Tuesday, January 05, 2016

One Sentence a Day {December 2015}

Can you believe 2015 is just HISTORY now?  ... like that... POOF.

Well, here's my final month of 2015 - December.  The one that is always so busy... 
One Sentence A Day style...

1.  It was just a gloomy day &  I think the most I accomplished was start a new coloring book page.

2. I worked out & then let lazy take over while I did basically nothing the rest of the night.

3.  I watched The Wiz Live while knitting & sitting by the Christmas tree.

The wiz:

4.  I went to the doctor to find out that my dizziness is from Vertigo & I got some pills to help me get through.

5.  We spent the whole day at home & enjoyed a relaxing Saturday.

6.  We went to church & got caught up on some Christmas shopping enjoying the warm December day

7.  I got to so see some of my favorite youth kiddos play in a Christmas band concert.

8.  I had a huge pile of work waiting for me from just missing one day of work that I had to get caught up on.

9.  I was so tired but had to stay up to watch the Nashville winter finale.

10.  I watched the winter finale of The Vampire Diaries while 2 of my boys were asleep on the floor in front of me not digging it one bit.

11.  I drove home from work with the windows down & warm wind hitting my face.

12.  We literally had to drive all over town for a Christmas gift that was sold out at most stores.

13.  I got to meet up with our JOY Bible Ladies for a Sunday lunch.

14.  I had the day off work & was truly the laziest I have ever been while I sat on the couch & knitted for more then half of the day.

15.  I spent the entire night watching the Republican Debate all the while trying to find a new pattern to use some of my favorite yarn & trying 3 different projects & not liking any of them.

16.  I never tire of Survivor & was so excited for the finale of one of the best seasons ever.

17.  We had a lazy night of just laying on the couch & watching a few Supergirl episodes knowing I had a pile of wrapping to do.

18.  I got to pet a donkey & a sheep at a Live Nativity Scene full of some of my favorite youth kiddos.

19.  I got to hang out with one of my favorite families at the wedding of Michael & Kimberly.

20.  We got to celebrate today with the Vincent Christmas.

21.  I fell asleep - again - while getting my root canal tooth retreated.

22.  I had another dentist appointment & left from there to a better appointment of getting my hair done.

23.  I got to spend the day shopping with my mom before storms & tornado watches were put out.

24.  I had to work on Christmas Eve but got off early in time to celebrate my HUBBY'S BIRTHDAY & to go to church service for Christmas.

25.  We had the warmest Christmas where Ricky & I was able to enjoy the day & go see the new Star Wars Movie.

26.  I had to hide for the UL / UK game & then we made the drive to do Christmas with our grand babies in Nashville

27.  We got to hang out in Nashville on the warmest day I think I've ever felt in December in my life.

28.  Even with a bad shoulder for me & a bad knee for Ricky, we stumbled out to go have dinner with our baby girl while she was in town.

29.  I sat at the computer way past my bedtime to catch up on wedding editing since the holidays slowed me down.

30.  I got to enjoy turning 44 years old for MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

31.  I had to work the whole day & then we were both exhausted but woke up just MINUTES before the ball dropped in time to welcome in 2016!!!!

Wow... now onto a new year!  

I'm excited to gather up a full year's "One Sentence a Day" so I can look over them December 31, 2016... let the memories flow!

What was your favorite memory of December?


  1. Great look back on the month of December!! The star wars movie was on a lot of people's agenda for december haha! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Aww, this is a fun way to recap a month! I love all your birthday goodies! I hope January is another fun month with a few days off and a few less tooth issues!

  3. I love your one sentence posts, such a good idea! The tornado watches were my least favorite part of Christmas week ugh!!!

  4. This one sentence a day post is such a good idea. I enjoy reading yours each month.

  5. I love this! I'm going to have to start writing one sentence a day. I'll put it in my bullet journal...since I got the actual moleskin journals and all. :)

  6. First, I must have missed your Birthday, so happy late Birthday!
    Love your one sentence a day journal blogging idea, that would be awesome to look back on. Might even at the end of the year be worth paying that company that turns your blog posts into a printed book for you, my friend did it and they cost around $7, and you can choose to add the comments or pictures into it. Granted I had another friend who did it, and her's cost $25 but she writes 2,500 words a day so it was a lot more pages to print, LOL

  7. I love that you both had birthdays, you had Christmas, NYE, and a wedding in December! Such a joyful month!

  8. When people say last year, I think 2014 and when they say, no Liz, 2015....I'm in shock for a few minutes haha. Your birthday is the same day as my nephew, he was born this past year! one sentence per day for an entire month is such a great way to see how that month really went without having to write a lot of things. I'm sure you remember more of it than just a sentence, but for us it's a great way to see a glimpse into your world :)

    Hope your vertigo is better! It's no fun! I get it when I lose my hearing and it's the worse, especially if I get nausea as well. Love your hair and hope your root canal is better!! Well, the teeth, not the actual process.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  9. I love what you did here with the one sentence a day (although I just realized it half way through and had to go back and re-read it). I should do one of these. It would be nice to look back on once the year is over! How fun! Your hair looks great by the way!

  10. I love what you did here with the one sentence a day (although I just realized it half way through and had to go back and re-read it). I should do one of these. It would be nice to look back on once the year is over! How fun! Your hair looks great by the way!

  11. LOVE your youth group and the nativity scene!

    Love your hair and your photography is always point on! Beautiful bride!

  12. Man, I miss rolling the windows down for some warm fresh air... winter came at us like a wrecking ball!

  13. A sentence a day is such a wonderful idea! And Happy {Belated} Birthday!


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