Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday {Link up #56} ... LOTS of Beauty & the Beast in this one!

This week I am Thankful For:

63 / Ricky let me use his car during the snow.  My car is the WORST in bad weather so he ended up driving his hoopty truck & let me drive his little snow plower. It's a Ford Focus - the smallest car - but that baby handles so well in the snow.  So thankful I didn't have to take my Slide-Mobile in the bad weather.

64 / My sweet hubby getting me Beauty & the Beast tickets for my birthday. I know he's gotta be sick of the show... but he continues to take me knowing it makes me happy.

65 / New Beauty & the Beast souvenirs.  It makes me happy to slowly take over my house one item at a time to transform to a Disney home.

I have drank out of this mug every day since last Thursday

67 / Being off work on a snow day

68 / Finding a new Thomas Kinkade Beauty & the Beast puzzle... especially the day after seeing the Broadway show!  I usually like the 1000 piece puzzles but I'll take these in any size.

70 / This sweet comment on Instagram from a friend who has started Bible Journaling. That really blessed my heart.


73 / Great consult meeting with a future bride & groom.

74 / Yarn that is over $1 cheaper a skein at one store compared to others. I bought 6 skeins - which meant I basically could get one more skein & it would be free.  Give me a deal on yarn any day please.

76 / Snow melting!

77 / Found out Beauty & the Beast is coming to our little local dinner theater this summer!  It was funny because some people at Ricky's work was like, "Don't tell Rebecca!!!"... don't they know I have friends who are always on the hunt for me giving me this info that must be known?  ... Ricky was THRILLED to hear the news #yeahright

78 / Tried a new recipe for a black bean/rice burger with avocado. It was AMAZING... & EASY.  Ricky even enjoyed it. I always consider that a success when Ricky is full at the end of a dinner of a new dish to try.

81 / My Starbucks Tumbler... I have never had a tumbler that keeps a drink so piping hot better then this thing! I am so super impressed. I don't think I could ever use another kind of tumbler now. Thanks Dawn for turning me onto these things!  I think this thing is in my hands at least 30% of the day. If anything, to keep my hands warm in this winter weather.


What are kind of blessings have you seen in 
your life this week?

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  1. I LOVE Beauty and the Beast. It was my oldest daughter's favorite, too. What a fun B and B week for you! I am looking into prayer journals, not quite at the Bible journaling just yet. Starbucks tumbler=AWESOME!! I love mine, too! ANY time yarn is cheaper or on sale, I'm in! Have a frog-tastic week!

  2. oh ok so maybe the dinner theatre one is the one i keep seeing? but where is it, i forget? love the souvenirs, that mug is so fun. and yay for snow melting, it makes me so happy!

  3. Love that puzzle. That would be a fun one to work. See I prefer the 500 piece puzzles, because I don't have a big enough space to work the bigger ones.

    Yay for good deals on yarn!

  4. ugh snow. worst. i love seeing it melt and seeing the grass underneath!

  5. That mug is too cute! I'm obsessed with coffee mugs. You guys look so snazzy in your theater-going outfits! I love it!

  6. I couldn't see your pictures (stupid work computer!)...except for the IG one! You've inspired me to do an "I love you because"/gratitude journal for CH. It's amazing how much better a relationship is when you take a couple of minutes out of the day to be thankful for the little things!
    CH saw Beauty & the Beast on Broadway & said it was the best show he's ever seen.
    I have a Contigo tumbler that keeps my coffee hot for hours. LOVE it! And, I don't have to worry about it spilling because of the top.
    Thanks for hosting!

  7. Woo hoo! Beauty and the Beast, yes!!! Love that bookworm Belle :P

  8. That puzzle is beautiful!
    Nothing bad has happened to me or my little family this week so I'm calling that a blessing!

  9. That was a lot of Beauty and the Beast! I didn't know TK made Disney puzzles. Cool. Funny, we were both thankful to find a recipe everyone would eat.

    Have a blessed and snow-free rest of the week!

  10. Those black bean burgers sound delicious! I've loved every black bean burger I've ever tried...they are just so good! That tumbler is so cute! I may have to invest in one since they work so well!

  11. Mmmm black bean and rice burgers sound like my kind of meal. Our snow is melting here, thank goodness. I went for a walk two days ago and almost busted my butt so many times.

  12. Love your souvenirs!!! And I love that he takes you even if he isn't super thrilled about the show! Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite movies and favorite Disney movie!

  13. Darn it...I forgot to participate AGAIN! I'm going to have to cover the walls of our office with Post-It Notes or something to remind myself. I love the photo of you and Ricky...y'all look adorbs!

  14. i'm glad you made it through the snow--i have only done it a handful of times, ever! and glad it's melting. i love the tumbler--i need to find one to add to the collection


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