Tuesday, April 04, 2017

More dental woes but lots of smiles still.... One Sentence a Day {March 2017}

Well this was another month of ups & downs... 
I guess that's what life is all about, huh?
But more stupid dental stuff. I'm going to be interested to look back at all these posts down the road & see how many of my months are full of stupid dental drama.  But this one also has some good happy moments so its just the ride of life...

So here we go -a quick glance back at March one sentence at a time....

1.  Started off the month by waking up to tornado warnings, electricity popping off, sitting in a closet with dogs & then finally trying to make it to work but having to sit in traffic for over an hour.  #inlikealion

Waiting for the storm to pass #messycloset

2.  I love watching my dogs run & enjoy their big back yard, because believe me, its THEIRS.

3.  Why does the temps have to drop just in time for the race in the morning?

4.  Ran the first leg of the Triple Crown & then got to go support our MSM High school leader with some of our awesome MSM girls.

5.  Watching middle school kids get baptized is just the best way to start a day & ending it by photo taking with my past bride & groom is a perfect way to close it out.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting

6.  Not used to having edit nights & almost forgot I had pictures waiting on my computer to get to. #backatit

7.  This eye twitch thing I have going on is about making me ready to punch myself in the face thinking at least a swollen eye can't twitch.

8.  So happy to see some friendly faces on my run at the park when I didnt feel like even going.

9.  Totally gave up on working out for the day & instead, sat outside in the warm weather reading while Ricky cut the grass for the first time. #earliestmowingever

10.  We are making it a weekly thing where I get to see my MSM girls for some fun nights.

11.  Good bye Vampire Diaries.

12.  My soul is filled after an awesome MSM morning & a JOYster afternoon.

Love this picture of my friend & her grand-Belle
13.  We get more sunlight after the time change but winter has also reminded us she's not done with us yet while we have snow!

14.  I am amazed at how fast a body loses its muscle when you stop lifting weights for a few months & then 3 lbs weights now feel like 25.

15.  Cant believe how freaking cold it is again.

16.  I may have cried a little of sheer joy when Steven Curtis Chapman liked my IG picture!!!!

17.  Beauty & the Beast release date got trumped by UK playing basketball in the NCAA tournament. #husbandschoicenotmine

18.  Did the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown & then my day I've dreamed of for the past 3 years happened when we finally got to see Beauty & the Beast.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, closeup and outdoor
Sporting my Belle yellow - of course!!

19.  I teach the girls in my MSM group all about the important things in life - like Jesus & Beauty & the Beast.

20.  First day of Spring had me actually running in shorts & sweating with the warmth of the sun.

21.  We got a new pet stroller in the mail that I cant WAIT to start pushing my old babies around in!

22. Annnndddddddd my treadmill tried to kill me again by still having the same problems of stuttering & throwing me forward assuring I'm never stepping back on this thing again. #hellogymmembership

23.  Love technology where I got to watch a LIVE LulaRoe legging party & came out a lot poorer.

24.  My crown came off my tooth for the final time when it brought my own tooth along for the ride.

25.  9 mile run got scrapped when I had to have a tooth root dug out of my head.

26.  So bummed to miss out my JOY group AND to miss out teaching about Bible Journaling in MSM all in thanks to a swollen mouth that wont open where I can speak clearly. #rickysdream

27. Watched my security cameras all day long to keep a check on my little fur nephew staying at our house for the week.

28.  Hair day to finally cover up those grays that have been popping out faster with all the stress in my world.

29.  I just feel like a mac truck has hit me & then drove back to hit me again.

30.  All I wanted to do today was just go home, put on comfy clothes & lay down.

31.  Was sad to see our little fur buddy leave us when his family made it home from vacation.

Sent to my brother with the text "Fat Guy in a Little Bed" #ChrisFarleyForever

Tell me something good about your month!

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  1. I know you had a good month overall bc of BATB!! I hear ya on the dental woes. I have to go back in 3 months. Ugh.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I hope April brings better days for you (dentally) ... though really, what could top Beauty and the Beast month? :)

  4. Sorry about the deleted comment. It had too many typos.

    I always enjoy these posts. But I love that last picture the best. How adorable! That's how I feel some days in my clothes. 😂

  5. Ha, I love the fat guy in a little bed comment :) And the dog stroller looks really cool.

  6. Not bad at all and all but I know some of those things were not so fun for you my friend! Can I just say, your hair looks amazing! I love it straight and I did not realize how long it is! So pretty!

  7. You know about my March....unpacking, unpacking and still unpacking!! LOL

  8. Oh, I love the pics of your nephew dog. HEHEHEHE. I also love the pet stroller. I think Max would like it. Maybe. I have seen a couple people try to walk their cats on leashes and it was a no go. :D Here's to a great April - with no dental problems!

  9. Your hair looks FABULOUS!

    I LOVE fat guy in a little bed - hahaha!

    March...hmm... had to refer to my blog to see the happy things in March. I'd have to say new books and cookies. It's the little things, right?!

  10. We used to dogsit frequently for a neighbor's dog and it always made me sad when she went home (we don't get asked to watch her anymore because she kept sneaking out of their house and coming to ours).

  11. I hope all your tooth problems are gone forever!
    You have a great yard!

  12. You did have a roller coaster amazing sweet month full of ups and downs. And your smile and joy in the Lord is still just as contagious. Your yard is also HUGE; that's perfect for your sweet pups.

  13. That yellow shirt you wore to Beauty and the Beast was perfect! And TVD...oh goodness, I sort of loved the ending, what did you think? I really hope Caroline jumps over to The Originals...or did that get canceled too? Hmmm..I just love her and Klaus, not going to lie :) I hope your teeth treat you better the rest of the year!

  14. Seems like a good month overall! :) I feel ya on the storms. It's been pretty stormy here too. I love all the pet pictures! and I still am so happy that your dentist is a rockstar through all of the woes! I am so excited that TVD is already up on Netflix! This means I can catch up weee! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. What fun to read about your month too Rebecca!!
    I'm so sorry about your tooth...I know as a retired dentist, these things happen and it just so frustrating!!
    But #16---OMG---I think there would be days of excitement after this!!!! :)

  16. OHHH I love him! I did the same thing when Jordan Feliz liked my photo of him when he came to an event my church had.


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