Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

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What We're Eating This Week

I've discovered these babies... & am loving them!
I'm all about a quick breakfast in the freezer when I am running late & these are fantastic.

& this has been my go-to lunch lately - especially with the nice weather so I can sit outside...
the quinoa salad (except I change out the kale for spinach) & tomato soup. Its just the BEST lunch!

What I'm Reminiscing About
CNN News

Did you see the latest news about diet soft drinks & how they can be tied to higher risks of dementia & strokes? ... I used to drink the daylights out of Diet Coke... I think back at it now & it freaks me out. I havent had a Diet Soft drink (any soft drink really) in about 4 or 5 years now. I am so thankful I gave those up... & dont even miss them now. They make me a little sick thinking about them actually.
I know its scary what sugar can do to a body - its even scarier to me what artificial junk can do as well.

What I'm Loving

Old Navy
Click pic for link to Old Navy

I found some white jeans I like. 
You cant even imagine the hunt I've been on - for YEARS - to find some good white jeans.
With the help of Beautifully Candid who turned me onto these babies, I was nervous about ordering another pair of jeans feeling like I was going to have to return them.
But I fell in love with these. They are a little long, which surprises me because most jeans are too short for me - but being summer, they are perfect to roll up for an ankle look.
Let's just say, I'm ordering another pair to stock up!

Side Note - I just looked back at my order & I had ordered TALL - that makes sense now.

What We've Been Up to

Trying to keep our little blind boy happy & safe.

What I'm Dreading

I had a sketchy mammogram come back last year & had to go back - that 2nd one came back ok - but I had to schedule for another one 6 months later... which is next week.
I'm dreading all of those nerves again...
If you want to lift up a prayer for me, I'd LOVE that...

What I'm Working On

Still working on my lettering & trying to add in some artist pieces to it...
I've had fun trying out new skills - trying out new pens, paper.
I just want ALL the pens & markers now.
Its not like my pen obsession wasn't bad enough before... oops.

What I'm Excited About

Getting my new treadmill delivered!!!
I CANT WAIT to play on it!!!

What I'm Watching/Reading
I mentioned Monday how I binged Trial & Error & the show The Imposters - totally love both of them.

Right now, I'm  into some oldies but goodies...

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Survivor just keeps getting better & better!  This season has been amazing to watch.  I never tire of watching human interaction & how its never easy to know what people are going to do - especially for a million dollars. 

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Scandal has really picked up its game this season.  Did anyone watch last week?
& FREAK OUT LIKE I DID? Didn't see that death scene coming.

What I'm Listening To

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Yep... I finished listening to the podcast everyone else has been listening to.
Not sure what to think.  It was just sad, & crazy & bizarre.  
& I'm not sure what the whole point of it was in the end... but it did hold my attention & I was anxious to hear every following podcast.  
Just shows how different people are in our own world.  The stories no one knows.
What did you think about it if you listened to it? I'm dying to hear others thoughts on it.

What I'm Wearing

 LulaRoe Alaina Mason

A bunch of LulaRoe!
My middle step daughter is selling the leggings now to raise money for a surrogate in her infertility journey so I'm all about supporting that as well as getting some adorable leggings.  She's been on top of letting me know when she gets in some leggings with roses on them.  I mean, as a Belle myself, I need all the rose things I can get.

Click the picture to visit her LulaRoe FB Page if you are looking for some leggings & want to support a good cause.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Hopefully surviving 13.1 miles!!!! Fingers crossed!!

Image result for ky derby mini marathon

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Memorial Weekend....
The kick off to some long weekends & time off work.

Be sure to come by Mix & Match Mama to join in   


  1. Look at your adorable LLR patterns! And good luck on your race this weekend! Mine is next weekend. Always nerve wracking even though you've done one before! I only listened thru the end of episode 3 of S Town & didn't pick it back up. I'm not the best at following along to podcasts.. I really need to give it my undivided attention!

  2. Good luck on your race! And good luck at your doctor appointment. I hate stuff like that! Sierra looked fab in her white jeans, and I am sure you are looking great in yours as well! Old Navy pants have never fit me right, but maybe I will look in to those. Scandal has gotten VERY good again this season!!! EEEEE

  3. i totally missed scandal; i had no idea it started again #rage.

  4. I think i bought those same white jeans from ON and I love them! After I washed them, they're a little more capri length on me and its the perfect fit! I even where them to work with the ragged hem! I'm such the rebel! I totally understand the breast scare because I had my own last month. Luckily, everything was fine and I'm sure yours will be too because I'll be praying for you! As for Diet Coke, I'm nearly four months free of my all time favorite beverage and I do feel much better! Happy Wednesday!

  5. The only pair of white jeans I've found that fit me well were from the Gap -- and they're going on 25 years old maybe? I don't wear them more than once a year but I can't get rid of them because I know I'll probably never find another pair that fits well. They aren't as WHITE as they used to be though ... might have to check out the ones from ON!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love your lettering skills! I think I need to schedule time with myself to actually sit down and expand on my doodles.

    AND ... good luck on Saturday!!!

  6. Your lunch break views are looking great! We've had rain here for what feels like forever. I'm really looking forward to some sunshine. I am so happy those jeans worked out for you, even the tall ones lol. Beautifully Candid

  7. Yum great breakfast and lunch... I'll have to see if I can find those burritos to try! I love Amy's veggie ones for lunches. :) I've been hearing that about diet soda since I was a kid, so I just don't touch the stuff. I drink regular, and I try to cut back on it... because it's so calorie laden and also I don't trust the aluminum either... yikes. I love your lettering! & I agree, eating outside lately has been so great!! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. Best of luck on your marathon! I know you will do awesome. Glad you found some good white jeans, they are always so hard to find. I use to drink a ton of soda but not much anymore. Oddly, I always crave it when I'm at the beach, it's so weird.

  9. I've heard others mention S-town but no one really says what it is about. What is it about?
    I didn't realize you were getting your TM delivered. Sorry about asking you all those questions the other day.

  10. I joined your stepdaughter's page! I will peruse.

    Good thoughts to you for your mammogram. I know it will be fine.

  11. Aww... prayers for both you (and your mammogram) and blind little Bruno!
    I love your lettering! You just keep getting better and better!!

  12. First of all - definitely sending prayers your way.

    Anything that has 0 calories but still tastes like something freaks me out. HOW DID YOU GET TASTE IN THERE WITH NO CALORIES!? That's freaky food voodoo right there and it doesn't make sense.

    I have a friend who's Mom is thin, and married to a Doctor. But they continually eat fat free everything and diet this and diet that. And she drinks Diet Coke, and I just DO NOT understand. I'll take 5 extra pounds please and thank you if it means full fat cheese. And while I rarely drink Coke, it makes the ones I do drink so much sweeter, literally.

  13. I keep thinking I need to join the LulaRoe cult, but as a plus-sized person (and pear), I'm not sure they're the right look for me...

  14. My fingers are crossed for you on your mammogram. I really hope everything comes back ok. I have to visit my OBGYN in the next month and it is always scary for me since I had some surgeries and cancerous cells. Those burritos look really good. I LOVE panera and wish we had one here.

  15. I really love your drawings and letterings! I always love seeing them pop up in my instagram feed and find them so inspirational, friend!

  16. Prayers regarding your mammogram.

  17. Sending all the prayers for you!

    I'm nervous too about the Diet Coke stuff. I love Diet Coke but I've cut way back to maybe one or two a week now.

    I always love your hand lettering. How'd you learn it?

  18. I love Old Navy jeans!! I was in shock last week for scandal - just as crazy as ever! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  19. Great looking jeans! Model them for us please! I have never been a soda lover and rarely have anything carbonated, diet or otherwise. Thankfully, because that was some scary news. Good luck with your race!! Hugs!

  20. super excited for you and the half this weekend; praying for the peace of Christ to overwhelm you. <3

  21. I finished S Town too--I wanted more of an ending! I wonder if there really is gold! That accent reminds me of my family back home!

  22. Thoughts and prayers for healthy test results.

    Your pup <3 He's lucky to have you! (I went overboard on the dog stuff in my post today).

    Panera plus a TJR book looks like the perfect lunch.


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