Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday {Link up #55}

This week I am Thankful For:

43 / A run outside. I so loved one warm day in the midst of all the WINTER that is happening.  It made me excited for more runs back out in fresh air!

44 / A great vet.  I love our new vet we've been going to. She is so calm & thorough whenever we go in for the smallest thing.

47 / Kroger Gas Points.  I ended up getting 70 cents off & my fuel was so cheap!!!  Remember those days of $3 or $4 gas?  I'll totally cry if we get back to that again one day.

Friday thankful:

49 / Glad to have gotten my Christmas stuff down.  I actually was getting tired of seeing it after nearly 3 months.  & its just the right amount of time where I'll miss it & be ready for it again in November.

 / Making my Bible Journal work out.  I did the page on the left a long time ago & for some reason, the ink from the color smeared on the opposite page.  So I ended up using similar colors to make it all blend in together & pulling out some washi tape... It's not my favorite page, but I think it makes a good spread.  I love my Bible Journaling time on the weekend.

Bible journal:

51 / Time with my JOY Bible Ladies.

53 / Getting the Grands school pictures in the mail.  I can't believe how grown up they look now.   Such handsome little young men.

54 / My dad checking to see if I need him to take me to the dentist.  I love my parents.

57 / Dental Treatment.  I keep grumbling about the pain of it, & definitely the cost of it all, but I am reminded that I am blessed to be able to get dental treatment done.  There's some people in this world that just have to deal with dental pain or just loose their teeth when problems occur.  I'm reminding myself I am blessed in all of this mess.

59 / Clearance Yarn & crochet hooks.  To calm my nerves for my latest dental adventure, I stopped in to look at some yarn.  & then found this beautiful yarn on clearance & all the crochet hooks marked down.  With my shoulder, I still have a hard time knitting & while crocheting hurts it as well, I can do it a little longer then knitting so I was so happy to add to my crochet hook collection!


60 /  Ricky came home from a hard day work & made some delicious chili. He's becoming quite the chili maker in our house.


61 / Made it safely to work in the horrible snow.  I saw 2 cars spin out on the expressway & it was so scary driving in... I never was so glad to pull into my work's parking lot. WHEW!

62 / A clear driveway!  The biggest part of bad trips in the snow is my road & my driveway.  Driving home, the roads were cleared off & I thought, the worst part will be the driveway... except I got home & found our neighbor had cleared off our drive for us. YIPPEE.  Smooth sailing. We have the best neighbors. I've said it before ... I'll keep saying it.

Look at that drive shining through!!!

What Blessings have you had this past week?


  1. What great blessings! A good vet is great peace of mind. I love mine even though I don't have my dogs.(We lost them in March and August and I can't bear to have another right now) Your running inspires me; however, I am not there in my exercise journey- maybe this spring! Have a super awesome, blessed day!

  2. What a blessing good neighbors are! I love that yarn and yay for clearances.

    Have a great day!!!

  3. i'm grateful i am feeling better after an awful cold. i get migraines when i am sick, so i'm glad those are gone today. and i'm thankful for medicine!

  4. Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold! We have some good ones; we had some doozies for a few years when we lived in SC.
    Yay for a hubby who makes good chili!!! :D (He's a keeper!)

  5. I mean how sweet of your dad to see if you needed help getting to the dentist! So sweet! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I love that your neighbor took care of your driveway! Awe, your dad is so sweet! I need to make chili this weekend! Lots to be thankful for.

  7. I love that scarf! Did you make it? Hey I wanted to introduce you to my blogging friend Shelly. She comments on our blog so you should easily be able to find her link. She is a runner and a knitter and is always making such beautiful things! You should really check her out. I don't remember the link off the top of my head but it is something like "my journey to fit over 50" or something like that.
    Also, what do the numbers on this blog post correspond to? You are always stumping me with number in your

  8. I need to use my Fred Meyer (our local Kroger grocer) fuel points! Thanks for the reminder! I liked taking my Christmas decor down too. Your neighbors sound awesome--so glad your driveway was cleared off for you!

  9. NO WAY with those gas points - so cool!! Costco next to me is $1.50 and I am loving life!! What an awesome neighbor, too!

  10. If I can ever remember to participate in Thankful Thursday, I'd love to hop onboard! Great way to remember your blessings. Brittany is attempting to learn how to knit/crochet. She made a square yesterday and was tickled pink. Progress!

  11. So cool I didn't know you did illustrated faith (bible journaling!) too!! Its my favorite!!

  12. Having a good vet is so important! And chili, yum!!! I am making another pot for lunches next week!

  13. My jaw just dropped at that gas price. I haven't seen it that low since I was in college! That is so sweet of your neighbors to clear your driveway off for you. :)

  14. all of these things are so true. i complain, like anyone, about things like gas prices or dental work, or vet expenses, but it's good to remember that not everyone has access to things like that!

  15. i am not allowed to buy yarn until i finish the 2 bins i have!! great finds, though.

  16. Glad you made it to work okay! I always get so nervous when it snows bad and I have to drive somewhere... and seeing other cars spin out is especially disconcerting!

  17. Dad's are the best! Any time we get bad weather mine still calls to see if I need a ride to work!


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