6:12 pm - I didn't want to do it, but I needed to.  Bill time.  Ugh.  & fun side note:  That Bath & Body Works bag?  That's what I've been carrying my medicine, throat drops & thermometer & kleenex in. haha.  I'm pitiful.

Six of ten:

7:45 pm - when I'm sick, I don't want to eat.  So dinner for the day?  1 slice of Colby Cheese & wheat thins.  Yum!  & I think a few of these went to Harvey or Bruno.  Not the most nutritious dinner in the world.

Dinner ten:

8:58 pm - Time to dose up for the night.  Downton Abby was coming on & I wanted to breath enough to settle in for bed for the night.  I hate drugs.  But you gotta do what you gotta do to get rest to start the work week ahead.


11:00pm - TV off after Golden Globes went off & off to bed....

Not the most exciting day... but a day in my life nonetheless

Now let's see if I can remember to do this on February 10th :)


  1. I hope you're feeling better! I love the way the dogs are waiting for their turn in your lap :) At least they're not all trying to crowd on there together!

  2. Oh man, I hope the sickness goes away soon! I LOOOOVE Downton Abbey but I had to miss it this week! Hopefully I can catch up today/tonight!

  3. I love day in the life posts. Great idea to do it on the same day every month. Set it in your calendar!

    I also like the idea of a photo together every Sunday.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  4. The only good part of a sick day is doggy snuggles. ;)

  5. Day in the life posts are always so fun!!! Look at all that pretty snow!!! Perfect for a sick day to stay inside. I love your idea of taking a picture every Sunday. Such a great project. I hope you are feeling on the mend!

  6. So sorry your still sick, I do hope you can get over that soon!!!
    Looks like it is beautiful and snowy there:)
    Love the idea about taking a photo every Sunday, that will make a very fun picture book to look back on!

  7. I hope your feeling better. Looks like you accomplished some things for the day. Love the idea of a picture day a month. And pray tell, how can you look so good when you are sick? I wouldn't even dare to take a picture on a day at home sick. lol

  8. oh you poor thing, hope you're feeling better. i agree about pet snuggles when you're sick, makes it better! love the photo ever sunday, so cool!

  9. Oh man - hope you're feeling better!! My kitchen counters are the SAME way! Who am I kidding - my WHOLE HOUSE is the same way!! And I was certain I'd invented the colby cheese on wheat thins therapy for when I don't feel like eating.... I thought "did she steal this pic from my camera roll?" No joke!

  10. Sorry you were feeling sick for this post, but you still got a lot accomplished. I love the idea of a photo together each Sunday - that will make a fantastic album!

  11. Boo to a sick day :( I do love your tradition of a Sunday picture though, I may have to borrow that one!

  12. ugh sounds about right :( I can't believe you got out in that!!!! Girl. NO FUN! But hope you are feeling better!

  13. Hope you're feeling better. I know exactly what you mean about the kitchen counters. I hate for mine to be cluttered.


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