Monday, January 25, 2016

The weekend that Beauty & the Beast just confused me....

So is everyone sick of snow at this point?

I think every picture on Instagram this weekend involved snow - snow fall, playing in snow, crying about the snow, hiding from the snow.

I was just glad our snow held off until Friday.

Why?  Because my weekend started off on Thursday when we went to see Beauty & the Beast.  Talk about lucky.  With the snow on Wednesday causing a mess, & knowing it was coming back in on Friday, that we got tickets a month ago for the one day that was fine, I was high fiving Jesus on that one.

Of course, I always love me some Beauty & the Beast... but I honestly was so confused.  Let's just start by saying I have seen the Broadway edition so many times that I can say pretty much the entire play, & definitely sing all the songs... except this time?  Everything changed.

They took 2 songs out which totally threw me off.... they used puppets in place of people in scenes which confused me.... the set was TOTALLY different & while it was OK, it just wasn't the full Beauty & the Beast effect it always had.  Like before, there was a whole stair case just like the movie - a scene that looked like a real library (an important part of the play) - & an actual looking tower where the Beast's rose was... this time, it was a 2 part set that just got spun around in different directions. SO weird.  & the costumes?  All different.  The main 3 of Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, & Lumiere?  I've seen better high school productions of costumes then these 3.  All the other times I've seen it?  So beautiful!  Breath taking!  This time?  Just cheap looking at times.   Honestly, I could have made Mrs. Potts costume.

& they took out MAIN lines of the show.  I mean, Mrs. Potts line is like my life motto...

& they changed it.  She said something like, "Don't you worry about a thing Belle.  Everything is just going to be fine.  It all will be just be hunky dory".


That would be like taking Dorothy's "There's no place like home" & changing it to something like, "that house I sleep in will be nice to get back to"... WHAT?!?!?

... & the biggest blow me away part?  The yellow dress... ICONIC... that's how everyone knows who Belle is, right?  Well, first, the yellow dress again looked cheap.  I'm not even joking when I say that the middle school version of the play I just saw had a more beautiful yellow gown then this did... & then at the end, they covered it in PINK TULLE!! PINK TULLE?  YES!  Pink tulle!

I literally raised my hands in the air & said LOUDLY, "WHAT IS GOING ON?"

My expression for most of the play

... but again, I'll never turn down a Beauty & the Beast production... even if it messed with my brain so much, its all I could think about all weekend long.

Ricky & I were lucky once again because we had already planned on taking off on Friday so we didn't have to feel rushed on Thursday night to get home & get to bed... so when it snowed & was a yucky day, we got to take it easy.

... even though 'taking it easy' meant we rode down to Target & Starbucks in the middle of the snow storm.

We have priorities.

Starbucks iced coffee in the middle of a snow storm makes everything better

We got home right as the roads were getting fully covered & there we were & there we stayed.

The rest of the weekend involved a lot of coloring, crocheting & knitting, laundry, catching up on my DVR... all the big things in life.

Another head band to add to the pile
... I GOTTA start that Etsy shop

We never went outside all of Saturday.  Who'd want to get out in that mess anyways?

Sunday had me sleep in later then I meant to & we ended up missing church.  I can't rely on Ricky to keep an eye on the time & wake me up.  He gets caught up in cartoon world on the weekend mornings.  Bless him.  Oh well... I had an appointment anyways with a bride & groom that I'll be photographing in September so it worked out all OK anyways.

I met them at Starbucks & loved seeing the groom again - he's a brother of one of my previous grooms. I so love when I get to go back to families I've worked with before.  September will be here before we know it.

I picked up some more yarn - because you know... yarn -  got some lunch for Ricky & I & it was back home & time to make out bills....

with all my dental issues, this is WAY too true


I was happy to stay home & watch the snow melt away a little bit at a time.  My kitchen floors can't handle doggie feet tromping through snow all day long. I feel like my Swiffer mop is just an extension of my arms all of winter.

I did wrap up my weekend by being a good wife & making some dark chocolate brownies for my hubby. He panics when he doesn't have anything either A) full of sugar or B) lots of chocolate or C) All of the above... I was actually out of vegetable oil because I NEVER use it.  I guess you need to bake on a regular basis to use that stuff?  But I ran down to our new local Dollar Store - or as everyone calls it in our area, the Greenville Walmart.  It's been a lifesaver a few times for us where we didn't have to drive down to civilization.... but I took Bruno with me to get the vegetable oil & back to making Ricky's weekend complete with a sugary, chocolate smile.

I did good by getting in my yoga - FINALLY!!!!! ... & then it was time to settle in for my Downton Abby.  Anyone watching the show afterwards?  Mercy Street. I'm really liking that too.  Am I old that I'm starting to like PBS programming lately?

So how was your weekend?  Survive the snow storm?

Are you like me & counting down till Spring? .... 54 days if anyone wants to know....


  1. Sorry that the show wasn't like you expected - sometimes they should just stick to the original! I'm waiting for Downton Abbey to finish so I can binge on all the seasons LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. The production of Beauty and the Beast sounds so weird! I cna't believe they used the phrase hunky dory.

  3. omg that grease meme -- so true. i was reading up on the storm and we were like, wow, usually it's us canadians getting hammered with snow! but this weekend was actually quite mild for us and we even had sunshine! hope you guys are safe and warm!

  4. Oh man... I hate when I get really pumped to see a performance and I ended up sitting there with my nose wrinkled the whole time. I had midnight tickets to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland when it came out years ago and I HATED it. Ugh.
    Ok, so do you like Mercy Street?? I really want to watch it but I missed the first episode! I'm going to try to catch up by next week!! Also, YAY for Anna and Bates! :)

  5. You can't change Disney, you just CAN'T! What were they thinking?!?!?

    You totally should open an Etsy shop, I'd buy your things!

  6. Thankfully all we got was just a dusting of snow. Yay!

    Sounds really strange about the Beauty and The Beast. Why would they change it?

  7. wow. that sounds horrible! 'hunky dory'?!!!! wtf. i am so glad i didn't see it lol. i think that's the one i saw advertising at the mall and stuff? i would have been so mad!

  8. It's too bad that Beauty and the Beast wasn't the greatest. That Mrs. Potts quote though...what?!

    That headband you knitted (knit? knitted? I don't know what the past tense is! Ha!) is so great! You could definitely sell stuff like that on Etsy!

  9. I've never seen the play of Beauty and the Beast, and I've only seen the disney created animated version, but I would be really disappointed if I expected one thing and got something completely different. And why would they remove songs! The whole movie was full of songs. I can't imagine it without them. IT'LL BE HUNKY DORY???? No, that's not what I want to hear! Oh my gosh, I loved Mrs. Potts (I love Angela Lansbury too) and Cogsworth, he was hilarious constantly worrying over everything, it kind of makes sense that he was a clock... You just can't change an iconic movie like that to fit your needs (what was this play thinking). I get that you'll see any, but still I would ver disappointed in my book because of that and probably would be turned off on seeing any more productions.

    Sophie would like to know where her dark chocolate brownies are? She enjoys brownies too. We got starbucks all weekend, we really need to stop because it does eat into our money quite a bit....and I could probably make what I get all of the time there.

    liz @ j for joiner

  10. Bummer that the show was different! I took my mom years ago in Dallas and we really liked it!

    Thankful to have avoided all snow ;) I love your headband btw!

  11. I've never seen the broadway show, but you make me think I should probably just watch the Disney movie again. We drove to Whole Foods in the snow! It was also right before it got too bad and after we got back, we stayed in all night and the next day.

  12. I cant believe that the play was done cheaply and they changed up important lines?!?!?!?! Mrs Potts was one of my favorite characters that just seems unAmerican to change that line or something!!!

  13. How could they do this to Beauty and the Beast?? Say it ain't so :( :( I just loved all the pictures of snow, from way in Mississippi and that was about a close as I wanted to see it, lol. It's no secret we just go crazy when you mention the s word around here. What??? Yes you need to open that etsy shop you are so talented with you knitting! I so wish I could and had the time to do something like that! Have a great week friend!

  14. I love Beauty and the Beast, and I can't wait for Disney's new version next year:) But that would ruin it for me to, even the pink dress part alone????
    I know one of the smaller theaters here has the community sew the costumes, for free or for season tickets, and while I hear some of them are great (a lady I work with does it.) even she admits some of them are terrible if the person doing them isn't very skilled. Maybe that's what happened at yours. That's too bad! (I can't even comment on the Mrs Potts part, ????)
    Truthfully, I am loving the snow. I just wish I could go out and play in it. I'm not going to lie, it was quite a joke out west here about how unprepared those back east are for storms, it was all over the media and facebook. I'd be lying if I didn't get in on the joking. We just don't get how people can freak out so much and be so unprepared for things. But at the same time, laughing aside we all still hoped they stayed safe and at least had their heat on to keep them warm. (Yeah, I shouldn't have just admitted that I got in on the joking, huh. total mean girl of me, I should feel bad:)

  15. I am not sick of snow yet because snow season just started here. We only got 3 inches on our side of the river while across the bridge they got 22! Weird right!

    Omg What is up with Honky Dory? Really? You've got to be kidding me. I thought maybe this was a High school play but you cleared that up pretty fast that it wasn't. Was it community theatre? Community theatre school? I was lol-ing SO hard at your comparing the saying to Wizard of Oz. That was my thought exactly! And by the way, my high school is putting on Wizard of Oz as their Spring musical and I will let you know if they use that line, ok?

  16. "Hunky Dorie?" lol I mean, could they have at least TRIED to come up with a better replacement if they insisted on switching things up??? lol

  17. Sounds like a relaxing weekend with fun highlights. I wish we lived close as Yaya and I would join you for all of those musicals/plays in a heartbeat.

  18. Boo to all the changes in the play! Why in the world would they do that?! Everyone knows The Beauty & The Beast story and that's what they're expecting to see... so strange.

  19. I can't believe all the changes they made. Shouldn't that be like a copyright infringement??? We got all of 1 inch of snow and work was called off on Friday but I wasn't complaining! I like a good snowed in weekend to do nothing but be lazy! Cory, on the other hand, hates snow!

  20. I'm so sorry about the production you saw. Doesn't make any sense to me that they would change the wording.


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