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Confessions on Easter

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With Easter this weekend, I'd figure I'd do a little confession of my favorite holiday...

... I used to love getting Easter baskets when I was little. It was like Christmas morning waiting to go in the living room & get our baskets.  They were legit baskets. None of this bucket, or monogrammed stuff that is out now.  I loved my basket.  A real wooden basket with frayed parts on the side from the years of wear & tear of going in the basement & coming out every year.  Wonder what happened to it. Probably just fell apart.

... Easter grass is from the devil.  Jelly beans & loose candy would always get stuck in it.

.. Speaking of "from the devil"... I'll say one word- Peeps. UGHHHH... disgusting.My mom loves them - even when they get stale.  I literally gag at the thought of them. It's a texture thing for me.  nooooo!!!!

... Easter grass had to stop being used when we got a cat & they would eat it.  Ever have to pull Easter grass from a cat's butt?  Pure entertainment... of an anatomy lesson.

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...One of my favorite Easter basket things I ever received - an ALBUM of Stryper "To Hell with the Devil" AND Whitesnake's big album.  Obviously, that shows how I loved all kinds of music from when I was young.  ... also had to look that up & Stryper was 1986 & Whitesnake was 1987 - so I must have gotten them in 1987, so I would have been 15.  I still listen to songs from those albums. Thanks Spotify for keeping memories alive... & a lot easier to get to besides loading up a turn table.

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... I always have felt guilty eating chocolate bunnies.  No wonder I became a vegetarian.  I cant even handle eating fake animals.

... I actually love the black jelly beans.  But funny fact - I had to go to a cardiologist as a pre-teen because of issues & they told me not to eat black jelly beans because of something they do to your heart.  I need to look that up & see if that still applies.  Something with licorice. Who knew Easter could be such a health issue.

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Despite what my cardiologist says!!!!!

... I got in an Easter basket when I was in middle school, a Mickey Mouse T-shirt with my name on the back... with those fuzzy iron on letters.  Do you know I STILL have that shirt & wear it to bed even now.  ... & can we all just take a moment & applaud that I can still wear it?... Granted, I've been big my whole life... bygones.  #VintageMickey

... I used to love Easter because it meant a new dress for church.  It was such a big deal to pick out something.  To this day, I love to pick out a new dress to wear to church.  My momma raised me right to find a good reason to shop.

... Easter was typically the only day I could wear 'heels' as a little girl.  I'm sure my parents didnt like me wearing them because it would tack on an extra 10 minutes for me to scoot to the van to the church.  The same thing basically applies today if I wear heels.  Which as a grown up, I love I get to make the choice to wear flats & steer clear of heels all I can.

... Cadbury Eggs have always been my favorite.  Like, I always get excited when I see they are out for the season.  It used to be, they'd only come out right before Easter... now, they're out the day after Christmas.  Seriously.  I'm not complaining. My waist line may be complaining - but I'm not complaining.

... I am always on the hunt for those Cadbury Eggs the day after Easter when they are 50% off. I one time had a box of about 50 of those babies.  We wont talk about how long they lasted....

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... Ricky & I had a tradition for years that we go to the zoo on Easter Sunday.  I loved that tradition. We've talked about starting that up again.

... I had a love/hate relationship with Easter Egg hunts.  I was always great at finding things, but I always felt bad taking them all, but didnt want to come out looking like a loser.  My inner struggles of trying to do the right thing - with a competition edge - started young.

... We never did cash in Easter eggs.  We hid legit eggs.  No plastic stuff in my day.

... Dying eggs was always an event Easter weekend. I LOVED IT.  The smell of vinegar in the air.  My brother, always the artist, would make these elaborate eggs... my dad always would make one that had red hair & a red beard to represent him... & I just liked dunking them in the dye.  We'd use the yellow crayons & color on them & write things on them or for me, hearts or stars all over them.  So fun.  Not having kids of my own, I've never had a reason to dye eggs & man, I miss it.

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Maybe I need to make these this year for Ricky

... My dad was always the one who never let those eggs go to waste. I think he'd eat hard boiled eggs for a full week.  & of course, mom's famous egg salad sandwiches for a week.  Memories.

... my mom used to have this album (another album...) cant even remember the name of the group - very 70's looking group, I can remember that much. But the song was called "Resurrection Day"... & the lyrics were, "We are celebrating Resurrection Day - Jesus Christ has risen, he's no longer in the grave - death gave way to victory as the stone was rolled away - we are celebrating Resurrection Day".... MAN - let me tell you - it was fast beat, almost disco-y. I can remember her playing that over & over during Easter.  I wish I could find it online & get my jam on.  (Good memories!)

... I can't get through a Passion play without sobbing like a baby - like I dont know the ending or the story.  Punches me in the gut every time.

... I'm STILL playing the songs from last year's Tyler Perry special on repeat. I loved the music from that show.  If you never saw it, check it out.

What are some memories of Easter you have?

What candy did you always want in your Easter basket?

Do you dye eggs now?


  1. Aww I love this post! It's a good thing I don't like black jelly beans and ya know what, I've never had a Cadbury egg!
    When my grandma was alive, she would do a huge egg hunt for all us grandkids (11 of us). It was a mix of real and plastic eggs. All us older kids went for the plastic eggs because we knew there would be stuff inside! Aww, the memories. I miss not making an Easter basket for kids but I make one for Baylee and I sent an "Easter box" to my sister wit plastic eggs and goodies had easter grass in it!

  2. I miss old Easter baskets. I remember mine from when I was a kid. That thing was falling apart and we still used it. We even used the baskets for Easter egg hunts, too!

  3. K and I were just discussing how we are NOT fans of Easter candy. I don't eat candy very often on a normal day, but I really dislike Cadbury eggs, peeps, and jelly beans. I don't really like pure chunks of chocolate either, so chocolate bunnies/chicks/crosses go uneaten with me.
    We still dye eggs every year! Take a roadtrip up here on Friday and dye eggs with us! My youngest cousin is 9 so the five of us (not my brother most years since he's two hours away) usually get together at my grandma's and dye eggs every year!

  4. I miss getting Easter baskets. Being an adult loses so many perks. My favorite candy (year-round) is pretty much anything chocolate and caramel. We always reused the same baskets year after year too -- they were the ones with the long handle and maybe only 4 or 5 inches deep so when we ran around to collect eggs, the eggs would bounce out. Good times :) We'll probably dye some eggs this year - not sure. The kids aren't as into it anymore but some traditions shouldn't die!

  5. Easter is not really one of my favorite holidays, but there are some really nice nostalgic things about it for sure! I can totally agree about the dressing up and getting a new dress for Easter. I loved our easter bunny because he'd hide things out in our lilac bushes. There would be colorful socks, kites, all kinds of things stuck outside. Of course the eggs were hidden and candies too. I've never been much for non-chocolate candies. I feel like there are a lot of seasonal candies I could eat one piece/bite of and it would last me years and years (peeps, candy corn, fudge... the list goes on!). I loved dyeing eggs, and the fun family meal. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I love Easter because of what it's all about. I love how something so wonderful and miraculous came from pain and loss. I always loved getting big chocolate bunnies in my Easter basket. Like you, I detest Peeps...blech! I miss giving Easter baskets to my girls...thinking about giving them a gift card, instead.

  7. Yes to Easter dresses! And do you remember when everyone wore Easter hats to church as well, I'm sad that tradition died out. That was my FAVORITE thing as a kid. Oh cadbury eggs, need to go find one of those, it's been like 10+ years since I had one. Please come to my house and decorate eggs with my kids. Baby Fox is 6 and we have yet to do it...I hate it that much and I'm not totally sure why I hate it.

    1. OH and I still have my Easter basket from when I was a kid...Mini Fox used it to hunt Easter eggs this weekend :)

  8. Oh my.., those KISS eggs! One year I did for pumpkins as KISS and won a pumpkin contest in the third grade! Big hair music from the 80s in your basket? Right on from your fellow 80s girl.

  9. Your tradition of the zoo sounds like fun. I stopped doing Easter baskets but will definitely begin again when I have grandchildren. I'm not dying eggs this year but I do enjoy doing that. I happen to like Peeps and I don't like the Cadbury Eggs. I'm not crazy about Easter egg hunts. I loved The Passion Live last year. I'm a fan of Peanut Butter Eggs. Look what I found:
    Eating more than 57g (two ounces) of black liquorice a day for at least two weeks could lead to potentially serious health problems, such as an increase in blood pressure and an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia).

  10. I was digging around photos for old Easter pics to share Friday! I loved Easter as a kid.

  11. I love reading about your Easter traditions and how you spent Easters growing up. Link this up tomorrow for my Easter Tradition link up.

    I always got to wear pretty dresses and sometimes kitten heels on Easter. I always loved dressing up. I can't eat chocolate bunnies either. I don't know what it is. Ha.

  12. So many great Easter traditions! I remember wearing new shiny shoes that clip clopped on the kitchen floor. And my sisters and I always got new bonnets and small purses. I felt like such a grown up! Cadbury Eggs, gag! I cannot stand those things. But peeps? I could eat them every day of the year, I have such a sweet tooth. (My waistline can testify to that!) :) I hope you have a blessed weekend as you celebrate the Risen King!

  13. My confession - I've never eaten a peep before!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  14. I posted Easter memories today too. We had similar traditions growing up, even though I'm at least 20 year older than you! The new clothes, the hidden baskets. So fun! And then there is the real reason for the season. What a blessing was the Resurrection. Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again!

  15. Yesss, I love black jelly beans too! I actually love all of the Easter candy though! I love that you still get a new Easter dress every year, and I miss dying eggs too!

  16. That is so funny, we are the complete opposite when it comes to dying Easter eggs lol. I love that tradition of going to the zoo. I get a new dress every year too :) Beautifully Candid

  17. Totally agree, Peeps are GROSS!!! Those are some fancy decorated eggs!! Thanks for linking up with us!

  18. I actually LOVE Peeps! Hahahaha. And yes, I'm aware that I'm pretty much the only person who does! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  19. I love that Easter was your 'heels' day - that's too cute. And I definitely agree that you should reinstate your zoo tradition. That sounds like such a fun idea!

  20. Cadbury eggs are my favorite, too....and I dislike Peeps. They are uncomfortable to eat.

  21. Oh man, your cat eating the Easter grass....grooooooss. Yet kinda hilarious.

  22. I've seen Stryper in concert 3 times. Michael Sweet's voice is amazing stuff.


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