Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stillness, strollers & a Savior ....{Thankful Thursday #121}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts / just ignore}

267 / Blue Apron meals
I usually have one dinner that I give the side eye too or just cant invest the amount of time it takes to make one of these dishes - but this past week, I ended up making all three of the dishes - & we loved all 3.  I LOVE when that happens. Makes that cost of the delivery not seem so bad.

Spinach Mozzarella Pizza... This was AMAZING!!!

268 / Mighty Nest
I just love Mighty Nest... Its a subscription place that you pay $10.00 a month & you get a eco-friendly SOMETHING in the mail.  I've gotten steel straws - I've got reusable wraps & this month were these beautiful cloth dish clothes.  If you've never used it, I do recommend it.  I have 2 free trials where you can try it for a month & see if you like it.  Let me know if you are interested, I'll share with you.

 Mighty Nest

 269 / Taxes done!
Nothing like waiting to the last minute. We always say the Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away.... we get a refund but property taxes are now due.  The circle of tax life.

273 / Ice cream time with my MSM girls.
This isn't usually the same batch of girls that does the hangouts.  We switched up the nights & ended up with another group of our girls & it was so great getting to know these sweet faced girls better.

275 / Photo Session went beautifully.
We had to change the time on this session & it worked out so beautifully with the sunshine & the wind... we had just finished when the winds kicked up for the day.  It would have been a real problem if we waited even an hour later to do pictures.  I just loved getting to spend time with this beautiful girl too.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

276/Time to sit still.
I was going to meet my friend at the coffee shop at a certain time & she text me to tell me she was running late & she would hurry. I told her to take her time.  I had run over to Walgreens behind the coffee shop & picked up some markers & paper & came back & got a chai tea & it was just the nicest time to sit & be still for a bit.  I'm always on the go go go & go ... it was just so nice to sit & be creative & play & just relax. She apologized when she got there & I told her it was the best medicine for my soul to have those few minutes of time to myself..... needless to say, that time with her far out passed the time alone... so it was the best of both worlds.

278 / Outside seating.
I think I could sit outside for any dinner we go out to.  Ricky HATES eating outside. He always says that God made air conditioning for a reason.  I think God made fresh air for a reason.  The debate continues on between us.  So I had to laugh when Ricky put in for "inside seating" but the lady heard him wrong & thought he said "outside seating"... HIGH FIVE GOD on that one! That one was for me.

279 / EASTER!!!!!!
I love Easter.Everything about it.  PRAISE THE LORD - HE IS RISEN!!!!
Loved the whole day of Easter - being at church, worshiping, being with family afterwards.  Just a wonderful day.

I even practice lettering during church services... I love my bible notebook & all the lessons I write down

281 / Starbucks open on Easter.
Yes - I am happy for that. Everything else was closed on Easter Sunday so I was giddy excited when we drove by & saw it was packed. I felt bad for the workers actually - but man, glad to have my iced coffee.

284 / Bruno walks
This stroller is definitely getting its use.  My little man cant see diddly squat, but he loves the motion of it & all the sniffing he can do sitting up like a regal king.

285 / My friends son.
I just wanted to cry happy tears of joy when I got a text from a precious friend that her son, whom she has been praying for for YEARS, accepted Jesus into his life on Easter Sunday.  I know how much she has been praying over him for this & that her momma's heart was just filled to the brim with excitement.  Praise the Lord... He is faithful!

286 / Team Wood
I have been after my niece for the longest time to get me her tennis schedule... & FINALLY got it.  I love watching her play & her progress... & love that she's got her own fan club going on.

287 / Dogwood Tree.
I love our dogwood tree in our back yard.. & loved that it bloomed right on Easter weekend.  So appropriate... so perfect.  I love the story of the Dogwood tree & the pedals & what they represent.  Have you ever heard of that story?  If you haven't - let me know - I'd love to share it with you!!!

What good things have happened in your world this week?


  1. Hold up - you used regular Crayola markers to do that lettering?? That's amazing! I legit thought it could only be done with the fancy/pricey brush markers. I definitely need to check out some youtube videos or something! If you still have a Mighty Nest trial, I'll take you up on one. :)

  2. I love the idea of those meal subscription services. So glad you guys are enjoying it! I love that we can eat outside again too. It's so nice!!! Lovely tree, I want all of the blossoming trees in my future yard. I love those towels! Honest has similar ones, and I put them in my essentials bundle from time to time. What a great subscription service idea. ;) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. What a precious amazing glorious bit of news from your friend! And I LOVE Easter Sunday too; let's just celebrate every weekend right? And you were the one who inspired me (along with my sister inspiring me) to Bible journal and write down verses. It's really helped me want to meditate more on verses.

  4. Outside eating and time to sit still are ALWAYS a win.

    The pizza looks fabulous.

  5. We have a Dogwood tree in our yard too. Does yours ever get those berry type things on it?

    I also love outdoor seating and I hate air conditioning! I am a windows open kind a gal at home but Scott says it gets too hot for Baylee so we have to turn the AC on. I can't argue with that I guess.

  6. That's so sweet that Bruno is enjoying his walks! And there are only a few days a week that sitting outside for a meal works for me. The weather has to be perfect. Otherwise, I'm with Ricky in preferring the climate control :)

  7. Please share the dogwood story. I don't recall ever hearing one.

    Love your notes. I need to start doing that. Of course, mine wouldn't look like that. haha But I do love taking notes during a sermon. It helps keep me focused.

    I'm sorry but I have to agree with your hubby on this one. I much prefer to eat inside most of the time.

    Congrats to the one who gave his heart to Jesus. That is so wonderful and I'm happy for his mama too.

    Bruno is so cute in his stroller. Hoping I get to walk with Colton this weekend in his stroller.

  8. oh my word that pizza looks amazing!! i want it!!
    KC hates eating outside as well. I will eat outside in the middle of summer, i think it's glorious. he will eat outside for a very, very, very short period of time in sometime during the spring. not too hot for him, not too cold for me. it's like once a year haha.

  9. That spinach pizza looks amazing! Pizza is one of my absolute favorite, favorite foods. Your lettering is so impressive. I am always awed by people who can master it. I can't even write in a straight line! LOL! Love the picture with the girl and her violin. Beautiful! I'm like the Goldilocks of weather when it comes to outdoor eating. Too hot, then I stand with your husband. Too cold means cold food so nope. But when the temp is just right, then I'm with you 100%. You'd also love LA because almost all the restaurants not only have outdoor seating but also have water bowls and treats for doggies.

  10. Wow I need to try Blue Apron. Looks good. I had Starbucks on Easter as well. So thankful for that. We did our taxes last minute and owed. Boo.

  11. Oooh, that pizza looks SO good right now. Yum!

    I absolutely love that Bruno rides in the stroller. That is the cutest and sweetest thing ever.

  12. That pizza looks good, I want pizza for dinner now...thanks for that :) Cool that you got to meet some new girls and get to know them better from miscommunication, God speaking to you right there, along with the dinner seating, hehe.

  13. I almost forgot to link up!! Love reading your thankful notes!! Great photos too!

  14. I absolutely love Easter, too...what a day to rejoice, huh? Man, that pizza has my mouth watering! YUM! Do you know how much I love and admire your photography?

  15. I'm on the fence about those meal delivery places. I'm so picky although the pizza looks amazing.
    I'm thankful I'm feeling better!

  16. Bruno in a stroller might be the cutest thing ever. Yay for loving all of your meals in the kit this week! That pizza looks so delicious!


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