Monday, January 04, 2016

The weekend that a new year started... with a sick husband....

Back to the grind...

I've said that phrase all weekend long.

I will have to say, I am looking forward to routine again.  I am a routine person.  It messes me up a little when nothing in on schedule or everything gets a little chaotic... which the Holidays SCREAM chaotic.

So in a weird way, I'm ready for the beginning of January - a fresh start - getting life back to normal.

Except my house is still fully decorated in Christmas.

I'm laying bets my decorations will be up till at least February.... whatchagonnado?.... I ain't in no rush to take it down.

Well I know a lot of people had some crazy plans & parties for New Years Eve on Thursday night...

This was about the extent of mine...

New years eve:

I actually stopped at the grocery on the way home & picked up some Starbucks for Ricky & I to help fuel us to midnight....

but I knew the second Ricky came in the door after work, it wasn't going to work...

He tried. Bless his heart - he tried.

We watched some episodes of The Flash & he dozed off at 8:30... jerked up & said, "Is it almost midnight?"... it was 9:30...

so much for New Years.

... BUT... I will say, I ended up falling asleep myself around 10:30 but I woke up at 11:58!

Talk about calling that close.

So I did see New Years come in.  & Ricky actually woke up about 12:03 so in the end, we did get to get that New Years kiss in for the year... & then, zzzzzzzz....

We do a Gratitude Jar every year... keep it on the table in our foyer & throw things in it year round for things we're thankful for.  On New Years Eve... or hence, in our past few years, on New Years Day morning.... we dump out all the strips of paper & look over all the blessings of the year.

I so love doing this through the year & the fun of reading all of the things that are so easy to forget.

& the first one that goes in the jar every year... "Off work on January 1" :)

New Years Day has us running out to take some things back & beating the crowds early...

& while we were out, Ricky was like, "I don't feel good"... it hit him fast.  Like a Super Cold....he got a sore throat, started coughing, felt chills... had a fever... yep. Sick.

We got home early in the afternoon & he went down to his little man-cave with blankets & a heater & just curled up on the couch with his super hero movies....

... I on the other hand made up time I've missed with the holidays on editing my last wedding.  I'm still doing pretty good.  I'm finished with the pictures & just have to 2nd edit & upload them, so I'm proud that I got done what I got done... but man, 7 straight hours in front of the computer editing.... whew!  Let me take that "off work on January 1" thing out of my gratitude jar.

Saturday had me feeling like a kid again.  I ended up coloring ... in my ADULT coloring book, thankyouverymuch.... & Disney princess movies was playing on ABC Family & it was just the best morning.

... except poor Ricky was still sick.  With a higher fever.

I felt like I handled his sickness really well.  I didn't avoid him.  I didn't walk around in a hazmat suit.  I'm calling this PROGRESS!

Typically me

I did run out to get him some dinner & wanted to stop by the pharmacy to pick up some medicine ot help him.... except who knew the pharmacy closes at 6pm on Saturday night?

What kind of world are we living in?... UGH!

When I turned & saw the pharmacy closed, I think I may have screamed ...a little

I tried....

Luckily, we found some medicine in the back of the cabinet that got him through the night.

We actually had plans for our last Christmas with our friends but with Ricky's fever, we didn't want to get anyone sick - especially a little baby & a pregnant momma...

so see?  Christmas for us will extend into NEXT weekend... its the season that doesn't end for us!

Sunday, we ended up not going to church because while Ricky's fever broke, he still felt awful.  & we didn't want him coughing & hacking during the whole service in a crowded service.

We had some Kohl's Cash that Ricky has to spend by Sunday & he wanted to get out of the house - he gets like a caged animal at home if he has to stay too long without getting out - so we rode down to Kohl's & then out to McAlister's for lunch... & he was ready to get home... felt horrible all over again...

bless him

I really should have started taking down my Christmas stuff then... except I like it.  The glow. All the Disney.  So I said, forget it.  One more week... & then maybe I'll start taking it down. Maybe?

Until then, I'll color some more.

How was your long weekend?

Any fun New Years Eve stories?

You glad to get back to a routine?


  1. I hope Ricky's feeling better! Lol @ the New Years Eve "snoozabration" excellent luck waking up just in time!
    I love your gratitude jar. It's such a fantastic idea! Trish - tales from trish

  2. Hope Ricky feels better quickly! We rang in the new year with my brother and his wife and their two boys (4 and 2)...the boys almost made it through until midnight after they slept on their three hour drive to my parents' for Christmas! Praying for many blessings for you and Ricky in this new year!

  3. hahahah people were sick all around me and i was avoiding them like the plague. whenever people are coughing all around us, i force everyone in my house to drink lemon/manuka honey concoction and if an inkling of a sore throat happens, it's fresh ginger steeped in hot water with lemon and honey all day long.

    Hope he feels better soon!

  4. Well way to wake up just in time to ring in the new year! Sorry to hear that Ricky was sick - hoping he feels better soon!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Hope Ricky is feeling better today. We had a nice, fairly quiet weekend. Just the way I like it.

  6. Hope your husband gets feeling better soon! That yucky cold and flu stuff going around is nasty and no fun!
    Sorry your didn't get your New Years kiss, but maybe since he is sick, that might be a blessing in disquise:)
    My house is still fully decorated for Christmas too, I think if I am up to it, I am going to fix that today! Have a great week!

  7. I hope Ricky feels better soon!! It sounds like you got a ton of things done, though, which is nice. I love that photo from your most recent wedding. I received an adult coloring book this year, too, and cannot wait to start working on it :)

  8. Oh no! I hope your hubby is feel better soon! I had time to take down Christmas this weekend but I just didn't want to :) Your NYE sounds wonderful... it's similar to how K and I have spent every night in 2016! Curled up on the couch, watching episodes of The West Wing :) Good luck with the work week!

  9. Your gratitude jar is such a great idea! I love it. Hopefully Ricky is better!

  10. ugh, getting sick sucks. hope he is better and you don't get sick soon!
    look at you waking up at 11:58. that's awesome! i was in bed by like 15 past midnight haha.
    being off work January 1st is definitely something to be thankful for!

  11. Girl...I laughed because I nodded off on NYE at 11:45 PM...missed the whole thing! Man, I'm getting O-L-D! So sorry to hear about Ricky being sick...that's never fun. I did a gratitude jar a couple of years ago. Really makes you see things in a whole different perspective.

  12. Holy cow, is that the cover of your book or a page you already colored? It's stinkin perfect!
    I put all my christmas stuff away but I did keep my snowmen and other "winter-ish" decor up. We had three christmas trees this year so for the first time ever I put one in our bedroom. When I took it down Scott was sad and actually said we should keep it up all year long and just decorate it for different seasons. It gave a nice glow to the room at night but I thinking having it up all year might not make me like it Here's hoping Ricky Feels better for the rest of the week!

  13. As much as I love the holidays, I'm always ready to get back into my routine come January! Hope Ricky is feeling better ASAP!

  14. Oh no! I got a text today that MFD isn't feeling well. I hope he doesn't have something similar. Feel better Ricky!

    This was the first time in years I didn't make it to midnight.

  15. I can't wait to bust out my (adult) coloring book. And yay Sleeping Beauty! I love that movie. So crazy that you woke up at 11:58 on NYE! I hope Ricky feels better.

  16. I'm glad someone else is ready to get back into their routine, too. I felt like a weirdo for feeling that way! lol
    I need to take down the Christmas decorations at work... but I have a feeling they'll be there until Valentine's Day, lol

  17. i hope he feels better soon! it sounds like it just happened out of nowhere! no fun to start off the new year. i'm glad i'm not the only one with christmas still up. i don'thave any more celebrating to do, just don't feel like taking it down yet.

  18. My decorations were up until Feb. 5th one year because I got sick after Christmas. I usually try to have them down before my son's birthday on the 20th but I will actually be starting this weekend. I'm ready! Poor Rick, I hope he is feeling better. I love your coloring, wow you did an awesome job. I haven't started yet.

  19. Our New Year was super low key this year...dinner with friends where I could stay on the couch! I feel for Ricky! Praying he is feeling 100% better, though! And girl, leave those decorations up. Mine will be up for at least another week!

  20. I sadly have not made it to midnight in years ... lol

    I love that groom and his style!!


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