Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Healthy Food Ideas

12 Low-Calorie, Late-Night Snacks For Delicious Midnight Dining

Check out the LINK  
Some of the ideas look delicious!

Favorite Necklace/Dog Tag

My friend Erica sent this to me & I am so in love with it.
A name tag for your pet & a silhouette of them for you to wear.
Its like the BEST Best Friend necklace you could have.
I'd love to have one for all 3 of my babies & have all 3 of their silhouettes around my neck.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Adam (Beast) and Belle.:
Its like Ricky & I just went & posed for this picture ;) haha

Favorite Home Workout 

When it's too cold to workout outside, I love to try this at-home workout routine! Perfect for the busy mom or working wife!
Credit to Rachel Mcmichael

I bet this is a good sweat maker that is easy enough to do in your living room

Favorite Instagram


I just found out Disney has an Instagram for their Disney weddings
.... let me swoon all day long at these posts!

Favorite Valentine Decoration

I absolutely hate the whole Mason jar thing, but these are pretty. Great Ideas — 20 Valentine Decor Projects!:

I love mason jars anyways
but these are just perfect to scatter in the house for February

Favorite Thought

and so-and-so and so-and-so and YOU:

Favorite Funnies

funny quotes and pictures 280 (38 pict) | Funny pictures:

Funny Pictures:
I dont go by one of these without saying a prayer


Good Move:

... when I play my Disney Princess CD in the car

... how I feel about the Oscars & everyone celebrating & praising actors/actresses

... when I want to say something back to someone I know I shouldn't

... me after carrying up the laundry basket from the basement

... what I basically have to do when I walk into the dentist office

Me at 4:00pm

NASA worker loses mind after Mars Curiosity landing gif

Happy Friday Y'all!!!


  1. there's a DISNEY WEDDING page? brb as I follow them!! and yes, i had no idea that was ahula hoop! lol. have a great weekend!

  2. Hahahahaha your gifs are hilarious!!! And I love that dog tag necklace!!! How special :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Um, where the heck do I get that dog necklace? Walter and I need it. ;)

  4. Love the necklace and I'll probably be checking out the Disney wedding Instagram page. I definitely need to tell my oldest about this. She would love a Disney Wedding.

  5. Disney has a Pinterest page for their weddings, too. Just in case you want to spend +5 hours on that glorious site :)
    I LOVE THAT NECKLACE. I think I just might need it..... Ha!

  6. Aww that necklaces is awesome.

    LOL I did the laundry basket up from the basement last night. Whew. Overstuffed too.

  7. bahahahaha that hula hoop one is hilarious, i did the same thing. and that picture seriously does look like you and ricky ;)

  8. That is such a cute Valentine's Day DIY - love it!! Seriously wishing I was getting out at 4 today!! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. Hilarious! Love it all! I love the one of Michelle from full house. I am with you girl! And your caption under your B&B picture definitely made me laugh!!! Happy Friday

  10. I so love the idea of snapping a selfie...gonna give it a go... tee hee...


  11. That dog tag is awesome! Love the Valentine Mason Jars. Have a nice weekend.

  12. Oh girl you have definitely made me laugh out loud! It's a good thing I'm at home!

    Love the dog necklace and I actually saved that "at home workout". Hey, maybe I'll do it!

  13. Oh man that dog tag thing is really cute, but I feel like my cats would not appreciate it as much as I would.

  14. OMG the hoola hoop! hahahahah! i was thinking: hmmm...what am i looking at? the corner of the bed? a trick? LOLOLOLOL

  15. Love the dog tags...and the mason jars...and the quote.
    Your funnies just crack me up!

  16. I love the dog necklace how cool is that!?! Those mason jars look so pretty, why do they look so pretty when someone else does them. I'm pretty positive mine would not come out like this! :)

  17. You always find the best funnies on Friday. I love the dog tag, I wonder if they make kitty tags too. We have a cat.

    Healthy snacks and workouts are the best for being healthy and being fit. How's your running going so far? You're running has made me want to pick up running again. I ran a lot before Sophie and then started slacking off when she was born but I need to get back into it because it's something anyone can do.

    The mason jars are really nice perfect for decorations or drinking out (I guess you should paint the rim so that it doesn't taste funny.

    liz @ j for joiner

  18. I'm super behind on blog reading so I'm making this a quick comment but I went to high school with one of the girls on that Disney wedding screenshot! It's the bride who's surrounded by bridesmaids in red! :) So anyway I only knew about that Insta account because she mentioned on her FB/Insta that she was featured on it!


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