Thursday, April 06, 2017

A knee wax, a clean windshield & when your husband thinks all your teeth are falling out.... {Thankful Thursday #119}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - just ignore}

237 / Christian radio station.
When we first moved our office to a new location, I couldnt get hardly any radio stations. Only one. & for some reason, I can get all the radio stations in again.  Dont know if its because they have been building more buildings around here & for some reason, can get better signals? I dont know how that works. I just know I'm glad to have my Christian radio station back at work.

240 / Safe at home.
I always get nervous when my family travels & when my brother & his family was traveling home from Florida, I was anxious for them for a 12 hour car ride.  But everyone made it home safe & sound... & their doggie was happy to see his family back too.

242 / Survived the 10 mile race.
I'm still amazed I finished my race from Saturday. It's kind of all a blur ... I think my mind is trying to block it out of my memory.  But I have a medal to prove I did it.

243 / KT Tape.
I tell you what - this bunch I got this last time has been the BOMB DIGGITY. It is holding my knees so tight & its not peeling off. I dont know if its because I'm not sweating so bad like I do when its hot & humid... or if its just a good set of tape with good adhesive.  I wore it for my race & its survived a few showers & I finally had to pull it off because I was afraid my skin was going to get irritated. It was like giving my knees a wax job.

244 / Sweet letter.
One of my MSM girls gave me the sweetest thank you card she hand wrote for taking her to see Beauty & the Beast - HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT?  Her momma is raising her right.  Hand written thank you cards are a lost art, arent they?  & I loved she even did a little bit of hand lettering on the front with my name.

246 / Clean car window.
OK - yes, I'm going to say it once again - I love my church.  I walked out to my car on Sunday after service & see a card on my windshield.  Didn't know what it was but read it quick & then saw my window was indeed cleaned up.  I forgot what a clean car window looked like. I could have loved to have looked out seeing all these little kids cleaning these car windows.

Yep - SCC was in last week's posts too when he "liked" one of my pictures.  All week long, he's been promoting his new book & having a daily contest.  Well, I was about giddy when my BFF Nathalie text me & said, YOU WON! I didn't have a clue what she was talking about ... & then it hit me what I've been commenting on all week. STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN!! YAHOOO!!!!!
I won an autographed book (so I'll have to share my original book I've already read) & a coffee mug & some of his favorite coffee from Paducah, Kentucky.... Kentucky girl appreciates that!  It might as well be a million bucks to me.  Nathalie even told me - "You know you're going to get a book that he's held in his hands, right?".... FANGIRLING!!!!! Totally 100% fangirling!!!!  I'm hoping every week has a SCC surprise in it now ;)

Yeahhhh - they misspelled my name.
Thank God a rebeccahjonits didnt exist

When I saw I won, I started running around the house & screaming... I'm subtle.... Ricky came running up the stairs screaming "OH NOOOOO - NOT AGAIN".... then he saw I was smiling & screaming with laughter - not tears.  He was so mad at me because it scared him. He said, "I just knew you lost another tooth"... He was legit mad. Like he wouldn't even talk to me for an hour because he said his heart was pounding so hard thinking he had to deal with a toothless crying wife.  To be fair - that is always something that is a possibility in our house.

251 / Barefoot time.
I love nothing more than going barefoot in the spring/summer/fall... the feel of cool grass on my feet (before I break out in itchy hives from grass #allergic) but I still love it ... get behind me winter!!!

254 / New Running Shoes
It was time. My old running shoes have quarter size holes in the toes - the bottom is slick - they've been through 2 half marathons & almost to another one (in 24 days!! - eek!) & Ricky bought me a new pair of running shoes at Christmas. I was holding off using them until I needed them. I needed some running inspiration this week, so broke those babies out.  Love them!! Now to break them in for the next 24 days.

So tell me something good that happened in your week

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  1. So cool winning an autographed book by SCC! Congrats. Don't you just love winning stuff? Your shoes are really cute. Hope they are comfy. How sweet about the handwritten note. That really is a lost art. So glad that mama is teaching her right.

  2. Yay for winning!!!! Love your new shoes, so pretty!!! And what a sweet thing to clean the windows!!!!!! That would be awesome to come out to! And a great lesson.

  3. That's so cool that you won that contest! Though I had to laugh at the reaction to your excitement :) Hopefully he was eventually relieved that it was happy yelling and not the result of a tooth issue.

  4. I like to see people sending handwritten cards still...and paper cards and notes. I think they are more personal than Facebook messages.

  5. I love your new sneakers, and congrats on the 10-miler! I love that distance :) KT is also THE BOMB - I go a little crazy and get the brightest colors I can ;)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  6. OMG that is so cool you won the SCC contest! Good for you!!!
    When heat n humidity arrive, I would suggest using Rock Tape vs KT tape. I've had better experiences with that staying put (and it water). It's made with a different material an is even more flexible without curling up.

  7. What a good week for you! I love that the kids in your church got hands-on with humility! That's awesome! Hand-written thank you notes are my favorite :)
    Congrats on the contest win! And LOOK AT HOW GREEN THAT GRASS IS! That's amazing!

  8. Congrats on winning the SCC contest - super cool! LOL on scaring Ricky. :D I love bare feet in grass too and the scent of fresh cut grass. Nothing better.

  9. Great new shoes!! Cute project for the little kids! Nice thank you from one of your girls. You've had another week full of blessings!

  10. Ooh - pretty shoes! And congrats on the SCC contest! I'd be screaming too. :) Bare feet in the grass ... I miss that and I didn't realize it was something I missed until your post. Might need to change that if we ever get a nice day again.

  11. Love those pink running shoes and I always knew you were a winner!

  12. I love the clean windows idea! And handwritten notes are always the best!

  13. Congrats on winning the contest! That's so exciting!

    I don't even remember what a clean windshield looks like.

  14. Your sneakers are so cute, and how fun to win the contest!

  15. This is a very difficult question for me to answer because I totally think I will jinx it all. I wrote about it in a blog post. But anyway because you are asking I will let go of that jinxing thought and go with it. This week our school district celebrated paraprofessionals. So Monday we were treated to donuts and oddly enough fruit salad. Kind of a strange combo. Today we all had chocolate in our mailbox.

  16. WOOOOHOOOO! You won, girl! YOU.WON. How awesome exciting is that???? By the way, I love that back story. I can see my husband not talking to me over something like that, too. Totally worth it though, right? :)

  17. hahaha on the tooth thing! oh no, poor ricky!! :P Love the shoes and the green grass lady! Spring has sprung! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  18. New running shoes are the best. I need a new pair. And also that tape is heavenly. I LOVE that stuff. I wish we had some nice weather this weekend. I want to be putting my feet in the green grass as well!

  19. Do you have Air 1 there? It is my favorite Christian radio station and I know they are branching out to all different states.


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