Thursday, April 27, 2017

Coffee again, clearance & cheering on!!! {Thankful Thursday #122}

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Today I am Thankful For
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore}

289 / Tennis Shirt
My family all sports the WOOD shirt at my nieces game.  I bought one - she just always forgets to get it to me #preteenbrain ... but I FINALLY got it & happy to wear it!!

292 / New Colored Pencils
Give me ALL the colors!!!

293 / Lettering featured.
One of the hand lettering Instagram accounts featured one of my hand lettering pieces I did last week. I was so excited.  Made me feel a little encouraged in this big sea of amazing hand lettering artists.

294 / Coffee tastes good again!
After my stomach flu (... yes, that same stomach flu from January that has still wrecked havoc on me...) coffee just didnt taste that good.  Or it would at certain places & not others - places that I usually drank it from. & coffee from home? I just couldnt. I cant tell you how many cups I made & just threw away because it tasted so bitter & horrible to me.  But lately?  I've been enjoying it again!!! It's probably better for me that I wasn't drinking it - but I do love the kind of moments to sit with my coffee & read or bible journal.  & Yeah, I do love the caffeine boost on some tiring days.

295 / Left phone.
So Ricky has been having this horrible habit of leaving things at home that he needs for work... a lot of times, his PHONE. So he calls me & asks me to bring it to work & if I can drop it off at lunch, that's great. Well, I hate when he doesnt have his phone because then I cant get in touch with him (what did we do before phones? its not like its THAT long ago).... so I ended up driving to his work before I went to work so he could have it all day long.  That means I had to take a different route to get to my job.  When I got there, & my coworker was late, she came in & said, "Wasnt that a mess?"... I had no idea what she was talking about.  But the way I usually come apparently had an awful wreck & had traffic all backed up.  Who knew me having to take Ricky his phone - which I grumbled the whole time about - ended up saving me a lot of grief.  Ricky told me later I could thank him for leaving his phone. I told him not to push it.

297 / Clearance Sale.
While I am VERY sad Family Christian Bookstore is going out of business, I am excited about the goodies I got for 70% off!!!

My new Active Fit shirt & our new wall art!!!

298 / GPS Watch wrong.
OK... so my training runs lately have been HORRIBLE. Like my motivation has been down the drain.  It didnt help that it seemed like with every run, I was getting slower & slower - which I didnt think was possible.  Now, let me note that my Nike GPS watch bombed after the Papa John's 10 Mile race - but I found my original Garmin Forerunner... which is about 10 years old. But it still worked. Or so I thought. I was using it &it had my pace & distance SO SLOOWWWW that I was just getting so discouraged. Finally, this past week, when it said I wasn't even at 4 miles in 1 hour, I was like, THERE IS NO WAYYYYY - so I downloaded Map My Run on my phone & yeahhhhh - WAYYYY OFF!  Like my average pace was nearly 3 minutes faster than this watch was saying.  Let me tell you, I needed that boost before the race Saturday. .... needless to say, I'm on the hunt to get me a new GPS watch ASAP.

299 / New faces.
We had 2 new faces at our women's bible study group this week. That was fun Love how we have such a diverse set of ladies.

301 / Saw my MSM girls run.
It worked out so well when I went up to see my niece play tennis & she hadn't got a court yet so I had enough time to go over & watch my MSM girls small group get to run.  At first, I wasnt sure I was even going to find them in the SLEW of kids - but I got to the top of the hill & heard "REBECCAAAAAA" & they came running. Made my day.  I got to watch one of the girls run her race & then I watched my niece play.  After she was done with tennis, I went back to the track & ended up getting to watch another girl run as well.  Love cheering on these girls!!!

302 / Tennis Niece.
Sophia is just getting better & better with each match she's playing.  I'm so proud of her.  Hope she keeps it up so she can make the high school league one day.

So what good things are happening in your world this week?


  1. So many blessings to count!!! I love Thankful Thursdays, Rebecca Jo!!

  2. That is awesome that your lettering was featured - way to go, you! Congrats!

    So sad about the store closing, but yay for 70% off!

  3. Yay! hopefully the GPS being wrong gave you a little added motivation for Saturday -- that you doing a lot better than you thought you were. Hopefully?? :) Your thankful-Thursday posts are good reminders for me to think about what's going right, rather than focusing on what isn't ... so I'm thankful for your Thankful-Thursdays!

  4. Oh, I used to play tennis back in the day. hehehe Love it! So awesome that you all support her! :) I love that you were featured with your lettering! :) I also love the wall art that you found, and hoooooray for coffee! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. It's so neat that you got to support your niece and your MSM girls all in one afternoon! And yay for discovering your watch was wrong. I mean, boo, but also yay!!
    Coffee was tasting terrible for me a few weeks ago, but I didn't even think about how my cold/sinuses could've affected that. Huh!

  6. yay for matching shirts, nothing better than matching family shirts :) And I leave my phone all the time too, opps! The one reason I memorized Mr.'s number, because then I can use any strangers phone to call him. Which has happened often enough that he answers random phone numbers coming through because he knows it might be me. haha.

  7. Now I feel the need to tell you a phone story.
    When I first got my teaching job ( a long time ago), I would leave my phone in my car because I thought that was the right thing to do. Afterall, I would be mortified if it went off in class, what if the principal found
    I then found out that other teachers would literally teach with their phone connected to their hip (remember when the phone clip was cool?). Their excuse was "Well, I have kids, I HAVE to have my phone. What if there was an emergency"
    That line always got me because what on earth did OUR parents do when they had to go to work all day without a cell phone. Hmmm, maybe their kids would call the main office and ask for the parent if there was an emergency???

    Don't get me wrong, I love having a cell phone and it sure makes life easier but people need to remember that we all lived fully productive lives without them years ago!

    Now with that said, I'm on my phone every single day (like right now) and would truly be bummed out if I forgot it at home while I was at

  8. I think your hand lettering is beautiful so it's no surprise to me that it's getting recognition! I hate it when foods or drinks you love taste off for no good reason. GRRR ... And that iced coffee looks mighty tasty! That's great that you were able to support your niece and MSM girls. I hate it when a favorite store goes out of business but I do love getting things cheap! Love the wall art!

  9. Things happen as they should - you were supposed to bring Ricky's phone to him that day!

  10. Love that Ricky's Phone story. Too funny! But so glad you missed the terrible traffic. I am so blessed to only be about 10 minutes from work and seldom is the traffic really bad. The hardest part is pulling out of the subdivision because we have schools both north and south of us. As long as we do it at the right time, it's not bad.

    Congrats on getting recognized on Instagram. You do good work and deserve to have them see it.

  11. Looks like you're off to a great week! I love getting new arts & crafts supplies :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. My Garmin Vivoactive has been acting up as well. I will run for 4 miles and it will say I only went 2 1/2 miles and my step count will be way off too. Ugh. Super annoying. So glad coffee is tasting good again. That makes a huge difference in getting me going for my day.

  13. I love that you're counting blessings; I'm also glad that you got that unexpected boost of excitement about being a lot faster on your runs than your watch said.

    And it's so wonderful when a food or drink that you weren't able to eat or drink for a while because of being sick tastes good again.

  14. I was the same way about coffee! Couldn't stand it. Now, the only lingering symptom is caramel. I can't stand the smell. Weirdest thing!!!

  15. I love sign you got.

    I went through a few weeks where I couldn't drink coffee. It was weird and awful.


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